35 Bathroom Curtain Ideas 2019 (Live up Your Private Room)

In your opinion, how important is a curtain for a bathroom? Some people say that as long as the curtain is functional, either for a shower cabin or bathroom window, it will be enough. On the other hand, some others believe that the curtain is able to enhance the beauty of a bathroom and add a comforting feeling inside. That is why choosing bathroom curtain ideas is essential.

If you belong to the second group, you need to find a refreshing idea for the bathroom curtain. Not only is the design important, but also material that should be taken into account. Choosing the right material for the bathroom curtain helps you maximize the function at its most. Find soothing curtain ideas for your private room right here.

Multicolor Horizontal Stripes Bathroom Curtain

35 Bathroom Curtain Ideas 2019 (Live up Your Private Room) 1

People with an artistic soul must have this colorful curtain in the bathroom. Either shower cabin or bathtub, the curtain works well to make sure your privacy remains private. Coming with rails, this bathroom curtain is completely easy and practical.

Window Curtain for Bathroom with Vintage Style

35 Bathroom Curtain Ideas 2019 (Live up Your Private Room) 2

Having a window in the bathroom is not a bad idea. It is completely wrong to say that the bathroom window will violate your privacy as the curtain is available to keep it. This window curtain looks good as it comes with vintage style and neutral shade.

Elegant Bathroom Curtain for Bathtub

35 Bathroom Curtain Ideas 2019 (Live up Your Private Room) 3

If you would like to enjoy every second of bath time, this elegant bathroom curtain will be a good complement. Offering elegant style, purple bathtub curtain with horizontal stripes blends well with your feminine bathroom design.

Oval Vinyl Bathroom Curtain

35 Bathroom Curtain Ideas 2019 (Live up Your Private Room) 4

Locating a bathtub in the middle of your bathroom is great. Do you know how to make it better? Install oval vinyl bathroom curtain around the tub to make sure your privacy remains private. This curtain comes in the white shade which works best to be combined with subway tiles.

Contemporary Shower Curtain with Rod

35 Bathroom Curtain Ideas 2019 (Live up Your Private Room) 5

Bring style to your private room with contemporary shower curtain! This is what you need to define your taste in home décor, particularly bathroom decoration. It is made of waterproof material that makes sure its durability against water splash. Coming with the rod, this curtain is highly practical.

Blue Marine Bathroom Curtain with Unique Rod

35 Bathroom Curtain Ideas 2019 (Live up Your Private Room) 6

Your bathroom window will never be the same again! This blue marine bathroom curtain, aside from protecting your privacy, also brings style to the room. The refreshing blue shade and a unique rod of tree branches make it a perfect addition for the bathroom.

Valance for Bathroom Window Treatment

35 Bathroom Curtain Ideas 2019 (Live up Your Private Room) 7

Valance is a comforting treatment for any window, including bathroom window. Combine with matching curtain, this drapery is all you need to level up the beauty of the bathroom interior.

Purple Bathroom Curtain with Rod

35 Bathroom Curtain Ideas 2019 (Live up Your Private Room) 8

Are you a purple lover? Surely you cannot resist the temptation of following bathroom curtain ideas. The purple curtain looks bold with the decorative accent. It comes in a package with a bathroom rod. This idea is suitable for modern, contemporary, or feminine bathroom concept.

Mickey Bathroom Curtain for Kids

35 Bathroom Curtain Ideas 2019 (Live up Your Private Room) 9

Show your kids this curtain and they will instantly fall in love with it. White curtain with Mickey ornament is what they need to enjoy their bath time. Made from vinyl material, this curtain is completely safe and durable for your kids.

Bathroom Curtain with Beachy Concept

35 Bathroom Curtain Ideas 2019 (Live up Your Private Room) 10

Now you can enjoy the sensation of the beach without even leaving your home. Bring the beach nuance to your bathroom by installing this beachy curtain. Combining white and blue shade of the ocean, bath time is never this fun.

Rustic Bathroom Curtain with Ornament

35 Bathroom Curtain Ideas 2019 (Live up Your Private Room) 11

Rustic bathroom with a large glass window should not be an obstacle to enjoy your bath time. Protect your privacy with this rustic curtain. Even though it is quite transparent, the drapery idea will be able to elevate the value of your room.

Full Curtain for Small Bathroom

35 Bathroom Curtain Ideas 2019 (Live up Your Private Room) 12

A full curtain will make your small bathroom more functional. It allows the bathroom to be accessed by more than one person. This white curtain is made from waterproof material, therefore water splash will not make any problem.

Classic Drapery for Bathroom Window

35 Bathroom Curtain Ideas 2019 (Live up Your Private Room) 13

Going classic is what you need to show your style. Even though it is only you who enjoy the beauty of drapery, it deserves the best choice. Combine the drapery with a real plant for indulging bathroom interior.

Purple Ceiling Curtain for Bathtub

35 Bathroom Curtain Ideas 2019 (Live up Your Private Room) 14

A curtain that comes in the low installation is quite conventional. Be different by employing a curtain that goes up to the ceiling. This purple curtain is good to match with the white bathroom concept.

Elegant Drapery for Glass Bathroom Window

35 Bathroom Curtain Ideas 2019 (Live up Your Private Room) 15

If you prefer to install a large glass window in the bathroom, you will need to install protective drapery to make sure your privacy remains private. This elegant drapery that goes up to the ceiling blends well with a marble wall.

Shiny Curtain for White Bathroom

Shiny Curtain for White Bathroom
Source: artgaragevt.com

Curtain fabric type and color selection play roles more than you can imagine before. The first recommendation looks shiny and classy because of the factors. To begin with, the curtain pairs white and gold.

The two colors, especially, gold is widely known as tasteful or premium color. It symbolizes the finest taste. The curtain doesn’t stop at the colors. It picks the curtain fabric category that feels shiny. The choices make the curtain looking neat and elegant.

The white bathroom now feels “uplifted” with the curtain selection. They maintain the neutral tone with minor yet quite impactful gold flavor.

Dual Curtain Models for Traditional Bathroom

Dual Curtain Models for Traditional Bathroom
Source: croatianwine.org

A traditional bathroom has this familiar curtain modeling. Each of the windows is completed by dual curtain models. The picture shows cool view when the two curtain models are put together during day time.

The arrangement tells the old-fashioned way to filter or organize how much sunlight can come into the bathroom. For example, the curtain is made from the same fabric. The material looks brown and sheer.

The curtain is then cut into two parts. The first one refers to the vertical curtain modeling while the second one covers half of the window.

See-Through Curtain for Vertical Window

See-Through Curtain for Vertical Window
Source: cheviotproducts.com

Super sheer white fabric is made into the curtain. The bathroom drops the curtain from the ceiling to the floor. We feel the curtain has loose thingy trait that makes it freely moves when the wind hits it.

We call the curtain as the see-through one because it still allows you viewing outside scenery through the fabric. The choice makes sense. You may not want to miss out on chances to enjoy the view while being here.

So, what about your privacy? Simply move the bathroom tub to the farthest right.

Batman Curtain for All Ages

Batman Curtain for All Ages
Source: zillow.com

Revisit your childhood memory through Batman bathroom like this. A legendary superhero like Batman knows no age limit. Both kids and adults can practice the bathroom type, one of which is by placing Batman curtain.

The bathroom goes for the casual Batman curtain style. It contains the Batman logo with the back backdrop. We believe the curtain covers the bathroom tub. Each of the hooks is completed by a much smaller Batman logo.

Find a Batman curtain that fits into the bathroom theme. You can seek one that meets the budget.

Multiple Curtains with Rod

Multiple Curtains with Rod
Source: matchness.com

With Boho bathroom theme as the grand theme, you can choose almost anything from plain to patterned motif one. The rule holds true for the curtain. The bathroom brings together three curtain models at once.

By using the rod, the bathroom selects plain, white curtain, patterned motif blue curtain and tumbled stone curtain model. The curtains use white and blue to surround the classic bathroom tub.

The curtains make the bathroom more vibrant with the living plants and accessories inside of it. The curtains differ from the typical one which usually picks one curtain model only.

Orange Curtain and Valance

Orange Curtain and Valance
Source: homedesign9.com

Go for a total orange bathroom once you decide so. The bathroom lifts the orange flavor by picking the orange curtain. On some occasions, you may require to ask for a tailor’s help for this.

Pick certain orange garments with the patterned motif. The bathroom chooses a beautiful, orange curtain. Later, the fabric is made into the curtain and the valance. The curtain covers the bathroom tub. The valance decorates the window.

You can feel on your own that the strategy makes the bathroom very appealing and juicy despite the small area.

Polka dot Curtain for Sunken Bath Tub

Polka dot Curtain for Sunken Bath Tub
Source: tileideaz.com

A well-pick curtain can turn into a game-changer for plain or soft bathroom. The bathroom feels casual for most of us with a sunken bathroom tub and the sink area. It chooses white that later makes it neutral and comfortable.

The polka dot curtain thus shines out with the scheme. The bathroom picks polka dot design with green, teal and grey. The design corresponds with the teal ceramics that cover some portions of the area.

The curtain is hanged on the wooden rod that stretches from left to right to adjust with the bathroom tub.

Plaid Curtain for Primitive Bathroom

Plaid Curtain for Primitive Bathroom
Source: architectureartdesigns.com

A primitive or traditional bathroom may not offer various curtain models or patterned motifs. But it lays out an everlasting curtain style that lasts until today. Take the plaid curtain model as an example.

The curtain uses brown and black scenario that feels familiar. The curtain uses a thick fabric that completely protects what goes inside the bathroom tub from outside. We feel the curtain old-fashioned as we feel a relatively dark tone from the curtain, too.

Today, the curtain model remains relevant to various fabric types and color schemes.

Curtain with Quotes for Anchor Bathroom

Curtain with Quotes for Anchor Bathroom
Source: onbedroom.website

Custom items are possible thanks to the fast-growing e-commerce world. The bathroom picks anchor curtains with quotes for the beach bathroom. We find the idea admirable. You can pick yourself up through small things, including the curtain style.

By design, the curtain picks white and soft blue shade as the backdrop color. This symbolizes the ocean. It, of course, inserts the anchor symbol. What attracts us lies in the quotes.

Not only positive but also supportive. The quotes speak well on the anchor theme that represents people who love exploring the world.

Mermaid Curtain for Girl Bathroom

Mermaid Curtain for Girl Bathroom
Source: woland.chrispommier.com

Happy and helpful. Folklores have told us from time to time how mermaid is an amusing creature with her unique appearance. You may want to create a mermaid bathroom for your small girls.

One of the ways is by purchasing a mermaid curtain. For example, it picks the mermaid curtain style that depicts her cheerfulness. The curtain picture brings into the design a cute fish and some sea plants.

Expect the girls to feel joyful while taking their own bodies without your help. We notice the curtain design looks the same with the towel.

Curtain with Hook for Romantic Feel

Curtain with Hook for Romantic Feel
Source: tileideaz.com

A princess-like bathroom deserves special curtain modeling. With “a special rooftop”, the bathroom tub has four pillars. The picture shows the bathroom tub gets surrounded by a curtain that gets divided into three segments.

Each of the curtain segments is tied to the pillar through a hook. You can see by yourself how the curtain modeling looks beautiful and classic. The curtain utilizes white, sheer fabrics that correspond with the bathroom’s theme color.

With the whole design, the bathroom looks romantic and vintage. It is worthy of your big money to realize the sample.

Curtain with Wood Blinds

Curtain with Wood Blinds
Source: homestratosphere.com

Some choose dual curtain fabrics while others go for the idea. The bathroom chooses wood blinds that support the curtain. All of them look white. The scheme really fits for supporting the bathroom that looks elegant and pricey.

The curtain design gives the bathroom a dual protection strategy. As the picture reveals, the bathroom opens the blinds and the curtain at the same time during day time. This enables natural light and air to make their way into the bathroom.

The bathroom keeps the lights on to help the orange hue shining at its best as seen here.

Curtain for Door Cover

Curtain for Door Cover
Source: homestratosphere.com

This one sets itself apart from the earlier examples for one unique reason. The bathroom picks a thick, orange curtain for covering the glass door. Typically, we see curtain or valance protects the window or shower area.

But this example informs us of another use. We thus learn that curtains can be used for different purposes. The curtain lifts the orange hue that wraps the classic bathroom. The curtain looks plain to adjust with the bathroom style.

Use a rod or holder to hang the curtain as the picture informs us. And ensure the curtain’s height really fits the glass door size.

Pull-Up Curtain for Multiple Window Style

Pull-Up Curtain for Multiple Window Style
Source: helena-source.net

A pull-up curtain looks formal and elegant. The bathroom especially uses the curtain model for covering three small windows that create this one window unit. The picture shows the curtain is set as if they were valances.

Once you pull them down, you will see that they are actually curtain. The curtain uses a patterned motif design. The design seems graceful that fits well into the bathroom that practices the modern and classic themes.

In this white bathroom, the curtain brings a vibrant tone. The element works with the chandelier lighting and the flowers for sweetening it.

Beautiful Curtain for Bath Tub

Beautiful Curtain for Bath Tub
Source: about-ruth.com

The curtain idea shares a similar concept with those of the orange bathroom. This time around, the bathroom picks one curtain type, only. The curtain looks beautiful. It chooses lavender as the theme color.

The curtain depicts various shapes that turn the element very interesting. The bathroom picks the curtain along with the mirror style to support the lavender tone. The two items produce patterned motif designs to balance with the plain, lavender ambiance.

You may require more effort and time to realize the concept. But you can see the bathroom looks attractive.

Bamboo Curtain for Blue Bathroom

Bamboo Curtain for Blue Bathroom
Source: housebeautiful.com

Another pull-up curtain style but this time around, the bathroom picks bamboo one. This is to adjust with the blue bathroom that modifies the beach bathroom theme. The curtain material makes the bathroom natural.

You can pull the curtain up, down or set it in the middle like this. Feel free to do so to adjust your mood. The curtain covers the medium-sized window. It fits the wooden end table and storage that displays a clean towel, here.

Like the previous example, the curtain seems elegant. With the narrow space, the curtain doesn’t add a vibrant tone that already appears from the wallpaper.

Star Wars Curtain for Modern Bathroom

Star Wars Curtain for Modern Bathroom
Source: ourlittlepages.com

After decades, Star Wars remain enchanting for modern people. Like Batman, Star Wars suits for both kids and adults. For the bathroom, the curtain depicts classic Star Wars casts. You can grab that sense from the picture.

We find this interesting because the curtain brings balance to the modern bathroom. The curtain feels dazzling with the black backdrop that contains plenty of the franchise figures. The curtain really brightens the white bathroom.

Your small kids will find sudden joy once looking at the curtain.

Striped Curtain for Teal Bathroom

Striped Curtain for Teal Bathroom
Source: fashiondesignz.com

After plaid, striped curtain design remains attractive until today. It’s one of the models that never get old. The bathroom chooses the classic, striped curtain model. With white and brown, the curtain looks familiar and sweet.

The curtain covers the showering area. The choice fits for the bathroom that practices modern and classic style. We find a similar hue between the curtain and the floor and the sink area.

Interestingly, the curtain color contrasts with the teal bathroom ambiance. The example really challenges us in terms of design, color scheme, and furniture choice.

Patchwork Curtain for Boho Bathroom

Patchwork Curtain for Boho Bathroom
Source: decoholic.org

Patchwork curtain meets those of you who love recycling. The curtain-type really fits for a Boho bathroom like this. Of course, you can use the curtain model for almost bathroom styles.

The bathroom curtain mixes white fabric and patterned motif design fabrics. It makes the bathroom more colorful but not too much. The curtain covers the bathroom tub from probably sink area or closet next to the tub.

You can reap a specific benefit from the curtain model. You can obtain the desired curtain tone as you want. If you can’t sew, bring curtain fabrics to a tailor.

Decorative Curtain for Tuscan Bathroom

Decorative Curtain for Tuscan Bathroom
Source: decordev.com

Choosing a curtain style for the Tuscan bathroom can be quite challenging. Choose curtain style is as artsy as the bathroom design itself. This one picks curtain design that serves more as decoration.

The curtain uses brownish fabrics that are turned into a classic curtain model like this. The curtain is equipped with a holder that looks vintage, as well. What attracts us is on the curtain is arranged.

The curtain modeling looks graceful. It really supports the window’s artistic style. The curtain doesn’t cover the window. This poses no problem at all because the window looks thick to protect your privacy.

Those bathroom curtain ideas change your mind, don’t they? Have you found your favorite drapery for the bathroom window? Or, will you choose a casual curtain style? Whichever your choice is, adjust the curtain model with the bathroom theme and the money. Don’t forget to ask for opinions from other family members.

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