20 Best Online Toy Stores and How to Choose the Right Toys for Kids

Plan to buy toys for your kiddos? Online toy stores serve as the best option for you to enjoy a convenient shopping experience with beloved kids without feeling exhausted to move from one shop to another.

Not only can check the reviews and compare the prices, buying toys online allows you to get some great deals. Let’s check the following list of online toy sellers and tips to buy toys through online shopping.

The Ultimate List of Online Toy Stores

With so many toy stores online, it is essential to rely on your needs of toys to the trustable ones. Several stores might offer special toys that you can’t find anywhere. Yet, you still can find fun pieces from each.

Safety should become a priority when choosing toys for kids. The following are on the top list that not only come with unique and fun but also safe toys for your little ones.

1. Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain Toys
Source: kcparent.com

Fat Brain Toys is an online toy store that specializes in selling educational and fun toys. Here, you can find plenty of toys that can help children to learn different skills in more cheerful ways.

There are many interesting games available for children of every age. Fat Brain is also famous for its special toys because some of them cannot be found in any other toy stores so you get the exclusiveness.

Due to their unique and fun toys, Fat Brain places the top position as a destination for children and parents to buy toys. Their educational toys offer much fun because kids never feel they are learning when playing.

Those who purchase inventoried items from this store can enjoy a $3.99 flat shipping rate using UPS Ground in the US.

Meanwhile, military members can take advantage of half-price shipping from Amy Post Office when buying toys for their children at fat Brain Toys.

2. Amazon

Source: amazon.com

Known to be the biggest online store worldwide, no wonder if Amazon also becomes the most enormous source of toys internationally. Millions of toys with various qualities, brands, and prices available here.

Since there are countless options of toys, it can be daunting to find the toys just by scrolling the page. Hence, this site offers many filters to help customers in targeting the ideal choice of toys.

Amazon conducts daily updates on their products, so you can always know what the new toys just launched and how to get exclusive access to them.

Besides, you can explore the top-selling toys and sale pages on their site. As Christmas comes near, Amazon offers brainstorming toy lists to make yearly Santa letters.  It will be fun making the list with kids.

Those who have Amazon Prime and pay annual subscription fees can get many advantages from it. Let’s say they can benefit from free two-day shipping for numerous types of toys purchased.

3. Toy Wiz

Toy Wiz
Source: rcbizjournal

Toy Wiz is a New York-based toy company that has offered its products in e-commerce for over 10 years. They provide unrivaled customer service among online toy stores, making it people’s favorite store.

This store has been known globally so people who buy the toy from this store is not only coming from the US but also more than 40 countries across the globe.

If your little ones love to play with superhero figures, spinners, and baseball cards, Toy Wiz serves to be the best place to enrich your kids’ collection at home.

If you are craving brand new toys and still waiting on their release date, you can join pre-order sale on Toy Wiz and become one of the first who has those exclusive toys.

For those who look for rare individual cards of a certain character, this store should be your first resort. There is also a buying program for collectors so they are able to sell vintage and collections of toys here.

The amount of the shipping fee is determined by the buyer’s location. You likely need to pay $5.99 for standard shipping and get the item within 7 to 10 days and pay for $29 for fast shipping within 3 to 5 days.

4. Disney Store

Disney Store
Source: shopdisney.com

Do your kids enjoy much when watching Disney movies?  It will be good to surprise them by giving their favorite Disney character. You will be stunned by the countless toys available on this online store.

The most interesting thing when shopping here is you can buy toys that cannot be purchased anywhere else. Thus, you will get a chance to have an exceptional toy.

Still haven’t got any idea to choose from? Just explore the site and look at numerous toys based on Disney movies. Who knows you will catch the best one?

On this site, you can discover a huge collection of Disney toys with their famous action figures that worth adding to your collection. They even provide matchless deals on the prices to satisfy the customers.

5. LEGO Store Online

LEGO Store Online
Source: reddit.com

Kids really love LEGO. LEGO pieces are really fun and interesting to play since you can construct anything with them. This surely helps to build your children’s creativity.

Due to that reason, it’s not surprising if many parents even don’t hesitate to spend money on LEGO. This just a very efficient toy since children can use it even after several years.

In the LEGO store online, you can buy iconic LEGO which is quite rare. Besides, shopping here you have a chance to get access to the newest offerings before they are displayed in toy stores.

The LEGO Company even provides sales on regular basis through their online store so that customers can purchase any toys at lower prices.


Source: thethot.com

CLIXO offers you a building toy that employs a modern twist, a combination of LEGO and crafting. This toy is just blowing the mind since origami concepts, classic building blocks, and magnets are found in one toy.

To play CLIXO, you have to connect different shapes together to construct 3D toys based on your own creativity. The pieces can be connected to each other as they contain powerful magnets.

This toy will impress your kids as they likely love magnetic things. Although the shapes look pretty light, they are far durable compared to papers. Besides, the magnet is very strong to stack the pieces.

CLIXO is known to be eco-friendly toys so we expect that they are can be safely played with by kids. If you spot your kids who love crafting or constructing, just go to the CLIXO site and get a set for them.

7. Walmart

Source: ttmas.com

The famous American-based retail store, Walmart also included in the list of recommended online toy stores. Through their site, Walmart gives chances to those who cannot visit the offline store to buy the toy.

There an abundance of options of toys with good quality to select in Walmart. Walmart provides a guarantee for customers’ satisfaction due to their years of experience in selling various great quality toys.

You can get a satisfying shopping experience here with a user-friendly site and fast delivery service. The vast collection of their toys not only can be explored online but also offline.

Making purchases for $35 or higher allows you to enjoy free two-day shipping. Purchase lower than $35 only cost you $5.99 for the shipping. You can take advantage of the ship-to-store option provided by Walmart.

Walmart allows third parties to sell products on their site. Shop carefully since there might be additional shipping costs for any toys that are not sold directly on Walmart.

8. Kohl’s

Source: toysrus.com

Kohl’s is a department store that provides myriad collections of fun toys. They have innumerable toys that people can select, from beautiful Disney princesses to fascinating monster toys.

With countless choices available, the website has useful filters to help customers much easier when finding the particular toy they want to buy.

When the holiday is coming, Kohl’s come with great sales on various items including clothes, housewares, and even toys. It’s time to hunt for many fun toys at lower prices.

Many people use this chance to spend their cash or coupons that have been obtained from the previous transactions in this store for more friendly prices.

Other collections that shouldn’t be skipped when you shopping on this site are bikes, games, and bikes. Purchases more than $75 deserve to use free standard shipping or you can use the ship-to-store option, too.

9. Crayola Online

Crayola Online
Source: crayola.om

Do you have little artists at home? You will never be disappointed when reaching out to Crayola Online. This online store offers a massive selection of crayons in myriad colors.

There are also a huge number of pencil crayons, piles of color papers as well as numerous interesting coloring books to improve your kids’ drawing and coloring skills. Adults coloring books are available either.

There are also containers full of felts that children can use to create vivid crafts. Crayola store provides lots of options and kits you can purchase for your beloved children.

This online store offers a fun online shopping experience where you can explore a wide variety of items for creative projects. This makes kids always get something they like when shopping at Crayola.

10. Toy Universe

Toy Universe
Source: toyuniverse.au

Acknowledging themselves as world online toy stores, Toy Universe comes with immense collections of different toys as well as a user-friendly website.

This allows customers to enjoy a simple and satisfying shopping experience. Although Toy Universe is an Australian-based store, their products already have reached the US.

They try to compete with other online stores by raising the tagline “buy now, pay later” which automatically satisfy many customers. This option can be enjoyed by those using OxiPay, AfterPay, or ZipPay payment.

11. Target

Source: target.com

Searching for good quality toys at affordable prices? Target is an online toy store that should be added to your shopping destination list. Their toys are mostly offered at lower prices.

Even you will get surprised at how affordable the newest toys and vintage style toys are sold in this store. From various guns to sparkling craft sets, Target provides toys for people of every age and gender.

Target gives a bonus of free shipping for customers who buy items cost higher than $35. Those who own Red card can take advantage of free two-day shipping on the majority of items offered.

Alternatively, you can order toys online from the Target website and enjoy free shipping to the closest Target location to get pick-up for a better shopping experience.

12. Overstock

Source: glassdoor.com

Overstock is another online store where you can buy toys for your children. Overstock even provides the latest toys at affordable prices. It’s just a great place to add something new to your toy collection.

You can get a coupon from Overstock in order to obtain a particular percentage off from the total amount and it can be very useful later when you are checking the toys out on their website.

Customers can enjoy free daily standard shipping when making orders of more than $45 in the US, this included 48 states in this continent. Making orders less than $45 still can enjoy a great deal on shipment.

For purchases lower than $45, you only have to pay $4.95 in almost all the shipping destinations in connecting states of the US.

13. Kmart

Source: crainsdetroit.com

Kmart is a nationally famous retail store with huge selections of toys. This store gives their customers free shipping service when they order toys that cost more than $49.

Several items are able to be shipped to the store in order to obtain free pick-up. However, free shipping is not available for all items. It is important to check the details for items that don’t belong in the free shipping list.

There are several items that are not offered with free shipping like toys that are sold via third-party sellers.

14. Fish Pond

Fish Pond
Source: amazon.com

If you are craving free shipping, Fish Pond is the right place to purchase toys because they have special offers on shipment. It’s perfect if you want to buy toy gifts for relatives who live far away from your home.

Buying toys and send them overseas will not only challenging but also require high costs. However, shopping at this store gives you peace of mind if you want to send it to a faraway address. Let’s find out why.

Fish Pond belongs to the group of online toy stores that have a strong offering. Through the website, they claim to offer ‘free shipping anywhere in the world’.

That special offer is a bonus for those browsing the hottest toy in a particular season, no matter where is their location. The wide variety of toy collection surely will spoil everyone who reaches out to their website.

Innumerable options of unique toys worth chosen for your beloved kids and give you an easier way to make playing time much more interesting than before.

Not only toys, Fish Pond also provides books, jewelry, homeware, and other useful items with free shipping globally.

15. Zulily

Source: goodhousekeeping.com

Zulily becomes another toy store that worth stopping by. Coming with the tagline ‘something special every day’, it serves as a nice option if you want to purchase any special toys for kids.

Their website has a cool design, making customers comfortable enough to enjoy their time choosing the best toys they like to buy. Make sure to always check the Zulily website in order to get remarkable sales.

If you are lucky, you can get a reduced price of up to 70 percent. Their fun website comes with unique collectibles of toys, games, accessories, clothes, and gifts from famous retailers with some discounts.

To enjoy scrolling the site, you need to make a Zulily account by registering your active email address. Please note, that many items in Zullily are sold quickly or available in less supply.

Thus, you need to make a fast decision when buying something from this online store. Free shipment is not available if you buy Zulily’s items for the first time but paying a standard shipping rate is still possible.

16. Big Bad Toy Store

Big Bad Toy Store
Source: figurestoyscompany.com

Action figures seem to be a type of toy that is mostly collected by people. If you haven’t got any idea where to buy high-quality action figures, then Big Bad Toy Store should be your first resort.

Big Bad is an online toy store full of famous action figures that are made based on Marvel and DC Comics superheroes. The perfect option for you who enjoy a lot of Marvel comics and movies, right?

No wonder, they don’t just end up on your display. Yet, action figures are known to be the best toys for children because they boost children’s creativity as well as build their imagination during playing.

Cool, yes something that you can get even when looking at the action figures for the first time. So, don’t hesitate to take a look into Big Bad Toy Store if you need to add something new to your collection.

17. Toy Town

Toy Town
Source: fandom.com

Has been experienced in providing fine quality toys for over two decades, Toy Town really knows what kinds of toys that their customers want.  Hence, the collections of toys in this store are available at every age.

One interesting thing that you come across when shopping is Toy Town is their customer service. They provide another level of service by treating their customer like family.

Another thing that makes people impress with Toy Town is because this store often holds a fun party every year.

18. Hamleys

Source: placenorthwest.co.uk

Still can’t get enough of fun toys? There are still recommended online toy stores to approach, one of them is Hamleys. An abundance of fun toys can be discovered in this store.

Known to be the biggest and oldest toy retailer in the world, Hamleys enables their customers from finding famous brands named star wars to traditional toys made from wooden materials.

As parents want to give their kids safe toys, traditional toys often become their choice. These toys not only improve children’s imagination but can be played by adults too.

Hamleys even provides returning option in case customers find any issues related to toys ordered or find that the toys bring values that don’t meet their expectations. They can use online return portal on the site.

Not just that, Hamleys also should be your destination if you want to send gifts. You can purchase coupon that at the same time also serves as paper gift vouchers.

19. The Toy Shop

The Toy Shop
Source: puzzlewarehouse.com

The Toy Shop is a UK-based online store where you can buy a variety of fascinating toys. It is a kid company of The Entertainer, the biggest independent toys retailer in the United Kingdom.

With their great reputation, you can expect something special when shopping for toys in this online store. There is a possibility for you to make a request on the latest toys that are just released by the company.

This will make you become one of the first people who have the exclusive toys in your collections. Besides, you can have a chance to receive the hottest deals available on the website.

Once signing up for those deals, they will be sent to tour email. The official site of The Toy Shop even includes a fascinating feature for customers called a ‘present finder’.

This feature helps customers to find the perfect present for any special event.

20. Mattel Shop

Mattel Shop
Source: visitmiddletown.com

Mattel Shop is not just the best site for hunting great toys but also gifts. Numerous toy options are available for the customers. Just scrolling their website to know what’s offered and obtain the best ones.

Mattel shop also gathers all the toy collections from the respected brands in the world. Then, they become a perfect option if you want to buy something special as a birthday present.

Either you want to buy something fun to share on Christmas Eve or find the best gift for any special occasion, Mattel shop worth exploring.

By signing up to their website, you get a chance to receive a label as a VIP parent. Through this offer, you have a chance to access free shipping offers provided by Mattel shop when buying toys.

There are still other interesting offers to enjoy such as a 20 percent discount when you are making the first order on the website. Not to mention, birthday rewards for your children’s birthday party.

Guide to Buy Toys for Your Kids

Choosing trustable online toy stores sometimes can be daunting but it is even harder when you need to shop for the perfect toys for your children. You need to think about safety and suitability for their age.

It is because toys designed for 3 years old children might not suit children at their age of 5 or vice versa. Let’s take a look at how to choose the right toys for your children based on their age.

1. 0-3 months

0 3 months
Source: babychick.com

During the first month, newborns still unable to see clearly what right before them. The in their second month, they start hearing sounds and turns their heads towards them.

In the third month, newborns can recognize their parents and start to grasp any objects surround them. They also begin to support their body through elbows while trying to lay using their stomach.

Several recommended toys for the first three months of newborns should be the ones made from soft materials or something that show different colors.

Let’s say soft animal dolls or fabric books. You might choose soft stuffed mobiles, play gyms, or soothers. You can buy toys that use contrast colors or a combination of black and white colors.

It is important to choose toys that can help to develop their sensory such as something that can look at or touch. Since they still in a limited visual range, make sure to select toys with simple colors.

Otherwise, you can give them a safe mirror so they can see themselves through it and recognize themselves too.

2. 4 months

4 months
Sourc: drbrownsbaby.com

Entering the fourth month, babies learn how to reach things with help from their parents as well as grasp things close to them. They might be able to recognize the faces of people they are familiar with.

They are already able to laugh and begin to squeal when happy or find something that interests them. Several toys from the previous age range still can be used such as soothers and play gyms.

However, you can add the toys by giving them soft teethers or rattles. 4-months-old babies require toys to help their coordination skills development and learn the connection of cause and effect.

3. 5 months

5 months
Source: zazzle.com

In the fifth month, infants start to roll on their stomachs to their backs as well as grasp and put any objects to their mouths. They develop an ability to do various things and start to respond to other people by smiling.

They usually smile when looking at their own reflections too. Thus, safe mirrors are a great choice of toy. Not to mention soft books, stuffed animals, and something to do with sounds like mini musical instruments.

Safe mirror toys or types of toys that can produce sounds or lights help infants to recognize sizes and textures which help to develop themselves.

These kinds of toys also help them to improve their fine motor skills as well as develop their sensory.

4. 6 months

6 months
Source: similac.com

Reaching half-year, infants begin to understand the connection between cause and effect. Thus, they will like to do peek-a-boo with their parents or toys that offer fun surprise when being played.

Most of them start to sit either with or without support from adults and joins the activities that take place around them.

When shopping through online toy stores, try to get moving toys that encourage them to crawl. These toys help their gross motor skills development.

You also can select vibrant stacking toys so infants can learn simple words, concepts, as well as descriptions. Household-themed toys are suitable for 6-months-old infants too.

Those toys are used for role-playing which helps to develop their various strengths, such as language, memory, and social skills.

5. 7 months

7 months
Source: firstcry.com

In the seventh month, babies start to improve their interaction skills which becomes the key to their development. They give a response when being called and making different voices.

They begin to use hands and knees to move and crawl on their stomach. During this time, babies need toys that can sing or talks because these toys set the foundation of beginning language skills.

Moving toys or rolling toys are useful to encourage them to crawl and develop their physical. Balls, stuffed animals, and shape sorters still can be used.

6. 8 months

8 months
Source: healthline.com

Toys for eight-month-old babies are quite similar to the previous month. They can remember the latest events and connect their behaviors. They start to articulate sounds and correlate words and objects.

They can crawl in different directions as well. Toys with buttons to press to operate helps them to learn about cause and effect. Moving toys also good to motivate them to crawl along the way.

Activity panels or table toys also motivate them to crawl, stand, and sometimes walk. These toys are great to improve their physical movement.

Singing toys, light up dolls, or the ones that can play music are recommended for infants entering eight months.

7. 9 months

9 months
Source: momjunction.com

During this period, babies can easily move their hands and can pass objects to the one asking. They can catch the ball roll to them. They show gestures when recognizing familiar faces like parents and siblings.

Stacking or rolling toys are beneficial to improve babies’ fine motor skills. Table toys help them to stand more using their feet. Talking and singing toys train their basic language skills.

Toys designed with dials and buttons work for babies in their 9 months old.

8. 10 months

10 months
Source: babycentre.co.uk

10-months old babies start to follow the instructions and remember simple sounds. They expect words and actions from people to surround them. They try walking with support from adults.

Household-themed toys for pretend play is good to develop babies’ social skills. On the other hand, standing or cruising toys improve their physical movement.

You can buy certain toys to prepare babies facing the early learning stage like activity panels and teach them about basic educational building blocks. The toys are not much different from toys for 9 months old baby.

9. 11 months

11 months
Source: pampers.ca

In the seventh month, babies start to stand by themselves. They like to move along the furniture or walls as well as producing sounds like the real language.

Phone toys will develop their language skills whilst various blocks and puzzles help babies to develop coordination between eyes and hand. Ride-on toys are good to motivate walking or physical movement.

Parents also can give their babies in this age sequence toys and toys designed with wheels that can be pushed or pulled.

10. 12 months

12 months
Source: pampers.com

As your babies reach the twelfth months, they become more active and move constantly. They not only expect actions from other people but also start to mimic them. They tend to hug and kiss people they like.

They give a response when adults talk to them and produce sounds they get used to them when growing up. Ride-on toys and toys with wheels encourage them to walk and improve their parts of body coordination.

Those are useful for babies’ gross motor skills. Anima-themed playsets can be used to teach them basic words and ideas.

11. 12 – 18 months

12 18 months
Source: momjunction.com

Toddlers from one to one and a half years not only actively walk around but also vocalize simple words. That’s why this age is perfect to start teaching them basic concepts like letters, numbers, and daily routines.

Along with buying toys for coordination from online toy stores, themed playsets are good to buy since they make them learning basic sounds, ideas, as well as simple words.

12. 18 – 24 months

18 24 months
Source: thebump.com

Almost reaching two years old, children are able to say vocabularies within 50 to 200 words and follow simple directions given to them. As they get used to walking, in this period they start running.

It is the right time to develop their imagination by giving vehicle toys. You can buy educational books and educational toys designed specifically for children’s language development.

Educational toys strengthen children’s skills to connect objects and words as well as improve their vocabularies. Toys that can talk and teach help children to learn how to say certain words.

Stacking toys, building blocks, puzzles, and shape sorters are other types of toys suggested for this age.

13. 2 – 2,5 years

2 2,5 years
Source: momjunction.com

Children age 2 or older becomes more independent and like to explore their surroundings. The coordination between hands and eyes become stronger. They also develop other skills either.

Themed playsets are good for them to learn basic concepts, words, and sounds. They develop independence by playing with ride-on toys.

For little girls, sets of dollhouses not only foster their imagination but also develop their social and communication skills. Educational books help you to teach them about words and make them love books.

14. 2,5 – 3 years

2,5 3 years
Source: firstctory.com

At this age, toddlers start uttering simple sentences and develop their sense of control. They like to do many physical activities such as jumping, climbing, and hopping. They are able to recall simple instructions.

Boost children’s imagination by giving them ride-on toys like miniature cars and other vehicles. With these toys to take a decision as well as basic skills and boundaries to take.

You can purchase art supplies from online toy stores to improve your toddlers’ creativity by doing creative projects.

15. 3 years

3 years
Source: milesandmimosas.com

Three-year-old toddlers develop significantly not only in movement but also in imagination. Thus, you need to expose them to various topics and develop their fine motor skills, especially balance and coordination.

Kids learn how to show their creativity and express themselves by doing pretend play using action figures or dolls with dress-up clothes. Ride-on and RC toys improve their fine and gross motor skills.

Household-themed toys still work in this age. You can encourage them to do more physical activities by setting up gym equipment in your backyard.

16. 4 years

4 years
Source: emmasdiary.co.uk

At age of 4, children commonly go to preschool and meet new friends as well as start developing friendships. They learn that each person has different experiences and feelings.

Since their coordination has much improved and they learn to pay attention, it’s the right time to teach them fun activities for engagement and basic sports.

Character toys for pretend play help children to boost creativity. Besides, gym equipment and simple board games develop their attention while at the same time teach them to do problem-solving activities.

17. 5 years

5 years
Source: babycentre.co.uk

At the age of 5, most kids are able to solve problems, write their names, and complete the activities independently. They also take advantage of more complex physical coordination.

You can start to reach them about basic educational concepts through reading books. Improving their problem-solving skills can be achieved by playing with puzzles and board games.

Physical coordination can be trained with various sports and physical games. Craft or arts learning kits work well at this age as children like to make and create something.

Fashion dolls even help them to express what they like and don’t like and teach them how to mix and match things. Tabletop sport is good for both physical coordination and problem-solving skills.

18. 6 years

6 years
Source: raisingchildren.net.au

This is an age when your children entering school so that likely keen on toys that need strategy and skill to play. More advanced sports might be taught at school so they develop physical strength and coordination.

Small yet various pieces of art kits help to develop their motor skills as children begin to focus on details when creating something. Fashion-doll sets are recommended toys to improve their creativity.

Provide them with several sports equipment to uplift their physical coordination. Meanwhile, your kids can learn how to think strategically and complete the task by playing with board games or video games.

Reaching out to the best online toy stores is important not only to get high-quality toys but also safe ones for your kids. You need to pick toys based on your children’s age so they can obtain optimal benefits.