Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace Ideas to Warm Up

OUTDOOR KITCHEN WITH FIREPLACE IDEAS – Outdoor kitchen can provide elements and tools that resemble those of indoor kitchens. One of the aspects that most outdoor kitchen display is a fireplace.

A fireplace performs various roles. It can help with cooking food ingredients. It can warm foods or drinks. During winter, a fireplace can heat your bodies. An outdoor kitchen fireplace isn’t all about a luxurious model in a large space.

Read some alternatives that don’t cost you much money and spot below.

Outdoor Kitchen with Stone Fireplace

Outdoor Kitchen with Stony Fireplace
Source: barkerconstruct.com

Our first suggestion applies total outdoor kitchen design. This refers to strong wooden beams as pillars and cover of the kitchen and stony fireplace that gets retouched. No doubt that the overall outdoor kitchen model seems firm and natural.

The fireplace in fact supports one of the corners of this outdoor kitchen. The fireplace seems traditional with the large stones that get stacked up so well. There is one small wooden table to take up a television.

The stones create a thick layer to ensure fire won’t spread to the television. You can enjoy television shows while warming yourself during winter.

Outdoor Kitchen with Simple Fireplace

Outdoor Kitchen with Simple Fireplace
Source: idealhome.co.uk

On contrary to the first tip, our second suggestion looks simple and light. This corresponds with the outdoor kitchen model that copies hut design with humble philosophies.

It would be too much to place a stone fireplace in the outdoor kitchen. You can view that the fireplace looks small with wood pieces to keep it burning. The fireplace has a tall tunnel as a medium to channel smoke coming from the fireplace.

Beneath the fireplace, there sit plenty of wood pieces that are ready to fuel to the fireplace.

Outdoor Kitchen with Comfortable Fireplace

Outdoor Kitchen with Comfortable Fireplace
Source: decksandmorebytate.com

Creamy and red rocks and bricks for this fireplace match with those of the stand of the countertop for this outdoor kitchen. The rocks and the bricks take up in various sizes. The fireplace sits tall until it touches up to the wood cover.

The color of the rocks and the bricks bring pleasant to one’s eyes. That comforts those who spend a moment in this outdoor kitchen. The fireplace further catches the eyes’ attention thanks to the fence and the decoration.

The fireplace takes soft curve from strong, dark wood beams and boards used for the cover and the pillars.

Outdoor Kitchen with Old Look Fireplace

Outdoor Kitchen with Old Look Fireplace
Source: genesislandscape.com

The fourth tip shares a similar general idea with the first one. Both apply stones for each of the fireplaces. What sets the particular idea apart from the earlier one lies on many visible rocks compared to the previously-mentioned stones.

That turns the fireplace look ancient, remind us back in our ancestor’s kitchens. The rocks look very strong then get support from red bricks that layer the fireplace’s inside part. Aesthetic value is visible through the layered design.

There is also a sort of patio that can take up plants or flowers when the fireplace is not used.

Outdoor Kitchen with Earthy Fireplace

Outdoor Kitchen with Earthy Fireplace
Source: wanitamalas.com

Raw and irregular rocks mostly make this fireplace. They lead us to conclude the fireplace carries the earthy look. The model makes the fireplace seem supernatural and traditional. The fireplace forms bulky, thick construction.

That indicates the fireplace’s strength and solidity. You can view the fireplace contains a ceramic desk with wood pieces to keep the fireplace burning. The fireplace selects the oval entry part with no door. That becomes a cool extra point for the fireplace.

With the fireplace, the outdoor kitchen completely applies generous positive traits from nature.

Outdoor Kitchen with Trendy Fireplace

Outdoor Kitchen with Trendy Fireplace
Source: baneproject.com

A fireplace can increase aesthetic value within an outdoor kitchen. This suggestion motivates some outdoor kitchen owners to have certain fireplace design. Despite similar general material to those in the previous tips, the fireplace stands out.

The fireplace seems trendy amidst the simple design. Various brick sizes contribute most of the fireplace. Some bricks seem more prominent that later take up some decorations. The fireplace chooses a medium, squared container to collect wood pieces.

Extra bricks are used as a small patio for the fireplace. Leave the space bare or fill it up with flowers.

Outdoor Kitchen with Beautiful Fireplace

Outdoor Kitchen with Beautiful Fireplace
Source: wilsonbroslandscape.com

It does take extra time and money for finding then bringing this certain rock together for this fireplace. The rock itself looks stylish and graceful. Plus, the fireplace beautifies itself with the sun-inspired decoration.

There are some layers along with the desk to place flowers in the fireplace. The beige and brown rocks inject warm and cozy feelings for this fireplace. You can feel the overall outdoor kitchen looks finest despite the fair space it occupies.

Outdoor Kitchen with Modern Fireplace

Outdoor Kitchen with Modern Fireplace
Source: batuhan.club

Neither stones nor ceramics make up this fireplace. Light and practical, the fireplace meets today’s modern and minimalist outdoor kitchen models. The fireplace gets painted in white that contrasts with the black countertop.

You can view the fireplace has the black, cute door to gather wood. Beneath it, there is a medium squared box that can contain wood for the next usage. The fireplace matches with the overall outdoor kitchen style.

The high-tech cooking equipment can certainly work well for the outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen with Tasteful Fireplace

Outdoor Kitchen with Tasteful Fireplace
Source: charlestonoutdoorkitchenandfireplace.com

We believe you admire the upper part of the fireplace. Stylish and classy, the upper part attracts one’s eyes at quick glance. The part combines stones and wood, two natural materials.

Furthermore, the fireplace has the tiny, black door that becomes another pretty point, here. Raw wood cuts fulfill the small space beneath the main fireplace spot.

Outdoor Kitchen with Refreshed Fireplace

Outdoor Kitchen with Refreshed Fireaplace
Source: arci.corpsecomic.com

The simple arrangement of bricks signifies this fireplace that looks refreshed and updated. The fireplace separates itself from the countertop of the outdoor kitchen. There is a metal space down below for burning wood cuts.

The fireplace contains a sort of small patio that can take up a mini fan or flowers as decoration. The outdoor kitchen chooses a smart and modern way to make use of natural materials. Bricks are made from clay while the wall comes from wooden boards.