Refrigerator Dimensions for Different Kinds of Kitchen Layout

Are you planning to purchase a new refrigerator for your kitchen? It is important to take into account various types of refrigerator dimensions so that you can get the perfect size to fit the available space in your kitchen. It will be a peace of mind to spend money on the right fridge, isn’t it?

Based on the kitchen size, it can be easier to determine which size of a refrigerator that best fits the kitchen space, whether it is a standard size or the bigger one. If you live in an apartment and only have a small kitchen, you had better choose a fridge with a smaller size instead of enhancing the space.

Various Types of Refrigerator Dimensions

Below are several types of dimensions for a refrigerator and how to measure the space for each type.

1. Standard Dimensions

Standard Dimensions

A refrigerator with standard dimensions has a body that consists of approximately 67 to 70 inches in height, 29 to 36 inches in width, and 29 to 35 inches in depth. The standard size is an actually common type of fridge that is mostly used in a lot of homes.

In order to know that the fridge accommodates your daily supply, you also can examine the interior dimensions of the fridge. The standard one commonly comes with space which is nearly 14 to 20 cubic feet to store the foods.

2. Counter-Depth Dimensions

Counter-Depth Dimensions

Among refrigerator dimensions, a counter depth size refers to a refrigerator that does not protrude or appear out from the kitchen counters. Thus, it already has a perfect size of space where it sits inward perfectly in the counters.

Talking about the size, a counter depth type has almost similar height and width to the standard dimensions. What makes them different is only the depth. Since the counter depth is not designed to protrude from the counters, it usually comes in about 24 inches deep.

If you want to buy this type, it is very important to know the deep of your kitchen counter. Perform a tape measure by measuring the space between kitchen walls and kitchen counter edge. When you in search of a new fridge, you had better select a refrigerator that is deep enough so it is sunken perfectly to the counter.

3. Cabinet Depth Dimensions

Cabinet Depth Dimensions

A cabinet depth type is a refrigerator that sits and is surrounded by kitchen cabinets. In some models, to fit perfectly with the overall cabinet’s design, there some of the cabinets’ area is cut in the size of the fridge. So, when looking at this dimension at a moment, it looks like a counter depth type.

Some kitchen designers tend to leave the sunken space for a refrigerator so that it doesn’t interfere with the cabinets. In order to match with the surrounding cabinets, the designers may add smaller pieces of cabinets with similar colors above the sunken space.

If you perform a cutout to your kitchen cabinet, you have to measure the dimensions of the cut space and buy a fridge that best fits the space. To make the fridge easily moved, leave around half inches of space between the fridge and surrounding kitchen cabinets.

4. French Door Dimensions

French Door Dimensions

French door type belongs to unique refrigerator dimensions as it likely comes with two vertical doors on its upper part and a drawer on its lower part. The upper part consists of a large compartment where you can store various kinds of fresh foods whilst the drawer is a freezer to preserve the frozen foods.

The dimension of the French door refrigerator typically consists of 67 to 70 inches in height, 30 to 36 inches in width, and 29 t0 35 inches in depth.

5. Apartment Size Dimensions

Apartment Size Dimensions

The refrigerator in apartment size dimensions appears to be slightly slimmer compared with a standard size. This fridge dimension is designed to matches well into as well as optimize the small kitchen in an apartment or condo. Interestingly, it comes in various styles including French door and side-by-side model.

Generally, refrigerator in apartment size comes in approximately 10 to 24 inches in width. Thus, any fridge that appears larger than this size doesn’t belong to the apartment size dimension. Besides, most of this type needs to meet the standard dimensions for height and depth.

6. Side by Side Dimensions

Side by Side Dimensions

The refrigerator in a side-by-side dimension has two food compartments and is protected with two vertical doors that are designed to close together. One of its vertical doors is slightly smaller than the other. One compartment is a freezer where you can store the frozen foods.

Meanwhile, the other side is a compartment for fresh foods. Here, you can store a wide variety of foods from veggies to milk that need to be chilled but not completely frozen.

The side-by-side dimension measures 67 to 72 inches in height, 30 to 36 inches in width, and 29 to 35 inches in depth.

7. Undercounter Dimensions

Undercounter Dimensions

If you need a fridge that only store drinks for your guest, perhaps you needs to consider an undercounter refrigerator. It comes in half size of standard kitchen refrigerator dimensions. It has both small size and a compact design that will fit the best under any counters. This fridge dimension suits hotel’s minibar.

An undercounter type generally has 34 inches high but the wide and deep are available in various choices. You can find a range of width from 20 to 24 inches and deep from 18 to 26 inches.

As it will be placed under the counter, you have to measure the available space perfectly, especially for the depth. Moreover, it is important to leave about a half-inch so it will be easier for you to place the fridge under the counter. This small space also allows the refrigerator to a little bit loosen.

Know the exact size of a refrigerator is pretty essential because it helps you to buy the right fridge dimension that matches well with your kitchen layout. Equip yourself with various types of refrigerator dimensions and get to know each measurement to determine the best type with available space in your kitchen.