Tan Bathroom Ideas as the Other Side of Brown

TAN BATHROOM IDEAS – Most of us love brown as a neutral color that looks likeable for all bathroom styles. The color produces warm, homey and casual atmospheres for a bathroom.

Here, we provide 10 tan bathroom models for those of you who wish to modify the neutral color. Speaking about tan colored bathroom model, we quickly remember those who love sunbathing then obtain tanned effect on their skins.

The tanned levels vary according to one’s skins. That leads us presenting the 10 looks below.

Nice Tan Bathroom

Nice Tan Bathroom
Source: pinamconstruction.com

Our first recommendation actually practices a contrastive bathroom concept in general. But the model looks soft thanks for the color choices. The bold hue comes from the grey tiles that make up the bathroom’s wall for highlighting the closet.

The sink countertop seems a bit bold with the wood category. While the bright tone appears from the large, tan tiles that cover most of the bathroom’s walling and flooring. When the light is on, the tan ceramics look sunny.

That what makes the bathroom feeling very nice, especially with the flowers and the sink area design.

Sweet Tan Bathroom

Sweet Tan Bathroom
Source: beautifulremodel.com

Such a sweet and cute bathroom. The tan shade looks more concentrated as compared to the first one. When pairing with the white wainscoting, the tan brings in a soft contrastive flavor. To begin with, the color choice makes the room homey.

We really adore the whole bathroom design. The bathroom seems homey despite the narrow space. It divides the bathroom into some segments. Each of the sections contain cute accessories. For instance, the leaves that are on top of the concrete partition.

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The ornaments choice leads us saying that the bathroom looks sweet in a whole.

Milky Tan Bathroom

Milky Tan Bathroom
Source: americanbathind.com

Imagine a cup of chocolate milk with plenty of water. That what comes to our mind when looking at the tan shade. Neither concentrated nor bright. The tan choice appears from the bathroom’s wall.

The bathroom pairs the tanned section with beige and brown. By design, we admire that the bathroom optimizes the corner. It fills the area with the showering spot and the wooden cupboard.

The simple idea turns the bathroom into a creative area despite the limited, squared space. The windows ensure the bathroom has a good air circulation.

Lavish Tan Bathroom

Lavish Tan Bathroom
Source: edustenia.com

The sunny shade of tanned effect for the bathroom. The tanned flavor appears from the bathroom’s wall. The tanned shade helps the beige tone to brighten the bathroom. White hue does the job, too.

The colors combination brings a balance to the bold shade that comes from the wooden furnishings and mirror borders. The bathroom looks lavish not only because of the furnishings but also the ceiling design.

The wall lamp style and the furnishing model make the bathroom feeling a bit vintage.

Soft Tan Bathroom

Soft Tan Bathroom
Source: maisonvalentina.net

The tanned section appears from the bathroom’s wall. Actually, the tan shade is more concentrated as compared to the previous examples. But we rather call the tanned segment as the soft one because of the color painting manner.

The tanned walling seems delicate and corresponds with the bathroom’s theme color. The tanned color becomes a soft variation for the bathroom’s brownish hue that appears from the wood and the floor material.

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With the tanned section, the outdoor bathroom retains the natural look without looking too neutral.

Warm Tan Bathroom

Warm Tan Bathroom
Source: artemis-office.org

The bathroom selects the bright shade of tan. The tanned effect looks warm instead. That’s because of the dim rays that are produced by the lamps. The strategy aims to support the peaceful ambience for the bathroom.

The example proves that the tanned shade is proper for producing a lavish bathroom. The picture shows that the bathroom is a finest one. It contains the vintage and classy furnishings.

The bathroom tub seems special with the holder modeling and the candles. The seat accommodates you getting relaxed.

Fair Tan Bathroom

Fair Tan Bathroom
Source: croatianwine.org

The fair shade of tan works very well for this primitive bathroom. That’s because the tanned effect adjusts with the primitive bathroom design that usually chooses neutral colors.

Applying the tanned color makes the bathroom feeling soft and comfortable. By content, the bathroom looks wealthy with the bathroom tub and the sink area. There is the partition that functions as the storage.

What’s special is the vintage ornaments, such as the towels and the wooden chair.

Vintage Tan Bathroom

Vintage Tan Bathroom
Source: eliteshomedecor.com

The bathroom uses the similar tanned effect as the fair tan bathroom example. The difference lies on the bathroom whole look. The sample seems serene with the brownish hue that mostly fills up the space.

From the closet’s wooden portion to the valance, the bathroom looks very brownish. The vintage flavor appears from the bathroom. By design, the bathroom looks quite similar with the fair tan bathroom but this one uses newer items.

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Bold Tan Bathroom

Bold Tan Bathroom
Source: contemporist.com

The bathroom is quite unusual. That’s because the bathroom selects the bold shade of tan. The tanned effect produces a contrast hue for the super-tight space. The color brings balance for the white, sink area.

Moreover, the tanned effect comes from the woods that are arranged in that unique manner. This is different from the previous examples that apply tanned colors through wall painting.

Somehow, that what makes the bathroom looking trendy.

Intense Tan Bathroom

Intense Tan Bathroom
Source: viendoraglass.com

Quite similar with the bold tan bathroom, the last recommendation chooses the intense or concentrated shade of tanned effect. We refer to the ceiling part that lies right above the bathroom tub.

The tanned effect brings bold variation to the bathroom that mostly chooses bright shades of brown and beige. The bathroom itself is proper for doing spa. It contains natural items, such as the marble, for the flooring to make the area fresh.

We thus wrap our 10 tan bathroom ideas. We hope the examples invite you getting creative with brown or other neutral colors. Despite the plain looks, each of them has some shades that will result in trendy bathroom models.

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