Old Craftsman Bathroom

Primitive Bathroom Ideas for Modern People

PRIMITIVE BATHROOM IDEAS – Victorian or vintage bathroom styles may feel too common for some of you. We thus recommend you applying primitive bathroom model that really takes you back on the original bathroom interior design. Old wood type, handmade fabrics and neutral colours mark the bathroom model. We provide 10 primitive bathroom styles that …

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Masculine Mens Bathroom

Black Bathroom Ideas as the Exceptional Choice

BLACK BATHROOM IDEAS – For black lovers, black bathroom design seems a usual thing to do because they know the peculiar charm from this colour. But what about you who don’t really like the colour? We have 10 black bathroom styles that will introduce you to the exceptional beauty of the colour. Of course, the …

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Creative Earth Tone Bathroom

Cabin Bathroom Ideas as the Small but Very Natural Ones

CABIN BATHROOM IDEAS – Cabin bathroom models typically use wood or rustic element. Cabin bathroom itself becomes part of a cabin that is usually situated in the middle of a jungle. Some choose to vacation in a cabin far away from big cities. They even have their own cabins whilst others choose to stay in …

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Rustic and Traditional

DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas as the Storage and More

DIY BATHROOM VANITY IDEAS – Try looking around at your house to see whether or not there is an unused table or wardrobe. If so, clean it all from all clouds of dust then read our article that features 10 DIY bathroom vanity models. Bathroom vanity, in general, refers to storage that becomes one unit …

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Trendy Ceiling for Spa Bathroom

Cottage Bathroom Ideas for Adding the Holiday Mood

COTTAGE BATHROOM IDEAS – While holidaying at your cottage, you definitely want to keep the whole family clean and hygienic. At the same time, you don’t want to have a cottage bathroom that seems too plain. We have 10 cottage bathroom styles that will show you how creative you can be for the matter. The …

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Relieving Bright Bathroom

Shiplap Bathroom Ideas to Follow the Current Trend

SHIPLAP BATHROOM IDEAS – Shiplap bathroom is getting popular nowadays. Through the idea, you can turn the bathroom wall into something natural and classic. Practising shiplap bathroom encompasses various colours. That enables you getting creative in applying shiplap for your bathroom. Simply pay attention to the bathroom’s whole theme. As the idea mostly requires a …

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Bathroom with Large Window

Victorian Bathroom Ideas That Bring the Romantic Nuance

VICTORIAN BATHROOM IDEAS – We quickly associate Victorian bathroom model with romantic nuance as we mostly think of Victorian literature. The Victorian bathroom style was flourishing until the 1910s. Some of the bathroom’s aspects that were popular during the era were clawfoot tubs and plumbing. We collect 10 Victorian bathroom models that will transform your …

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Dramatic Teal Bathroom

Teal Bathroom Ideas That Seem Attractive

TEAL BATHROOM IDEAS – Teal may entrap some of us. The colour combines blue and green. The colour refers to the natural tone that comes from the depth of the ocean. That what makes teal is a unique colour. Fresh, natural and elegant are three positive tones that appear from the colour. What about applying …

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Metallic Towel Rack

Bathroom Towel Rack Ideas That Look Helpful and Cool

BATHROOM TOWEL RACK IDEAS – Placing a towel in a rack helps you organizing a bathroom. This is more recommended than just putting a towel on the bathroom’s floor or above a closet or bathroom tub. We have 10 bathroom towel rack models that you can choose. Read carefully every point of the example because …

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Soft Dorm Bathroom

Teen Bathroom Ideas for the Young Souls

TEEN BATHROOM IDEAS – Decorating a ten bathroom differs from doing so for adult or small kid bathroom. Teenagers love bathroom design that looks joyful but at the same time doesn’t feel cheesy. Creative is the correct word for a teen bathroom. So, what makes a teen bathroom a cool site of a house? We …

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