14 Types of Ovens for Various Purposes You Should Know

Baking is not only about recipe but also the appliances you need to use like oven. Without proper oven, you are unable to bake bread or cookies well. Make sure you know types of ovens and how to use them before you start baking.

Due to there are a lot of types of ovens, you should be able to recognize which one that is compatible for you. Either modern or traditional ovens, they are all still divided into several types. Here we will guide you how to identify ovens that come in various types.

1. Toaster Ovens

Toaster Ovens
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A toaster oven is commonly used to grill or bake food. Its size is a little bit compact and easy to install in your kitchen countertop. Its size is not that expensive considering its limited size. Due to limited size, you cannot put a lot of food inside it.

2. Conventional Electric Ovens

Conventional Electric Ovens
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The conventional electric ovens are categorized into popular types of ovens. The way they work is by spreading the heat vented from the heating element sited on the oven base. The heat bounces all over the oven walls.

Since the heat vented from the bottom is not even, not all the food can be cooked at the same time. The fastest one is the food placed on the top rack. That is why we need to rotate the rack manually from the highest rack to the lower so all food will be cooked evenly.

You can find on and off setting on the broilers. It allows you to opt the most suitable broiler to cook your food. That way you can adjust the heat evenly.

3. Steam Ovens

Steam Ovens
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Steam ovens are intended to make steamed food only. Steam oven is quite unique if we compare with other types of ovens, since it is able to preserve the nutrients and flavor of vegetables or meats you put inside. Compared to other ovens, this one is relatively small but it is easy to clean.

To use the steam ovens, you need to pour water inside the boiler first. Then the boiler will vent steam that will heat up the oven. That is how the moist environment created inside the steam oven.

4. Conventional Gas Ovens

Conventional Gas Ovens
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The conventional gas ovens are powered by gas. The heating process of gas ovens is faster than the electric ones. One of benefits in using gas ovens is you can control your cooking and set the temperature on your own. Besides, its’ preheat time is practically shorter than electric ovens.

The heat on the gas ovens will be spread evenly because it doesn’t have hot spot that cause your food cooked partially. Gas ovens also vent moist environment so no need to worry about food getting burnt. Since it only uses gas, then it surely will save your monthly electric bill.

However, gas ovens without proper maintenance will be a big problem. Make sure you need to check it regularly and if find something faulty, you should call a professional to take care of it.

5. Pizza Ovens

Pizza Ovens
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Basically, the pizza ovens are specifically designed for baking pizza only. It is the reason why pizza ovens look different from other types of ovens. Pizza ovens are able to vent high temperature that is required to bake a pizza.

6. Convection Ovens

Convection Ovens
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The convection ovens are supplied with a fan in order to spread the heat evenly. Since the heat will be spread evenly, you do not need to change the food position inside. For a good result, you better use the convection ovens to get perfect cooked meals.

However, there is a weakness of convection ovens. As it is powered by fan that must keep on moving in order to vent heat. If the fan is broken than the convection ovens will not be working. Make sure you adjust the fan size properly before put it inside the oven. So, the heat resulted will not too much or less.

7. Freestanding Ovens

Freestanding Ovens
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Freestanding ovens are more popular than any other types of ovens. If you want to have barbeque outside the kitchen, you may use this oven as it is easy to removed and already has cooktop.

8. Warming Drawer

Warming Drawer
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If you like to keep the meals warm all the time, then you should use warming drawer. It efficiently preserves the heat and its temperature can be adjusted easily.

9. Self-Cleaning Ovens

Self-Cleaning Ovens
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It is one of sophisticated appliance which is able to clean itself. You have to clean up the ovens regularly to maintain its performance and preserved the taste of your food. Generally, self-cleaning ovens are divided into two types:

a. Catalytic Liners

These ovens are designed specifically to absorb particles and fats of the meals. Then just burn off these particles by pressing the cleaning setting. And it cleans up the oven in no time.

b. Pyrolytic Ovens

Pyrolytic ovens are equipped with self-cleaning feature that enables oven to heat the temperature up to 500◦. Afterwards, they will burn out the food leftover immediately. Once it is done, you just need to wipe it away.

10. Wi-Fi Technology Ovens

Wi-Fi Technology Ovens
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One of innovative types of ovens is the Wi-Fi technology ovens. You can control it via wi-fi or even voice command. That way you can bake the cake with wifi technology ovens while you handle another task.

11. Large Window

Large Window
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Ovens with large window enables you to peek on the food inside during the cooking process. Even though you have set the temperature, with a large window facility you can get a glimpse of the food in the middle of cooking process.

12. Wall Ovens

Wall Ovens
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Wall ovens are considered as efficient appliances since they will not take much space on your kitchen countertop. You can install these ovens on the wall or just place it on the bench.

13. Microwave ovens

Microwave ovens
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Most of people seem a bit confused to see the difference between microwave ovens and other common types of ovens. In spite of their similar shape, microwave is dedicated for heating the food only not to cook them.

14. Bench Top convection ovens

Bench Top convection ovens
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These ovens are equipped with internal fans to distributes the heat all over the space inside them. With evenly spread hot air, the temperature will be constant. However, they are quite pricey if we compare to other types of ovens.