Mens Living Room Ideas for Masculine and Practical Tones

MENS LIVING ROOM IDEAS – Who says home interior designing is only women’s job? Men have a certain architectural taste that can’t be underestimated. Putting forward functionality, most men love sharp line, rough texture and neutral colors.

With those basic elements, men’s living room can turn into a comfortable, minimalist and stylish space. Below contain ideas to create a dashing look when you feel your living room needs remodeling or even overhauling.

Elegant, Minimalist Living Room for Men

Elegant, Minimalist Living Room for Men.

Channel your love for dark colors into an elegant and minimalist living room total style. Black and brown can pair together for this desired space if you dislike green, blue or white as typical colors for grace.

Choose unique-shaped ottomans that add to the brown sectional sofa set as seen in the picture. Cover the main seating area with the shaggy, neutral carpet. Have a long, dark brown cabinet as storage and display stand with a television hanging above it.

Place a working desk along with the chair to maximize the fair space size. Consider installing soft purple curtains for sweetener.

Red Living Room Idea for Men

Red Living Room Idea for Men

Bold red looks stylish. This color is a fine choice for men who may feel hesitant about applying bright colors for their living room. Combine bold red with grey and brown as seen here. The result shows the living room feels pretty but remain manly.

Apply bold red for the living room’s walls. Choose a brown, cushy sectional sofa with grey fabrics. Cover the sofa set with the shaggy grey rug for extra seating point when feeling tired on top of the couch. Install “artificial” brown furnace and have a wooden table.

The small living room now feels very cozy and personal.

Beach-Inspired Mens Living Room Ideas

Beach-Inspired Mens Living Room Ideas
Source: Pinterest

Transform your living room into this cool beach-inspired space. Suppose you don’t really love blue as the most closely tied color with beach, take a small bluish tone for the area. As seen here, you can buy the blue cushions and the lamp with a blue stand.

They don’t feel so strikingly blue, right? Take logs to fill up the living room’s walls above the boat painting. Select wooden table and coffee tables with their iconic wooden legs as mostly seen in beaches. Place potted plants for the room’s corner.

And we believe you won’t put plenty of small displays, will you?

Warm Mens Living Room

Warm Mens Living Room.

Apply light brown as the main color theme for creating a warm living room like this. Select the color for the living room’s walls, the sectional couch set, and the flooring. Furthermore, choose wooden windows and wooden open storage.

The minimalist sofa goes very well with the simple table as the main seating set. Have you got any collectibles? Place them all in the storage. Arrange them well so that the overall living room feels roomy and comfortable.

Fill up the walls with framed sketches and plants.

Striped Style Living Room for Men

Striped Style Living Room for Men

The fifth of our overall mens living room ideas looks fabulous. The whole idea stems from a striped style of black and white. Apply that for the cushions and the fabrics of the chair as seen in the image.

Paint the ceiling and walls of the living room with grey. Install windowpane so that the area won’t be looking dark. The white element can be further seen from the minimalist sofa style, the shaggy carpet, and the wooden table.

Sweeten the room with collectibles, such as the zebra toys. Put the red flowers in the room’s corner for refreshment.

Grey Living Room Ideas for Men

Grey Living Room Ideas for Men

Aside from light brown, grey can offer a good alternative for relieving a living room while retains manhood ambiance. Don’t feel awkward for selecting dark blue chairs and fresh yellow in the blue jar as the vase. They give fair sweetener for the neutral living room.

Hang the unique, grey pendant lamps and the colorful painting for showcasing your creativity. Install large windows for allowing fresh air and natural light entering the area. As the space looks limited, try not putting plenty of small ornaments.

With this simple practice, you can now enjoy a relieved and comfortable feeling.

Artistic Mens Living Room Ideas

Artistic Mens Living Room Ideas.

We believe some of you have remarkable artsy sides. Why don’t you put them into practice for your living room? This amazing space can show you how. Exposed red brick walls pair well with the natural stone wall part.

Choose metallic material for the furniture, such as the dangling lamp, the unique yellow chairs, and the armchair. Fill up the room with artistic displays, such as the statues, the large, human painting, and the cool pendant lighting.

With that on-purpose plenty displays, the space feels aesthetic and sleek.

Manly Living Room Style

Manly Living Room Style.

Inspired by industrial living room designs, the next of our men living room ideas look totally masculine on style. Wooden ceiling pairs well with the brown sectional couch. The sleek is covered by the shaggy rug and the grey carpet for warmth feeling.

The manhood ambiance comes from the metallic, large storage that keeps books, DVDs, and comics, among others. There hang cool pendant lighting right above the seating. The metallic table makes the area feel creative.

This space arrangement and furniture selection prove manhood style can be looking fantastic and cozy.

Black-and-White Men Space

Black-and-White Men Space

Black and white never gets tired of mixing. This living room idea suits those of you who have limited space. Consider purchasing the bed-like sectional couch with a throw pillow.

The already black-and-white ambiance gets a boost through the black coffee tables and the all-white ceiling-to-floor large storage. The contrast look between the seating set and the whole study desk makes the area feels really nice.

Casual Men Area

Casual Men Area

Have you got plenty of collectibles but don’t wish for overcrowded, tiny living room? Utilize wall panel as seen here. Fulfill the wall panels with toys. Place others in the short stand that faces across the bed-like brown sofa set.

Create floating storage for further displaying area whenever necessary. The last of our mens living room ideas prove you can still showcase collectibles with tidy arrangement. As such, the mini space won’t be looking noisy.