Living Room Wall Art Ideas As Your Artistic Decorations

LIVING ROOM WALL ART IDEAS – Create your own gallery. Make use of plain living room walls as an affordable medium for you channeling creativity. There are plenty of ideas to make the gallery without costing too much money.

And of course, turning the walls into the gallery will make the area feeling colorful. Staring at the walls will be no longer boring activity when not having much to do during spare time in the living room. Invite your kids to beautiful the walls when necessary.

Collectibles as Living Room Wall Art Inspiration

Collectibles as Living Room Wall Art Inspiration. Source:

Have you got collectibles that can be hanged on the walls of your living room? The first tip costs you very little as you only need to fulfill the walls with beautiful ceramics as seen from the image.

The collectibles pair very well with the white-painted walls. The combination of the two turns the area into a warm and soothing spot as the collectibles contain pastel and neutral colors. Other collectibles include hats, small statues, and wooden letters.

Large Painting of Human Body in Unique Living Room

Large Painting of Human Body in Unique Living Room. Source:

Fill up one of the living room’s walls with this large painting of the human body as viewed here. The painting quickly steals people’s eyes once they step into the area. The painting draws curiosity from guests who wish to know what does the painting mean.

The painting only showcases a man’s back with his head. This type of paint adds a “unique” level of the industrial living room overall theme that completes in itself various odd items.

They cover the pendant lighting, the statues and the wooden display on the table.

Pictures of Odd People as Living Room Wall Art

Pictures of Odd People as Living Room Wall Art. Source:

Human beings as indeed endless inspiration for wall art. We now select another human beings-like wall art, quite similar to the second idea. The difference lies in the full-body look of the pictures, one is a woman, the other is a man.

Interestingly, they seem to avoid the camera or people’s eyes. As such, their gestures look odd. The paintings nicely fill the walls of the living room in the picture. They somehow bring in peculiarities in the room that feel quite conventional.

Such a brilliant idea to jazz up the living room.

Play with Colors and Scratches in Living Room

Play with Colors and Scratches in Living Room

A small living room like this can channel your fondness for abstract art. White-painted walls of the living room open for flexible ideas on what type of painting to fulfill the walls. The paintings here look very creative.

The drawings reveal combinations of color in irregular scratches. Blue, grey, yellow, red, and white are among the colors. The paintings quickly catch people’s attention given the “free” theme. Open for many interpretations, the drawings are classy choices.

Royal-Like Living Room Wall Art

Royal-Like Living Room Wall Art. Source: Pinterest

Hire professional painters or muralists to totally remodel your planned kingdom-inspired living room. Leave no wall part untouched with colors. The result looks very luxurious here. The painters draw the walls and the ceiling with the carpet.

Apply bold red and blue as dominant colors for drawing the living room as popularly used in many royal rooms. Intricate detailing, careful decorating in the walls’ curves play important roles. You can even ask for the painters to include libraries or bookshelves.

The fifth of our overall living room wall art ideas cost a lot but very worth it.

Leaves-Inspired Wallpaper as Wall Art Idea

Leaves-Inspired Wallpaper as Wall Art Idea. Source:

Wallpaper is easy to install with various models that meet your preference. Choose large and specific wallpaper for large living room walls. Leaves-inspired wallpaper here nicely beautifies the walls and refreshes the area.

The wallpaper chooses light green and white for the leaves’ models. The selection of the various styles brings in relief and novelty for the area. The wallpaper perfectly fits for the room that actually covers itself in white.

Pay attention to the wallpaper maintenance and cleanup for the sustainable beautiful look it conveys.

Nautical Displays for Living Room

Nautical Displays for Living Room

One of our living room wall art ideas encourages you selecting certain living room topic that uncovers your fondness over something. The image shows how your love for navy or ocean can turn into this lovely area, with nautical displays covering the walls.

The grey walls contain two iconic navy items that fairly voice the nautical look here. The anchors and the framed lifebuoy and ropes picture seem cute and on-point with the theme.

Don’t fill up the walls because of there already nautical room decorations in the spot. The limited displays properly reinforce the whole room idea.

Handmade Wall Art in Living Room

Handmade Wall Art in Living Room

Let’s do-it-yourself (DIY) for your mini living room. Grab white papers, cartoon papers, pen and glue. Write motivational words to pump up spirit as morning comes. Hang white papers containing alphabets for your small children learning how to read.

Play with HOME words then hang them at walls vertically as viewed from the photo. Simple, affordable and meaningful. Wall art in the living room doesn’t have to be expensive. This idea makes the area homier.

Wall Art with Framed Family Pictures

Wall Art with Framed Family Pictures. Source:

Family pictures can be another affordable way to decorate the walls of your living room. The key lies in frame selection both in sizes and types. As seen from the image, family pictures are put in rectangular and square frames.

Later, they properly complete the largest frame in the center of the walls. What an interesting idea that the frame selection and organization actually make it art itself. Printing the pictures and buying the frames shouldn’t cost you high.

Wall Art with Frames Only

Wall Art with Frames Only

We close our living room wall ideas with this strange yet attractive outcome. Select some empty wooden frames to be hanged to the walls of the living room. You can hang the frames in the usual manner or not as the photo shows.

Accompany the walls with colorful rectangular and square boxes. Some are made from dotted lines. You can draw them all or simply attach ready-to-post rectangular and square boxes.

As a result, the overall area feels “very geometrical” with the triangle-inspired carpet and the sharp-liner table and lamp standing.

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