6 Types of Microwaves and Their Buying Guide

Microwave is one of the must-have kitchen appliances at home. It allows you to cook and heat foods practically. Microwave works by exposing food to electromagnetic radiation. When you are shopping for this appliance, you will find several types of microwave that offer you with different features.

6 Types of Microwave to Choose

Getting the right microwave is essential in order to meet your cooking needs. Before you decide on which microwave to buy, you need to consider the capacity, features, wattage, and prices. In addition, you need to consider the types of microwave.

1. Microwave Countertop

Microwave Countertop
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It is the standard and traditional microwave. Having this appliance will free you from complicated installation because you can place it on any open flat surface in your kitchen. You can also move it easily.

However, if you have a small kitchen, the countertop microwave may create a cramped look in your kitchen. This type of microwave is more affordable; the midsize models cost around $100. It is available in a wide range of capacity (0.5 cubic feet to 2.0 cubic feet), sizes, and wattage.

It is recommended to purchase the midsize or large models because the small models are not big enough to cook certain foods. However, a microwave with larger capacity typically consumes more power (more than 800 watt).

The countertop microwave generally offers basic features, such as express cooking, quick start, and weighted defrost. The quick start feature allows you to make popcorn or cook frozen dinners.

2. Over-the-Range Microwave

Over-the-Range Microwave
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This type of microwave is almost similar to the countertop microwave. However, the over-a-range microwave is installed above the cook pad or range. It replaces the range hood.

It is equipped with basic features as the countertop microwave and built-in ventilation system which functions are eliminating steam, smoke, and cooking odor. There are two venting system options.

Some over-the-range microwaves have an external venting system that sends the smoke and steam through an outside exhaust vent. Meanwhile, others have a circulating venting system that pulls air through a charcoal filter and vents it back inside the house.

The over-the-range microwave comes in several choices of sizes. Most over-the-range microwaves have a height between 16 and 18 inches, a depth of between 15 and 16 inches, and a width of between 29 and 30 inches. They can fit large dishware and tall glasses.

3. Built-In Microwave

Built-In Microwave
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The built-in microwave can be installed into a cabinet or a wall. This microwave is perfect for a small kitchen because it does not take up your counter space. The capacity and size of this appliance is similar to the countertop microwave.

If you want to have a built-in microwave, you need to hire professionals to install it. Moreover, if you have issues with this microwave, you will likely need professionals to uninstall it and repair it. This appliance is also slightly more expensive than the countertop microwave

4. Microwave Drawer

Microwave Drawer
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The microwave drawer has a different door style compared to other microwaves. To open this microwave, you need to pull out the door like a drawer. Therefore, you place the food from the top, not the front.

This type of microwave is generally installed under the countertop. The microwave drawer is more expensive than the countertop model. However, it looks modern, allows you to save space, and has more features.

The microwave drawer is perfect for you who don’t want to reach overhead in order to open the microwave door. It is also suitable for those who are physically impaired or short.

If you have young children, you don’t need to worry about them exploring the microwave. This microwave is equipped with a safety lock. The microwave drawer is only available in one choice of capacity, i.e. 1.2 cubic feet. Meanwhile, there are 2 choices of widths, i.e. 24 and 30 inches.

5. Convection Microwave Oven

Convection Microwave Oven
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The convection microwave oven offers more cooking options. It enables you to reheat, defrost, and cook a variety of foods. This type of microwave combines convection heating and microwave in one appliance.

Due to these technologies, the convection microwave oven has the ability to circulate hot air. The circulated hot air will make the foods achieve crispy browning more effectively and cook more evenly. Therefore, it is perfect for you who love baking.

The convection microwave oven comes in three choices of capacity. The compact model has a capacity of between 0.5 and 0.8 cubic feet. The midsize model has a capacity of between 0.8 and 1.4 cubic feet. The large model has a capacity of between 1.4 and 2 cubic feet.

The power consumption of this microwave varies from 600 W to 1,300 W. When you are cooking using this microwave, it is essential to remember that you must not use metal pans and utensils in it.

6. Grill Microwave Oven

Grill Microwave Oven
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The grill microwave oven enables you to defrost, reheat, cook, and grill varieties of foods. It is perfect for you who love grilling chicken, steak, fish, and even pizza, but don’t have access to a grill. To grill foods, you need to use the special grilling coils that come with this microwave.

This type of microwave is available in several choices of capacities, that range from 1 cubic feet to 2.5 cubic feet. Meanwhile, its wattage ranges between 900W to 1,700W. The grill microwave has various features.

One of them is the combo grilling feature that allows you to grill and heat foods at the same time. It also has a power grilling feature that enables you to only operate the grilling function. Moreover, if you want to save money on electricity bills, you can put the eco mode on.

The grill microwave can be placed on your kitchen countertop or installed into a cabinet or wall. The prices of this microwave start from $130. It depends on the capacity and brands.

Not all the types of microwave above are suitable for you so that you must choose the right microwave with considerations. If you don’t choose this appliance carefully, you will not be able to meet your cooking needs. Aside from considering your cooking needs, you must also consider the size of your kitchen.