Metal Towel Kitchen Holder

Narrow Kitchen Island Ideas That Are Still Stylish

NARROW KITCHEN ISLAND IDEAS – Only have a narrow or small space for your kitchen and still wish for a kitchen island? Will that be possible? Certainly, that idea will make sense. All you need is extra time searching for proper kitchen island models. This article is dedicated to those of you with limited space …

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Wide L Shaped Kitchen

Kitchen Island Storage Ideas As The Unmissable Ones

KITCHEN ISLAND STORAGE IDEAS – It feels incomplete for a kitchen island not to contain storage. Kitchen island with storage seems very common in the modern kitchen as an extra place for containing items, from pieces of bread to eating utensils. Kitchen island storage can provide many modern kitchen owners more room for storing items …

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Familiar Kitchen Soffit

DIY Kitchen Island Ideas That Cost You Less Money

DIY KITCHEN ISLAND IDEAS – Kitchen island doesn’t have to be expensive. You can create your own kitchen island to trim the budget. The do-it-yourself (DIY) kitchen island offers you simple ways and affordable materials for this part. All you have to do is set aside time for searching DIY kitchen island models then required …

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Clear Kitchen Coffee Bar

Large Kitchen Island Ideas As The Extra Benefit

LARGE KITCHEN ISLAND IDEAS – Creating a large kitchen island can be a challenging task. You can get trapped into creating a large kitchen island that seems too much, surpassing that of the main kitchen. Our below list will recommend 10 styles of large kitchen island that support roles from the main kitchen and look …

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Traditional Kitchen Island Seating Idea

Rustic Kitchen Island Ideas for Providing The Natural Feeling

RUSTIC KITCHEN ISLAND IDEAS – You need natural materials to realize rustic kitchen island concepts. From natural stone to wood, rustic kitchen island models allow you enjoying a natural feeling that can spread into an entire kitchen. Rustic kitchen island models don’t limit to large or traditional kitchens. In modern ones, you can practice this …

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Bright DIY Kitchen Countertop

Small Kitchen Island Ideas with Many Roles

SMALL KITCHEN ISLAND IDEAS – For those of you who haven’t understood, kitchen island refers to an extra table that can stand alone or contain storage and sink beside the main kitchen. Small or large, kitchen island plays many roles. Some utilize kitchen island for social space, others prefer to place food and drinks before …

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Trendy Kitchen Tile

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas As The Extra Decor

KITCHEN ISLAND LIGHTING IDEAS – First of all, a kitchen island is a space within a kitchen that functions as social space and extra cooking site other than a dining room. House owners can turn kitchen island into various roles other than the two. Hence, kitchen island lighting aims to provide lighting for this part …

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Graceful Country Kitchen Hood

French Country Kitchen Backsplash Ideas, The Soft Choices

FRENCH COUNTRY KITCHEN BACKSPLASH IDEAS – Classic interior design lovers must be familiar with French country design. This concept contains peculiar that results in vintage and beautiful feelings for the whole family. You can practice this backsplash design for your kitchen. Even if you don’t really love this style, you can still apply this for …

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Clear Kitchen Coffee Bar

Marble Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for All Time Fresh Tone

MARBLE KITCHEN BACKSPLASH IDEAS – Marble kitchen backsplash concepts derive from marble, one of the natural stones that look glowing and fresh. This material is known as a strong and long-lasting one. You need to set aside a big budget for realizing marble kitchen backsplash for your kitchen. With that, you can enjoy the ultimate …

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Special Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Travertine Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for Peaceful Hearts

TRAVERTINE KITCHEN BACKSPLASH IDEAS – Travertine is a type of rock that is notable for looking cream and whitish. Travertine is used as a building material, like flooring and backsplash. Travertine kitchen backsplash differs from modern tiles that typically look glossy. Travertine looks natural and coarse at glance. Find out more about how this material …

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