15 Types of Bread Machines Based on Features and Loaf Size

Do you like to bake your own bread? If so, you need a bread machine. The thing is, there are plenty of bread machines on the market. There are so many it can be confusing which one to choose. To help you decide, we listed 15 different types of bread machines based on their features and loaf size.

Types of Bread Machines Based on Features

1. Gluten-free

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More and more people are turning to gluten-free diets. Are you one of these people? If you are, you probably looking for a way to incorporate gluten-free bread into your diet.

The problem is, the traditional bread machine is not fit to do the job. Fortunately, there are types of bread machines that come with gluten-free settings.

With these bread machines, you can make your homemade, gluten-free bread with ease.

2. Programmable

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Want to make bread-making easier and more manageable, you want to check out programmable types of bread machines. These bread machines offer a lot of customization.

For example, you can set when you want to bake the bread, the temperature, as well as whether you want to add any additional items into the loaf, just to name a few.

You can also adjust the bread machine settings so your loaf will not be under-or over-baked. With a programmable bread machine, making the perfect loaf is easier.

3. Non-stick

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The loaf sticking to the pan is quite a common problem in bread-making. If you don’t want to encounter this problem, choose the non-stick bread machines.

A bread machine with a non-stick feature allows you to take out the loaf with ease. No more dealing with stickiness. The loaf will slip out easily. No more worrying about missing pieces or tears from stickiness.

4. Rapid Bake Mode

Rapid Bake Mode
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There are times where we enjoy the time we bake bread. But, there are times when we rush and need bread quickly. In such cases, you want a bread machine with rapid bake mode.

While these types of bread machines don’t produce bread with the most delicious taste, they still deliver results. If anything, they are the best way to get fresh-from-the-oven bread in a flash.

5. Delayed Start

Delayed Start
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There are times when we want to bake bread in advance. For that, you will need a bread machine with a delayed start feature.

This feature allows you to prepare bread in advance. Meaning, you can get freshly baked bread just before dinner.

It is also useful if you want to prepare bread for a scheduled event as you can leave the machine to bake the bread for you while you do something else.

6. Window

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If you haven’t any experience with any types of bread machines yet, we recommend you to get a bread machine with a window.

Why? Because it allows you to keep an eye on the bread. Since you can keep an eye on it, you can make sure that the bread is baked to your specifications.

7. Warming Setting

Warming Setting
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Not everyone has the luxury of getting fresh-from-the-oven baked bread. Some of us have to settle with less. Fortunately, there are bread machines that come with a warming setting.

This kind of bread machine allows you to enjoy warm bread even if the baking process is done an hour ago. If you are busy and want to enjoy warm bread, this machine is for you.

8. Automatic Shut-Off

Automatic Shut-Off
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There are types of bread machines with an automatic shut-off feature. These machines allow you to leave the machine unattended. Once the baking process is finished, the machine will be shut off automatically.

This gives you the freedom to leave the kitchen and do what you want to do. No more worrying about over-baking. Your mind can rest easy.

9. Yeast Dispenser

Yeast Dispenser
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If you want to bake your bread in advance, you want a bread machine that has a yeast dispenser. This feature allows yeast to be added to the dough at the right time.

We all know how adding yeast at an inappropriate time results in less ideal bread. A bread machine with a yeast dispenser can help you deal with that.

10. Adjustable Loaf Size

Adjustable Loaf Size
Source: Many bread machines can make one-size loaf only while many others can make various sizes.
If you are planning to make a loaf with different sizes, make sure you choose a bread machine with an adjustable loaf size.

Many bread machines can make one-size loaf only while many others can make various sizes.

If you are planning to make a loaf with different sizes, make sure you choose a bread machine with an adjustable loaf size.

Types of Bread Machines Based on Loaf Size

11. 3 lb

3 lb
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3 lb is a large loaf of bread. But some of us need a bread machine with such capacity. For example, if you often make bread for the whole family or work as a baker.

In that case, a bread machine with a 3 lb loaf size is surely a good choice.

12. 2.5 lb

2.5 lb
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There are bread machines that can produce 2.5 lb of loaves only. These machines are, however, quite rare.

That said, there are bread machines with adjustable loaf size who that include 2.5 lb loaf size as an option.

13. 2 lb

2 lb
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2 lb is among the most common loaf sizes. If you want to make bread of this size, you can either get a bread machine that produces only 2 lb of bread or one that has a 2 lb loaf size as an adjustable option.

14. 1.5 lb

1.5 lb
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If you or your family tend to eat bread for several days before wanting a fresh one, you will benefit from a bread machine with a 1.5 lb loaf capacity.

These types of bread machines are rather difficult to find, however. The 1.5 lb of loaf size is often available as an adjustable option.

15. 1 lb

1 lb
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The last one is the smallest. These bread machines are ideal for individuals or families who like to eat fresh bread quickly, not allowing the bread to sit on the counter for too long.

A 1 lb of a loaf is large enough for a family but not too large its leftover will stay for a few days.

These are some examples of bread machines. When looking for the right types of bread machines, you need to consider how you will use them and what you want from the machine.

For example, if you want to make gluten-free bread, then choose a gluten-free bread machine. If you don’t want bread making sticky, then choose a non-stick bread machine. And so on.