4 Types of Blenders for Different Usage

When you cook, usually you need to blend several ingredients. You can blend the ingredients manually with the spoon or spatula. Well blending the food manually is tiring and time consuming. Even, the food cannot be mixed well. Nowadays, there are many types of blenders to ease your cooking process.

Why do we need to know various types of blenders? It enables you to choose blender properly according to what kind of food that you are going to make. That is each type of blender has different purpose. Make sure you are aware of its type so you will not make a mistake in blending food.

Here are several types of blenders that are commonly used in cooking.

1. Immersion Blender with Stick Blender

Immersion Blender with Stick Blender
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You must be familiar with this blender. It is one of types of blenders that has stick blender with nice handle to allow you hold it conveniently. The other side of stick consists of chopping blade covered with safety guard. This kind of blender is interchangeable.

Most of immersion blender are made of stainless steel and plastics. If you take a look on the immersion blender, most of them have long length. It is to ensure that you can hold it efficiently. That is why the handle designed in a comfort way to let you control it easily.

a. The Usage of Immersion Blender

The immersion blender is designed to blend liquids. No wonder why most of people using this blender because it comes in a flexible design. This blender is commonly used to mix liquids such as smoothies, soups, juices, purees, sauces, and even mixing eggs.

b. How to Use Immersion Blender

It is very simple to use the immersion blender since it is designed in an easy way. You just need to press button on it and let the stick spinning around to mix the ingredients perfectly. Once you finish blending the ingredients, you can detach the stick to clean it up.

c. The Cost of Immersion Blender

Basically, the price of each blender varies. But you do not need to worry about it, since most of immersion blender cost is relatively cheap. Of course, its durability is not as good as other types of blenders with the higher price.

2. Hand Mixer

Hand Mixer
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Hand Mixer is the one among all types of blenders that required electricity to operate it. Actually, its function is just the same as old model eggbeater. The only difference is the electricity as energy supply. Most of them consists of various attachments to mix ingredients together.

a. The Usage of Hand Mixer

Since it is powered by electricity, they can spin in a high speed. You can set the speed depending on how smooth the ingredients you are going to make. It has multiple attachments that can be adjusted to mix ingredients for desserts or baking.

b. How to Use the Hand Mixer

Generally, hand mixer is quite light, so you can easily control it. You do not need to keep on pressing the button to operate hand mixer since it will run automatically once it is connected to the electricity. The eggbeaters can be detached easily and you can clean it in no time.

c. The Cost of Hand Mixer

Comparing hand mixer with manual eggbeater price seems fair enough.  It makes sense if the hand mixer is more expensive than manual eggbeater since it can save your time and energy to mix the ingredients.

3. Countertop Blender

Countertop Blender
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At a glance the countertop blender looks similar with the food processor. But this kind of blender is definitely different from other types of blenders. The size of countertop blender is quite large with capacity around 2 liters.

a. The Usage of Countertop Blender

Usually, countertop blender is specifically designed to make cold drinks and it is equipped with lids to seal the container. Hence, you have to be careful of you pour hot liquids inside it because the steam will probably bring about an explosion.

b. How to Use the Countertop Blender

It is very simple to use the countertop blender. It offers multiple speed that can be adjusted based on your purpose. You just need to select the pulsing option to bled the ingredients easily. Modern countertop blender is easier to clean than the old one.

c. The Cost of Countertop Blender

This blender is equipped with multipurpose attachments and jars. Each type of countertop blender also has various attachments so the price is different. The larger size and more various attachment, the more expensive the price will be.

4. Commercial Blender

Commercial Blender
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Among all types of blenders, the commercial blender is the only one that has professional style since it is specifically designed to run a beverage business. It absolutely enhanced with a great power.

However, you have to be careful in selecting the commercial blender. Some of them are stamped as commercial, but actually it is intended for home user with high frequency. Hence, you need to check the warranty when you purchase it.

a. The Usage of Commercial Blender

The reason why the commercial blender is enhanced with a great power is because it is created to blend robust ingredients. If you are going to run business by selling smoothies, dips, hummus and iced drinks then the commercial blender is the best solution.

b. How to Use the Commercial Blender

Because it is designed for heavy usage, it surely has bigger motor compared to other types of blenders. You just need to determine the right blending option to blend everything inside it easily since it has powerful motor. Some of them are equipped with a programmed setting to avoid human errors.

c. The Cost of Commercial Blender

The Commercial blender costs a lot of money since it is designed more heavy usage. That is why the commercial blender is the most expensive one among all types of blenders. The more features in this blender, the higher price will be. But it surely worth it.

That is all the types of blenders which are commonly used either for kitchen usage or commercial purpose. Make sure you find the right blender that fits your purpose.