7 Types of Coffee Makers with Manual and Automatic Systems

Understanding the types of coffee makers is crucial, especially for the coffee lovers. Finding the right one for home is even more important, especially if it will be used daily.

Assorted Different Coffee Makers for Different Needs

Believe it or not, the flavor of coffee can be different, based on the coffee maker that is used to brew it. Which coffee makers is the best one? Check out assorted coffee maker types below and get yours.

1. Cold brew coffee maker

Cold brew coffee maker
Source: walmart.com

This one is perfect for the iced coffee lovers. However, if you are not one of iced coffee lover, you can still get this incredible coffee maker to taste the coffee flavor’s full complexity.

Even though you can use any bean to make coffee with this cold brew maker, the best beans are the dark roasts since they have flavor profiles that are more complex.

This cold brew coffee machine is similar to steeping tea, mostly hands off. Simply add coffee to the cold brew machine, add grounds, then wait for 6 hours to 8 hours or more to get the best iced coffee.

2. French press coffee maker

French press coffee maker
Source: spy.com

When people say pour over coffee maker, they’re talking about this French press coffee maker. It is a coffee maker with classic design and is very easy to use to make coffee in a great taste.

You only have to add the grounds to this coffee maker’s pot. Now add hot water to your coffee grounds. Stir the coffee carefully. Now insert a plunger and wait for a couple minutes.

Next, simply press that plunger down with steady but slow pressure. You can enjoy your best coffee right now, no need to wait for hours like if you’re using the previous coffee maker.

3. Aeropress coffee maker

Aeropress coffee maker
Source: costco.com

Even though this small coffee maker looks a bit strange, an aeropress coffee machine is going to give you a cup of good coffee with good consistency. You only have to spend 1 to 3 minutes to get the coffee.

Aeropress coffee maker has the look of a syringe but in a huge size. Simply fill it with the coffee grounds then add some hot water to the grounds. Then wait for a few minutes just like the French press maker.

After a couple minutes, depress the machine’s plunger in order to get the coffee. This coffee maker and its small size ease you to bring this incredible gadget everywhere, anytime.

Unfortunately, you can make only a cup of coffee when you use this coffee maker. If your whole family members love morning coffee, you better get the bigger gadgets.

4. Clever dripper coffee maker

Clever dripper coffee maker
Source: gearpatrol.com

If you love making coffee using pour over cones that come with their simplicity, you’ll love this clever dripper since this coffee maker is going to keep the water stays hot for a longer time.

You can use this incredible coffee maker just like using the classic simple cones. To use these types of coffee makers you must first boil the water. Then add the coffee grounds to your clever dripper.

Pour your boiled water very slowly until the slurry is created. Wait for a few minutes to steep the mixture. Now you can place your clever dripper over the waiting cup. Open its valve to let the coffee drip slowly.

Just make sure that you won’t overfill your clever dripper. Use enough water so that your coffee cup below can accommodate the entire water or else you are going to end up with water all around the table.

5. Ibrik coffee maker

Ibrik coffee maker
Source: consumerreports.org

Ibrik is a special coffee maker you can use to make your favorite Turkish coffee. The traditional Ibrik has a small sized beaten brass pot that is completed with the long handle made of wood.

Don’t try making Turkish coffee if you have a weak heart. This kind of coffee is too much for many people. But if you are strong enough for many types of coffee, Turkish coffee is going to give you the real one.

Add the ultra-fine coffee grounds to your Ibrik then add the cold water. Heat the cold mixture slowly. Watch your coffee slowly and make sure you remove the Ibrik from heat before the coffee boils over.

Wait for 20 to 30 seconds for the coffee to cool down then put the Ibrik back on heat. Stop when your Turkish coffee or other coffee reaches the same point, not boils over. Enjoy your ultra-fine coffee.

6. Moka pot coffee maker

Moka pot coffee maker
Source: wayfair.com

Several steps are required to use this coffee maker in getting the best cup of fine coffee. This stovetop pot has a very simple design and comes with 3 chambers. Bottom chamber must be filled with water.

Then the middle or second chamber is where you fill the fresh ground coffee. And the top chamber is where you will get your best fine coffee to enjoy. Moka pot relies on the steam.

The steam is going to convey water through your coffee grounds and bring them into your upper chamber. You can leave the pot’s lid opened so you can see when the coffee comes up.

You’ll first see extremely dark steam. Wait until the coffee increases the color into lighter. When you can see honey colored coffee water, you can close the pot’s lid and take it from your stove.

Automatic coffee machines

Automatic coffee machines
Source: lowes.com

There are so many automatic coffee machines you can use to get the most flavorful coffee. Drip brew machine for example is the best one to make great coffee with excellent consistency.

There is also an espresso machine that is extremely popular. Espresso machines come in 3 different options: the super automatic, semi-automatic, and manual. Super automatic is the most expensive one.

Then there is also a pod based coffee machine. It is one of many types of coffee makers that became more famous because of Keurig. This one belongs to coffee lovers who value convenience over flavor.

Percolators are the other type of automatic coffee machine you can choose. Percolators are extremely durable and are still available today even though they’re actually old coffee makers.