35 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 2020 (You Can Try Today)

The bathroom is an important part of our home. Yet, it is often overlooked. There are many bathrooms that are bland, with no attractive feature whatsoever. If you have a bland bathroom, don’t worry. We got you covered. We have collected 15 bathroom wallpaper ideas that you can apply right now.

There are many people who said that wallpaper is a bad idea for the bathroom. That’s wrong. If the wallpaper is chosen properly, it can be a great addition to the bathroom. The key is to choose a wallpaper that is resistant to water and humidity, non-porous and can be washed. Below are some bathroom wallpaper ideas you can try.

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

1. Wallpaper in a Single Wall

35 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 2020 (You Can Try Today) 1
source: pinterest.com

Sometimes, you don’t need more than a single wall to stick the wallpaper onto. Sticking wallpaper in a single wall can make a statement. Better yet, it is inexpensive and you can stick this wallpaper on the farthest wall from water, thus allowing it to last longer.

2. Botanical Print

35 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 2020 (You Can Try Today) 2
source: pinterest.com

Want a bold, livelier and more vibrant touch for your bathroom? Try adding botanical-styled wallpaper. This works great if you have a pale undertone in your bathroom. The bold botanical print of the wallpaper combines with the pale undertone, creating a balance in the bathroom.

3. Textured

35 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 2020 (You Can Try Today) 3
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If your bathroom lacks texture, you can use the wallpaper to add texture. To achieve this effect, you can use a reflective paper. A reflective paper will not only add texture, but it will also create a stunning background. A common bathroom sight such as shampoo bottles and soap will look great with it.

4. Repeated Tree Pattern

35 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 2020 (You Can Try Today) 4
source: renoguide.com

Wallpaper with an intricate and complex design will surely grab attention. But what about wallpaper with a repeated pattern? It turns out wallpaper with a single and repetitive design such as repeated tree patterns can look attractive too. In fact, it can even add an illusion of dimension in the room.

5. Intricate Wallpaper with Mirror

35 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 2020 (You Can Try Today) 5
source: renoguide.com

Do you like an intricate pattern? If you do, why not apply it to your bathroom? To get the best look, you can add a mirror in your bathroom if you haven’t already. The reflection on the mirror will repeat and extend the pattern, making it seem to cover the whole room.

6. Traditional

35 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 2020 (You Can Try Today) 6
source: renoguide.com

A bathroom with a traditional theme may seem bland. However, if you add matching wallpaper, it will look gorgeous. A traditional mirror, a traditional drawer, and a traditional sink will work great with floral pattern wallpaper, for example.

7. Calm and Subtle

35 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 2020 (You Can Try Today) 7
source: pinterest.com

Bold and bright wallpaper will surely bring an effect. That being said, it doesn’t mean wallpaper that is not bold and bright can bring effect. On the contrary, calm and subtle wallpaper can be gorgeous as well, especially if combined with a white undertone.

8. Geometrical Pattern

35 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 2020 (You Can Try Today) 8
source: elledecor.com

What if you want to add a bold look to your bathroom? If you want that, you may want to try adding wallpaper with a colorful, geometrical pattern. The best thing about this kind of wallpaper is that it gives the room a sense of movement and fun.

9. Fishy

35 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 2020 (You Can Try Today) 9
source: elledecor.com

Wallpaper with a fish pattern will blend nicely into the room, especially if the room has a blue or white undertone. What is great about this wallpaper is that you can be minimalist with other furniture décor and still get the immersion effect.

10. Tropical

35 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 2020 (You Can Try Today) 10
source: elledecor.com

Need bolder wallpaper? Then try tropical wallpaper. Tropical wallpaper is surely eye-catching. The key is to provide a balance to it so that the wallpaper will not overwhelm the room. You can do it with white color and/or sticking the wallpaper on half-height.

11. Animal Pattern

35 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 2020 (You Can Try Today) 11
source: goodbathroom.com

Wallpaper can complement the look of the room. Animal pattern wallpaper will bring interest to a neutral bathroom. What is good about animal pattern wallpaper is that although it adds interest, it doesn’t overwhelm the room.

12. Polka Dot

35 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 2020 (You Can Try Today) 12
source: goodbathroom.com

Polka dot wallpaper is a perfect touch to a bathroom with a pale undertone. Polka dot wallpaper works especially well with other colors as well, such as navy blue, brass-yellow, and pink. It brings a unique but subtle touch to the bathroom.

13. Nautical

35 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 2020 (You Can Try Today) 13
source: goodbathroom.com

There are many ways to make a bathroom look more masculine. One of them is to incorporate wallpaper with a nautical pattern. This works best if the bathroom also a round mirror, dark-brown furniture, and navy-white accessories.

14. Gold

35 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 2020 (You Can Try Today) 14
source: goodbathroom.com

If you want to go all out for attention-grabbing wallpaper, gold wallpaper is an ideal option. Gold wallpaper blends nicely with a bathroom dominated by gold color.

15. Swirl

35 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 2020 (You Can Try Today) 15
source: pinterest.com

The bathroom is a good place to relax. If you want to relax in your bathroom, adding wallpaper with a swirl pattern will help you do so.


Source: allaprimapainting.com

Burgundy wallpaper brings an instant classy tone. The bathroom picks an ideal burgundy wallpaper that works well to create a modern classic one like this. Burgundy lifts the bathroom model in inexpensive manner.

Moreover, the wallpaper looks alluring. It contains repetitive patterns that resemble swirls. While we can’t clearly say what the patterns are, they attract our attention because they make the wallpaper shines in gold.

The wallpaper covers all of the wall segments, except those that are covered by furniture. The bathroom holds a strong modern classic statement with a traditional storage concept and white door.


Source: missmandyphotography.com

To break down animal wallpaper above, we present for you this unusual animal pattern. We’re sure most of us don’t see zebra wallpaper frequently. Especially, the bathroom contains running zebras while avoiding arrows.

Add to that, the wallpaper has a red backdrop. Thus, red, white and black become color schemes of the wallpaper which wraps the wallpaper an amusing element. The bathroom picks the wallpaper to adjust with a black-and-white striped trash bin and tissue holder.

The wallpaper surely colors and makes the bathroom enthusiastic area. This will charm your small boys or girls.

Wallpaper for Ceiling Altogether

Wallpaper for Ceiling Altogether
Source: elledecor.com

Indeed, wallpaper should cover the wall only. But what about sticking the same wallpaper through the entire ceiling like this? It’s worthy to notice the bathroom has two wallpaper designs but our focus lies on the bird wildlife one.

You probably need to consult with a builder or interior designer to stick the wallpaper onto the wall and the ceiling. We guarantee your extra money for hiring them will be worth it.

The wallpaper seamlessly covers all corners that separate the wall and the ceiling. The bathroom thus looks pretty and fresh with the green backdrop.

Classic Feel

Classic Feel
Source: tileideaz.com

Choosing proper wallpaper designs for your vintage bathroom can be quite challenging. We suggest you taking advice or at least browse typical wallpaper pictures that mostly feel good while falling upon wood paneling.

This bathroom picks classy, white wallpaper with a greyish backdrop. The wallpaper has repetitive sophisticated yet graceful patterns on it. The wallpaper is cut by a beautiful, classic window with wall lamps.

The choice works very well with white, wood paneling that mostly appears in any vintage bathrooms. Selecting white and grey wallpaper is recommended as the bathroom looks neutral, as well.

Dual Patterns

Dual Patterns
Source: oldhouseonline.com

Not all vintage bathroom limits wallpaper selection to those with neutral colors, though. This example proves you can pick dual wallpaper patterns with a brownish backdrop. This time around, the wallpaper seems more vibrant than the classic feel point.

Each of the patterns contains repetitive pictures. The dual wallpapers are put in that manner with frames and mirrors on them. We don’t see the wallpapers annoy or overwhelm the bathroom.

It remains enchanting and classic although the bathroom also contains patterned motif curtain and fabric that lies below the sink basin.

Shiny and Dark

Shiny and Dark
Source: ideas.kohler.com

Explore more wallpaper materials for your bathroom. Sometimes, a wallpaper captures our heart mostly because of the material instead of the pattern or the picture. Take this bathroom as an instance.

With the dark atmosphere that wraps the classic area, the bathroom goes for the shiny material for the wallpaper. The shiny attribute works best when the lighting is on. If not mistaken, we regard the wallpaper has repetitive skull bones.

But don’t worry. The wallpaper won’t frighten us. Instead, we find the wallpaper very unique as the skulls look dark. What an unusual wallpaper for the vintage bathroom.


Source: wonderwomen.co.nz

Besides nautical wallpaper, you can go for seaweed wallpaper like this. The bathroom practices coastal design with modern elements. It looks minimalist because it is put at the house’s attic with a tight area.

The wallpaper contains a soft shade of blue wallpaper with a white backdrop. The plenty of seaweeds don’t overwhelm the bathroom because the seaweeds look slim. The blue tone represents the ocean that creates the bathroom bright when the sun shines bright.

With the wallpaper, the bathroom doesn’t require numerous petty coastal ornaments. Simply stick the wallpaper then spread beach things you mostly find beneath the tub.

Apparent and Less Visible

Apparent and Less Visible
Source: houzz.com

Dual patterns within one wallpaper can refer to two different color attachments. The bathroom chooses dark wallpaper with dual patterns. With the black backdrop, the wallpaper has a golden symbol that repeats frequently.

We can see the symbol easily. It is apparent throughout the wallpaper. Besides, the wallpaper contains another repetitive picture but less visible. We may need to look at the second picture closely.

The wallpaper concept supports the bathroom that looks dark and elegant at the same time. The wallpaper corresponds with the dark tiles and apparent gold plumbing. Small kids won’t find the bathroom spooky.

Play with Circles

Play with Circles
Source: erosuchki.com

White and gold wallpaper seems inevitable for a gold bathroom. With the wallpaper color scheme, the bathroom looks vibrant and comfortable. The color choice doesn’t step outside of the color themes of the bathroom.

We salute that the wallpaper can be looking creative despite the fact it consists of circles, only. The circles form small to large bubbles thingy. The bubbles have a strong golden hue while others don’t.

The bathroom sticks the wallpaper onto one wall segment only to avoid possible overwhelming bathroom wall look. Thanks to the wallpaper that the bathroom feels modern.


Source: betterdecoratingbible.com

You can’t pick any gold wallpapers for gold, luxurious bathrooms. The example goes for royal-inspired wallpaper design despite the fact the bathroom actually seems modern. What we mean by royal-inspired wallpaper lies on symbols that get repeated, here.

We associate the symbol with a kingdom symbol or the like. Moreover, the wallpaper selects a deep gold hue as the backdrop. The backdrop runs to the ceiling. The symbol doesn’t seem very apparent.

That creates the wallpaper smooth and elegant. This becomes a proper decoration for the bathroom as a typical classic and graceful bathroom doesn’t place plenty of patterned motifs or accessories.

Boho Bringer

Boho Bringer
Source: wanitamalas.com

As Boho style mostly conveys, choose freestyling wallpaper to support messy but wonderful bathroom looks. The narrow bathroom, for instance, selects traditional wallpaper motifs with a black backdrop.

Actually, the wallpaper doesn’t really match with the other bathroom elements. You can determine on your own the wallpaper with living plants and Mediterranean rug. But that what makes Boho bathroom so unique.

The wallpaper makes the bathroom livelier with a traditional flavor that works with another decoration. The bathroom, overall, feels fashionable and comfortable for all occasions and moods.

Skyscraper Buildings

Skyscraper Buildings
Source: kientevecom.blogspot.com

What is the connection between deep purple and skyscraper wallpaper? This what makes the bathroom remarkable. It picks the skyscraper wallpaper to totally bend the bathroom feel from feminine to innovative.

Most of us will expect floral wallpapers to accompany this lavish bathroom. It turns out the bathroom selects the skyscraper wallpaper with the purple shade backdrop. The wallpaper becomes a cool sight to observe as you sit on the chair.

The wallpaper adds a modern flavor to the bathroom and creates a wide feel. It covers a large mirror that can reflect the bathroom thereby it seems a bit spacious.

Black and White

Black and White
Source: decoratorist.com

You can still stick a floral patterned motif onto your black and white bathroom. This, of course, is practicable if you want to maintain the color scheme. This bathroom chooses the wallpaper design for the sink area.

The wallpaper contains white flowers that dangle here and there. And like the previous examples, the wallpaper has the flowers that get repeated throughout the black backdrop color.

Surely, the wallpaper colors the area. The bathroom thus feels vibrant. It reduces dark ambiance that some of us may find it bleak. The wallpaper takes up the mirror.


Source: interiordesign.lovetoknow.com

The cabin bathroom applies a cool way to decorate the area. It places newspaper wallpaper for the wall segments that face one to the other as you can see on your own from the picture.

The newspaper wallpaper looks trendy amidst a strong woodwork flavor that appears from the wall to the mirror border. We regard the wallpaper produces classic feel as the printed newspaper is becoming unpopular today.

The black-and-white wallpaper adds a homey feel that already emerges from the woodwork aspect. We can imagine how entertaining as soaking in the tub while absorbing what today’s newspaper is about.

Fruit and Leaf

Fruit and Leaf
Source: homesfeed.com

Simple wallpaper design can speak so much. Within this fruit-and-leaf wallpaper, we can gain wisdom. The wallpaper fits very well with this vintage bathroom. The use of greenish hue represents fresh and natural tones.

Fruit and leaf can’t without one another. In this wallpaper, the two are said to humbly live side by side. The wallpaper seems compact. Unlike some of the previous examples, the wallpaper doesn’t leave plain color backdrop at a major portion.

Even so, the wallpaper doesn’t overwhelm the bathroom. It steals the look at once that doesn’t cause your eyes painful with the calm color scheme.

Mermaid Fin

Mermaid Fin
Source: YouTube by SunshineSprinkles

Sometimes, you will have to work all out to realize what your small girls or boys want. Take this mermaid bathroom as an example. The bathroom picks fin wallpaper to create this sample an ideal one for all mermaid lovers.

The wallpaper contains bluish fin shapes that cover half of the bathroom’s wall. The wallpaper runs throughout the wall corners. Undoubtedly, the wallpaper makes the bathroom vibrant. It feels okay to add bright wallpaper.

Provided the bathroom has harmonious mermaid items, your small ones would love being here. The bathroom can excite their feelings to love taking their bodies.

Wavy Texture

Wavy Texture
Source: bestfriendsforfrosting.com

Creating all bathroom theme colors can entrap you with plain looks if you don’t modify it. This bathroom applies clever ways that modify pinkish hue that wraps the bathroom. One of the ways is by sticking wavy texture wallpaper with a bright shade of pink.

Find that wallpaper from the wall segment that contains the sink area that also seems pretty in pink. The wallpaper doesn’t only modify the color in terms of the shade.

The choice is more recommended than placing floral, pink wallpaper, for instance. That’s because the bathroom tub feels lively with the mosaic-inspired tub.


Source: pistoncars.com

A pink, retro bathroom requires selective wallpaper that will support the vintage look and retain feminine tone at the same time. This bathroom applies the general rule very well as seen from the picture.

The bathroom selects pink and white wallpaper that covers most of the wall segments. It contains symbols that get repeated throughout the wallpaper. The wallpaper color scheme corresponds with white as the bathroom’s theme color.

Thanks to the wallpaper that the bathroom looks alluring that adds girly flavor for the beautiful area. The pink wallpaper works with pink, living flowers behind the bathroom tub.

Blue Trees with White Backdrop

Blue Trees with White Backdrop
Source: housebeautiful.com

We bring you again another tree pattern wallpaper. This time around, the wallpaper contains blue trees with a white backdrop. The trees are thick that leaves the white backdrop thin.

From the wallpaper, we can learn that the wallpaper color match plays an important role. The wallpaper shares blue that become the bathroom’s theme color. With the wallpaper, we feel the bathroom looks bluish and diverse.

We find the ceramic becomes another blue bringer that turns the area livelier. This bathroom is similar to the pink bathroom. The two bathrooms manage to make the areas lively within the same theme colors.

Partial Wallpaper

Partial Wallpaper
Source: nwiyouthfootball.org

Floral and pink are up for various wallpaper designs. The last of our 35 bathroom wallpaper ideas pick partial wallpaper concept. You can look at the wallpaper that covers half of the walls.

The wallpaper utilizes the same pink shade that wraps all of the walls. We notice the wallpaper contains floral patterns that look less visible. You may need to look at the wallpaper very closely.

The floral patterns correspond with the mirror borders that have sophisticated lines. All in all, the bathroom feels pretty and trendy. It manages to keep the area simple and functional.

These are our bathroom wallpaper ideas you can try. What do you think? Do you want to try them? Always remember to adjust chosen wallpaper designs with the whole bathroom theme. Choosing long durable wallpaper materials should top your consideration.