4 Unique Characteristics of Water-Based Paint

In general, the paints divide their categories into 2 types. They are the water-based paint and oil-based paint. Those two paints have different characteristics, advantages and weakness.

It all depends on your need whether you want to use the oil-based paint or the water-based paint. Before you decide which one to apply, you should know their differences first.

Difference Between Water-Based Paint and Oil-Based Paint

It is true that the oil-based paint is more popular than the water-based color paint. Both of them come in a large number of colors that offer a lot of options for your home decoration.

1. Composition

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People often refer the water-based color paint as the latex paint. It is kind of paint that use the water as the solvent to fuse the pigment and binder together.

On the other hand, the oil-based paint is the type of paint that contains oil, pigments, spirit mineral and thinner that will evaporate immediately once you rub the paint on the surface.

2. Durability

Based on durability, we can conclude that the oil-based paint is certainly the winner. Its thick chemical composition makes the paint adhered to the surface optimally.

The latex paint is not as sustainable as the oil-based paint. Even if you still have remnants of the oil-based paint after using some of it, you can save it in a closed container for a period of time.

3. Period of Drying

Since the water-based or latex paint consists of water solvent and light chemical substances, it can dry quickly. It only takes 1 up to 4 hours to dry.

While the oil-based paint takes quite some time to dry. It might require 6 up to 8 hours to dry. But if you want to recoat, you need to wait for at least 24 hours.

4. Cleaning Process

Cleaning Process
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Sometimes you accidently drop a bit of the paint on the area which you don’t intend to polish it with the either water-based or oil-based paint. When it happens, you must clean it up immediately.

To clean the latex paint is relatively easy, you only need a wet cloth and soap. However, to wipe the oil-based paint, you need a thinner or acetone.

Characteristics of Water-Based Paint

Why we should pick the water-based color paint or latex paint? It has unique characteristics that is impossible to get from other types of the paints.

1. Color Retention

One of the characteristics of this paint is its color can last longer. The color retention of the paint allows you to enjoy the beauty of the house interior painted in fascinating color for a period of time.

2. Less Odor

Most paints available in markets tend to emit odor that not all people can stand it. No need to worry about odor if you apply the water-based color paint.

3. Fast Dry

As mentioned before, this paint can dry quickly once you rub it on any surface. Even if you want to use more coats, you don’t need to wait for a long period till the paint is dry before applying next coat.

Functions as Finishing Touch

The water-based paint can function as finishing touch on any surfaces. It is possible to smear this paint over the existing oil-based paint as long as it is dry. But you cannot do the reverse.

1. The Usage of Water-Based Color Paint

The Usage of Water-Based Color Paint
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Common usage of the water-based or latex paint is on the exterior or interior with high humidity level like mudroom, kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom. It looks good to color your wall, door and ceiling.

It is possible to add the primer before you polish the wooden surface with the water-based color paint. The purpose of adding the primer is to make the paint more attached to the surface.

Steps to Apply the Water-Based Paint

The steps to apply the water-based color paint actually are similar to the ways of utilizing other types of paints. You can follow the steps of polishing the surface with the water-based or latex paint.

1. Make Sure the Surface Is Clean

No matter what kind of objects you want to paint, they must be clean. The clean surface allows you to smear the paint evenly to get optimal result.

2. Put Primer on the Surface

It is necessary to add primer on the surface, especially that one with flaws like scrapes, cracks, tiny holes or rough textures. The primer can function as a filler on those imperfect parts of the surface.

3. Paint the Surface Properly

When you apply the water-based paint of the surface, you need to rub it thoroughly on the surface. Don’t forget to choose particular brush that enhance the painting process.

For larger area like ceiling and walls, you should utilize roller in order to finish the painting quickly. To paint the small objects, the ordinary paint brush will do.

4. Add Coat

It is possible to add more coats over the surface to get maximum result. Especially if you want to make the color stand out, adding several coats of water -based color paint is good idea.

How many coats that you put on the surface depend on your preferences. Each brand of water-based color paint brings different quality.

For a high-quality paint, you only need to put 2 or 3 coats over the surface. But if you buy the medium quality paint, you might need more coating to achieve the perfect color you desire.

Advantages of The Water-Based Paint

Advantages of The Water-Based Paint
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Applying the water-based color paint is easy because the drying process is quite fast. It is less odor and preserves the color longer.

Polishing your furniture or home interior with water-based color paint will prevent those objects from yellowing or cracking.

Disadvantage of Water-Based Color Paint

Unfortunately, the water-based color paint cannot last long likewise the oil-based paint. Based on some studies, the paint can emit dangerous fumes. Don’t get the children near the paint.

It cannot give glossy finish like the oil-based paint. Hence you cannot expect the shiny and glossy look when apply this kind of paint over your furniture.

Those are several tips for your references in selecting best paint to beautify your house. Basically, the water-based paint is a best choice for efficient painting process.