45 Bathroom Window Ideas 2020 (for Various Designs)

Since the bathroom is a highly private room in every house, many don’t like adding windows to their bathroom. That is a wrong decision to make because the window is a crucial addition to any room in our house, including the bathroom.

That’s why you need to try some of these bathroom window ideas, not only to accessorize your bathroom but also to make you feel better while you’re using your time.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy designing a bathroom with windows. Fortunately, these ideas are going to lead you making an extraordinary bathroom complete with perfect windows. We better start now.

Bathroom Window Ideas

1. Adjusting windows with your bathroom interior design

45 Bathroom Window Ideas 2020 (for Various Designs) 1
source: willieclancyfestival.com

For modern and contemporary bathrooms, a single frameless window is going to be perfect. But if your bathroom has a traditional interior, adding two or more framed windows is a better idea. Just be sure to watch the position of your traditional bathroom’s windows. Symmetry is the key for a comfortable and welcoming ambiance.

2. The smaller the bathroom the bigger the window

45 Bathroom Window Ideas 2020 (for Various Designs) 2
source: hips.hearstapps.com

One big window is perfect for tiny bathrooms. The big window will bring a more spacious and open look to the room. Make sure your window doesn’t look too big but also not too small, especially when it is positioned next to a tub. Let the big window bring in the natural light and relaxing view to your bathroom.

3. When to use the window as centerpiece

45 Bathroom Window Ideas 2020 (for Various Designs) 3
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Will you use your window as your bathroom’s focus? If your bathroom has a traditional interior like the retro style, better making your window blend in with other decors seamlessly. But if yours has a contemporary or modern interior, using a window as the main focus is a great idea.

4. The best position for your bathroom windows

45 Bathroom Window Ideas 2020 (for Various Designs) 4
source: willieclancyfestival.com

Especially if the bathroom is on the first floor, the best position for bathroom windows is the bathroom wall’s upper part. This position is going to give maximum privacy to anyone in the bathroom. That position is also a standard position of an apartment.

5. Decorating bathroom window ideas

45 Bathroom Window Ideas 2020 (for Various Designs) 5
source: safehomefarm.com

Since privacy is a very important thing in your bathroom, it is normal if you hesitate to add a big window in it. One perfect solution for that problem is adding blinds and shutters to hide everything in the bathroom.

6. Replacing curtains with stylish covers

45 Bathroom Window Ideas 2020 (for Various Designs) 6
source: mycoloradoglass.com

Curtains can be gorgeous decoration for windows, but not for bathroom windows. Instead of using something made from cloth to protect your privacy, you may want to use wooden window shutters. They will give you natural light when you open them and give your windows stylish look when they’re closed.

7. It does not mean you cannot keep your curtains

45 Bathroom Window Ideas 2020 (for Various Designs) 7
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Curtains are not the most practical choice for a bathroom. But curtains may look perfect in some bathrooms. For example, if your bathroom windows are not close to your bathtub, curtains will be perfect. White curtains will frame the windows of your bohemian styled bathroom perfectly. They will also give you the privacy you need.

8. Protecting privacy with opaque glass

45 Bathroom Window Ideas 2020 (for Various Designs) 8
source: hips.hearstapps.com

If curtains and shutters are not your styles, opaque glass is going to protect your privacy. Opaque glass lets some natural lights to get into your bathroom. At the same time, they will protect you by hiding everything you do in the bathroom. Use the clear glass on top of your window.

9. Combining windows with mirrors

45 Bathroom Window Ideas 2020 (for Various Designs) 9
source: willieclancyfestival.com

Small bathrooms especially need windows to bring in the light that makes the room feels bigger. One more way that helps the window making the room looks spacious is the presence of a large mirror. Mirror reflects and spreads the light to the entire bathroom.

10. Outsmart your narrow and high bathroom with tall windows

45 Bathroom Window Ideas 2020 (for Various Designs) 10
source: safehomefarm.com

Narrow and tall bathroom needs tall windows that are going to emphasize the ceiling height instead of the small floorplan. This tall window is not only perfect for tiny bathrooms but can be applied to the other bathroom types.

11. Extra huge windows and mirrors for brighter and wider bathroom

45 Bathroom Window Ideas 2020 (for Various Designs) 11
source: cdn.homedit.com

Another way to make a small bathroom feels perfect is combining the entire windows wall with the entire mirror wall. This combination is going to make a tiny bathroom looks extremely spacious and bright.

12. Full height bathroom window ideas next to bathtub

45 Bathroom Window Ideas 2020 (for Various Designs) 12
source: mycoloradoglass.com

What’s outside your bathroom? If there is a beautiful view, you need to bring it into your bathroom through a full height window. Full height window delivers the beauty outside very clearly. Cover it with a shutter that will hide your bathroom every time you need more privacy.

13. Windows and mirrors side by side

45 Bathroom Window Ideas 2020 (for Various Designs) 13
source: mycoloradoglass.com

Do you have two sinks in your bathroom? Instead of using one long mirror above your sink, use two tall mirrors above the sinks. Then add three pieces of narrow and tall windows on the wall. One between both mirrors, one on the left, another one on the right.

14. Spread nautical accent using circular windows

45 Bathroom Window Ideas 2020 (for Various Designs) 14
source: cdn.homedit.com

The circular window is especially perfect if you want the window to be your bathroom’s focus. The circular shape will also spread nautical feels in your bathroom.

15. The horizontal window for basement bathroom

45 Bathroom Window Ideas 2020 (for Various Designs) 15
source: willieclancyfestival.com

Bathroom in basement needs natural light that comes from horizontal window positioned right under the ceiling. You can put vanity, mirror, and whatever you want under your horizontal bathroom window.