7 Best Types of Air Conditioners for Your Residential

There are 7 different types of air conditioners you can find in the market. Every type is designed to fulfill a certain purpose and for different spaces. Make sure you get one that really meets your house needs.

Best Air Conditioners for Homes

Each air conditioner type comes with advantages and unfortunately some disadvantages. Understanding each type is an important step that helps you find the most efficient one for your own residential.

1. Central air conditioners

Central air conditioners
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This type belongs to large homes. Central air conditioner will cool several rooms at once. It has the split system which is regulating the air through the ducts that are installed in the house.

There are some advantages of this air conditioner type. Central AC will cool the entire rooms that are connected to the ducts. It will create a more regulated and cooler environment around your house.

Central AC will also fill the entire rooms with circulated cool air which means the humidity will be reduced and the environment can be more comfortable.

The disadvantage of this AC system is it will consume a lot of energy. When there is a problem with the ducts, the central AC may lose its effectiveness and efficiency.

2. Window air conditioners

Window air conditioners
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Window AC comes in various size options. You can choose one that is most suitable to the window size of the small area or single room you want to cool. This type of air conditioner is perfect for small spaces.

This air conditioner type has the entire components enclosed in its single unit. The AC will eject the heat out of the outdoor side then blow the cool air into the indoor side of your room.

The advantage of window AC is it is extremely easy to install on the window of any room. The price is also lower than the other air conditioner types. This type of AC also requires low maintenance.

And for the disadvantages, window AC is noisy during the operation. It is also visible from the outside. Besides, you must make sure there is an electrical outlet close to the window where the AC will be mounted.

3. Ductless mini split air conditioners

Ductless mini split air conditioners
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Ductless air conditioners are the best option for homes with contemporary style. By purchasing this type of air conditioners, you will get the outdoor units that comprise condenser and compressor.

The indoor units must be mounted on your interior wall. They are equipped with the air blowers. Both outdoor and indoor units are all connected through the tubing.

This air conditioner’s advantage is it eases you in installing the units since you don’t have to work with ducts. Another advantage is it is able to control every room’s temperature individually.

But you will need more than one unit of these types of air conditioners since a single unit won’t be enough to cool large homes. The wall mounted indoor unit will also be clearly visible to your naked eyes.

4. Floor mounted air conditioners

Floor mounted air conditioners
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Here is another mini split air conditioner system. This one is the alternative for ductless mini split above but belongs to homes that have limited wall space to mount the mini split air conditioners.

This floor mounted AC unit can be mounted on the wall but only 6 inches higher than your floor. There must be a small hole on the wall that connects the indoor unit with the outdoor unit.

There are some advantages of this AC system. First, it is an excellent choice for the elderly people. Besides, you can install this air conditioner easily and it is perfect for small areas with limited spaces.

The disadvantage is it isn’t suitable for the large rooms because the airflow distribution will be localized and uneven. The airflow can also be compromised due to the obstacles like furniture in the room.

5. Portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioners
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Just like window AC, a portable air conditioner places the entire components inside a single unit. That makes both types different is the shape of the AC. Portable AC is a free standing air conditioner.

You can move this air conditioner system from one room to another. It only requires the power outlet that will power the AC up. It also needs a window to exhaust the air from the AC through the funnel.

People love this one since it can be moved easily to the other rooms. Besides, a portable air conditioning system also doesn’t require permanent installation.

And just like window air conditioners, portable air conditioners are also noisy during its operation. This type of air conditioner can cool smaller rooms only. If your rooms are bigger, opt for the other types.

6. Smart air conditioners

Smart air conditioners
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This kind of air conditioning system can be window AC, portable AC, or mini split AC but is enabled through the internet of things or IoT. The air conditioning systems will be connected to Wi-Fi first.

Then you can activate and control the air conditioning system through your smartphone once you install the controller app. The app usually is provided by the AC provider.

Using this type of air conditioning system will help save the energy. Smart air conditioners will also provide convenience and comfort with assorted features.

Unfortunately, smart air conditioners come at a higher price compared to the regular units. Besides, it needs Wi-Fi connectivity to utilize the entire air conditioner’s features.

7. Evaporative air cooler

Evaporative air cooler
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Unlike the previous air conditioner systems, this one requires only water and air to cool your rooms. When the air passes right above the water or through the water, the air will be cooled.

Simply put, the evaporative air cooler is going to pull the hot air in your room through the moistened pads that will cool that air. The cooled air will be distributed through the house.

Unfortunately, these types of air conditioners can also work in really dry and hot climates. The hot and dry air is going to cause the evaporation.

Besides, this air conditioning system will work as humidifiers. If you live in an area or climates where the biggest problem is humidity, this kind of air conditioner is not the one you want.