8 Useful Types of Cookers for Your Daily Cooking Needs

Do you like cooking? What types of cookers you already own? Having various kinds of cooking equipment are important to support all of your cooking activities, especially in professional settings. Using the right cooker not only makes cooking tasks run efficiently but also serves the optimal results on food processing.

If you still have fewer appropriate cookers and plan to get some, it’s time to get the right ones by determining what cookers are based on your needs. As there are so many cookers available, get to know which one works the best not only for your preference but also for the kitchen setup.

List of Cookers that Should be in Your Kitchen

Here several cookers play important role in daily cooking activities which depend on electricity and gas.

1. Toaster

Source: bobvila.com

It seems to be a cooker that every kitchen should have.  A toaster is typically important and practical to serve quick foods, particularly in the morning when you don’t have enough time to make fancy breakfast. This cooking equipment will make your slices of bread cooked only in few minutes.

By toasting your bread using this cooker, you can use your time to perform other cooking tasks in the kitchen. Otherwise, you only need to prepare nothing other than jams or salads to complement the bread. It’s just pretty useful, isn’t it?

2. Electric Grill

Electric Grill
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Another simple but functional cooker that your kitchen needs to have is an electric grill. This cooker appears to be a mini griller with a grate on its top and features some heating elements. This equipment will help you in the kitchen, if you need to cook any burgers or steaks, especially for few people.

An electric grill seems to cook by producing no or less smoke which is useful as it avoids grease in dripping on the foods. It becomes one of the interesting types of cookers to own as people can cook comfortably indoors comfortably with the electricity when the weather outside is not supporting.

3. Electric Skillet

Electric Skillet
Source: tasteofhome.com

Still haven’t enough with efficient cookers? Why don’t you purchase an electric skillet? This will be useful equipment in your kitchen all the time. They commonly have a quite large size along with high sides that allow you to cook safely such as when making different kinds of sauces.

An electric skillet is actually a frying pan that works by plugging it into power sources. It has a heating surface that replaces the regular stove-top skillet. It performs more efficiently than the regular model as you can control the temperature to achieve the most suitable heat to work the surface.

4. Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker
Source: smh.com.au

It is also cooking equipment that almost can be seen in today’s kitchen. Although it’s no problem to use pot for cooking rice on the stop as it also gives good results, a rice cooker will make your works more efficient as you can save time for other activities. Just press the cooking button and you can leave it.

Having a rice cooker will be really helpful, particularly if you are likely quite busy in the kitchen. The presence of this cooker in your kitchen not only reduce your needs of the stove but also make sure one of the meal cooked properly. It usually features a timer allowing you to adjust the level of cooking for the rice.

5. Countertop Oven

Countertop Oven
Source: kitchenaid.ca

Among types of cookers available, a countertop oven has a quite similar function to a toaster but it can accommodate large quantities and different kinds of foods. Some of them feature bells or whistles to sign that the foods inside are already cooked.

Some others carry out convection cooking as they feature a fan to circulate the heated air as well as manage the consistent temperature inside the oven. They commonly come with a water canister too, in which it is full, it gets heated to steam the foods inside. It’s known to preserve flavor and nutrients in foods.

6. Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven
Source: localsavour.com

Due to its useful function for daily cooking needs, you nearly can find a microwave oven in every kitchen. This is really helpful if you prepare a food in hurry. Either you want to heat the milk or want to melt some cheese on your pasta, a microwave oven will do the work perfectly.

This is the best cooking equipment that you need to save the leftovers and you cannot skip this one in your kitchen. People tend to leave the foods when they are getting cool but all you have to do is just put it inside the microwave in few minutes and it will come out like it’s just cooked.

7. Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker
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Similar to a microwave, a slow cooker perform more than other types of cookers can do in preparing the foods. It supports six hours of beef cooking when you need to do your household chores and gives you juicy and tender meat while you completely finish your tasks.

It gives great results to simmer various veggies like potatoes and carrots. It actually a simple cooking device which lately comes with programmable options so you can adjust the cooking process in high, medium, or low level. This device helps you to make various kinds of delicious crockpot recipes.

8. Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker
Source: cloudfront.net

If using a slow cooker takes much of your time, it will be worth it if you invest a pressure cooker in your kitchen. It gives a result similar to a slow cooker but in a faster way. This device can perform faster cooking because the boiling point of the water has been increased from the existing model.

For long years ago, it was known for its high altitude which produced low pressure so it couldn’t produce completely hot water naturally. But, now it has been developed so it allows rice to cook only in few minutes and fast enough to make the meat cuts tender.

Getting the right types of cookers for your cooking needs will help you much in the kitchen. They not only save your time by making the cooking process more efficient but also serve the foods optimally in great results.