Country Living Room Ideas That You Can Copy Now

COUNTRY LIVING ROOM IDEAS – Living in the countryside brings us a nostalgic feeling that can both warm and makes us comfortable. Bringing us back in past time invites us to reminiscence happy memories. At the same time, this challenges us to create a joyful tone in our everyday lives.

You don’t need to live in rural areas to enjoy the countryside living atmosphere. Big or small size won’t be a problem when you wish to apply country living room interior design. This serves as a simple way to ignite the country tone for the house.

Try one of the country living room tips for whatever space you have:

Ordinary Country Living Room Ideas

Ordinary country living room ideas

Change your medium-size space into a simple country living room like this one. This idea requires you selecting furniture and ornaments that fulfill basic necessary within the room. Classic and large armchair with blue-patterned carpet brings strong country mode.

Antique, wooden table and desks provide ancient mode. Hanged mirror with fixated furnace add past ambiance. Beige curtains that match with beige walling gives soft and lively touch. Wood flooring strengthens comfort feeling already fill up the living room.

Roomy Country Living Room Ideas

Roomy country living room ideas

With windowpane and or sliding glass doors, your country living room can provide a spacious feeling. As far as your eyes can look at what occurs outside the living room, enjoy a cozy tone thanks to large, super soft, line-patterned armchairs.

Wood flooring that goes along with a square soft mattress at the center of the room increases warmth level. A white-painted furnace with paneled walls delivers a strong sense of countryside living room.

Fixated large bookshelves bring typical country reading room that we mostly find in the 18th century in the UK. The second of the country living room ideas suit for medium-size space.

Country Reading-Living Room Ideas

Country reading-living room ideas

Although this third idea doesn’t bring forward large, classic sofa and armchairs. Country living room tone remains to exist here. This is thanks to the yellow-painted walls with wooden, solid fixated bookshelves from top to down.

Again, filling a living room with this type of library is mostly found during the 18th or 19th century in the UK. In addition, the use of wooden, antique materials for cabinet and chair enhance ancient tone and provide warmth.

Another significant old look comes from the polished wooden flooring. Large windows certainly make your reading moment feels spacious.

Country Living Room Ideas For Narrow Space

Country living room ideas for narrow space

Do you wish to apply country living room ideas but doubtful they will work best as space is limited? You can realize the concepts, though.

Bring forward furniture style and materials that tell the countryside living room. Prior to that, apply wooden flooring and paneled gray walls. Rocking chair made from teak wood as seen from the image brings a robust traditional touch.

Make large windows made from wood coupled with wooden cabinet and furnace. You don’t need to add a vintage sofa as above does. Place the modern sofa that ties nicely with the red rug.

Lovely Country Living Room Ideas

Lovely country living room ideas

The fifth tip resembles the second one but the former presents us with a nicely-put concept with few essentials. Creamy and large armchairs undoubtedly bring in country living room tone.

White and grey combination for the walls is commonplace in this living room designing. Furnace and wooden flooring are other must-put items for this modeling. While those suffice for modest countryside living room, consider the large, red carpet.

The decoration somehow gives elegant mode to the room, making it slightly vibrant.

Clean-Cut Country Living Room Ideas

Clean-cut country living room ideas

Clean-cut living room ideas look like minimalist room style. White-painted walls with pulled-up blinds firstly bring in the concept. As minimalism commonly conveys, fewer items are recommended.

As such, one big gray armchair with a modest sofa is sufficient for sitting. Instead of the television set, choose the wooden piano that lies next to the furnace. The two bring solid traditional sense in the living room.

The classic look pendant lamp along with antique teapot as decorations perfect the simple room. On top of the furnace, you can place small silvery items to make the room looking archaic.

Forest-Inspired Country Living Room

Forest-inspired country living room

Aside from countryside living, you can choose a forest-inspired mode. This makes your country living room concept looking very earth-friendly with wood logs and stones become the basis of the room.

Use the logs as the ceiling and part of the room’s walls. Wood serves as materials for windows, doors, and stairs. The selections showcase how the living room feels chill as you can minimize the use of air conditioners during the daytime.

Stones are backbones for the furnace. You can ignite it to light the room. Again, you save electricity for the room heater during winter. See how this concept supports the go-green campaign?

Diverse Country Living Room Concept

Country Living Room Ideas That You Can Copy Now 1

A country living room doesn’t always limit your item number and arrangement. Feel free to fill the room with kinds of stuff that can refresh your spirit and make you feel homey. With a broad view as seen in the image, you can place plants as refreshments.

An antique nice wooden desk, the furnace and the wooden flooring present country tone for the room. To make the living room concept gets bolder, place large, armchairs with the gray-patterned rug.

The colorful curtains for the windows and glass doors contribute to vintage look here. The room is a perfect sample for combining country and green elements.

Sparkling Country Living Room Design

Sparkling country living room design

The ninth of the overall country living room ideas emphasize on sleek furniture and fixtures. Bright colors for ceiling and walling each well contribute to the overall subconcept.

Play with white, yellow and polished wood for ceiling, walling, and flooring, respectively. Wooden furnace, cabinet and transparent cabinet provide a strong ancient tone. To make the room looking glossy, place candles, ceramics and beautiful jar as decorations.

Country Mini Living Room

Country mini living room

Choose wooden long bench then combine it with a colorful simple sofa as seen here. Place tiling to replace wooden flooring, the two can provide traditional tone. The strong country look comes from the furnace with a pretty lamp hang from a wooden long stick.

The plastered unfinished bricks as the backdrop of the room somehow bring in nice old basic.

Hopefully, the 10 country living room ideas can bring out your very best imagination when it comes to this modeling. Also read these Rustic Living Room Ideas for more inspiration.