Industrial Living Room Ideas As Brand New Choices

INDUSTRIAL LIVING ROOM IDEAS – Industrial living room concepts become one of the creative interior modelings that steal the hearts of those wishing for a stylish and unique look. Typically, an industrial-style living room requires an exposed brick or concrete wall.

Other elements of the industrial-style living room are factory windows, factory ceilings, camera lights. Black, grey, and white are among most-widely used colors for this living room concept. Want to know detailed on the living room ideas?

Industrial Living Room with Ladder

Industrial Living Room with Ladder

You don’t have to own a large space to create an industrial living room. A nook as seen from the image shows the industrial model does its best. Three elements say a lot for one of the industrial living room ideas.

The white ceiling starts an important basic element for the room. The next point is camera lightning that is put in the exposed line. The last extraordinary aspect is the metal ladder that we mostly see in the factory.

Not all industrial model living room will have this type of stair. This what makes the tiny living spot is special.

Industrial Living Room with Pipeline Couch

Industrial Living Room with Pipeline Couch

You may need extra effort to find industrial-style furniture but they can bring a significant change. For instance, the pipeline coach style as viewed from the picture. The seating looks very unique and comfortable.

As we often know, the pipeline is very easy to find in factories. Other elements that mustn’t be ignored are gray walling, metallic chair and industrial table in front of the couch. The furniture seems small but the right selection of furniture as shown by them signifies the look.

The chair and the table are quite easy to find.

Industrial Living Room with High Factory Ceiling

Industrial Living Room with High Factory Ceiling. Source:

Set up your ceiling high as if you were in a factory. The ceiling type should contain pipes as accessory or camera lightning. These are simple items to make your living room resembling a factory in progress with many workers in the room.

The high ceiling brings another benefit in a way that allows for more natural air coming in and out of the living room. As such, family members and guests will feel cooler temperatures compared to a short ceiling type.

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Industrial Living Room with Red Bricks

Industrial Living Room with Red Bricks. Source:

The fourth of the overall industrial living room ideas are also applicable in countryside living room modeling. Red bricks convey a nostalgic and hardworking ambiance at the same time.

Leaving some portions of the living room walls unexposed like this seems dramatic as this shows you, as the owner, wishes to draw inspiration from factory workers who laboring day and night to make ends meet.

Industrial Living Room with Metal Window

Industrial Living Room with Metal Window. Source: Pinterest

Not wooden but metal made. This material is commonplace in factories. Metal materials for windows are water resistant and durable. In addition, this window type makes it easier to clean the windows.

Better for you to select stainless steel metal windows so that it won’t corrode. As another sub tip for this fifth point, color the living room that matches with the metal look. Grey, white or some black will work best to enhance the industrial style.

Industrial Living Room That Uses Wooden Materials

Industrial Living Room with Wooden Materials.Source:

Wooden materials will bring us back to the early industrial era. Applying the sixth from the overall industrial living room ideas combine industrial mode and vintage look. This will result in mixed, classic modeling.

Some wooden materials that you select are wooden benches, chairs, desks, tables, storage, and ceiling. Wooden materials usually last long hence you need not mind spending much money for them. Consider them as a valuable investment.

Industrial Living Room with Large Storage

Industrial Living Room with Large Storage

Typically, we see large storage size in factories because they function to keep many items from a lot of workers. Thus, you can practice this tip by selecting large storage for whole family members’ kinds of stuff for the industrial living room.

Else, seek high-layered containers as seen from the image. Or you can choose lockers where employees usually keep their personal belongings. Adjust the storage style with your living room size whenever necessary.

Industrial Living Room with Pendant Lighting

Industrial Living Room with Pendant Lightning. Source:

When we think of a factory, our minds automatically link to a lot of lamps for lightening overall activities in the company. With that said, it’s almost impossible to place a decorative hanging lamp or one beautiful small desk around a sofa or chair set.

Hence, pendant lighting becomes a more proper choice. Choose some small pendant or in-built lighting depending on your room size and budget. This lighting type ensures each portion of the living room obtains sufficient lighting.

There are various pendant lighting models that will meet your necessity. This becomes an alternative other than camera light.

Small Balcony Within Industrial Living Room

Small Balcony Within Industrial Living Room. Source:

If you are very fortunate with vast space for a living room, make a real factory layout. One of which is by setting up a small balcony as seen from the image. This reminds us back to the movie scene where a boss tells something to employees.

But we won’t hope you will act as a supervisor. The small balcony boasts an industrial look for the living room. The room will also be looking elegant and usable as many activities can take place in it.

This room layout opens chances for a small party with several groups can occupy the balcony while others beneath it.

Industrial Living Room with Polished Furniture

Industrial Living Room with Polished Furniture. Source:

Sleek and polished furniture become our last industrial living room idea. And we can say this serves as the simplest way to realize this dream living room. Polished furniture can contribute to the industrial living room thanks to its shiny and modern ambiance.

Such is what we will get from a factory. With new products are on the making, newness, and brightness automatically greet our eyes. Polished furniture is easy to find in the market. Make sure the furniture will meet your budget since some are a little bit costly.

The polished furniture strategy closes up our industrial living room ideas. It indeed takes a certain layout, furniture essential and basic elements but as results will so worth it. The pictures can say so much about that. Please ensure that this industrial living room idea gets agreement from all family members, especially children. This is because not all small kids love neutral colors with metal materials, for instance. Good luck!