30 Attractive Baseboard Styles and How to Choose The Right One

When it comes to home decorating, many people tend to not paying much attention on baseboard. However, the right baseboard styles can actually make the room look more attractive.

Baseboard, or sometimes referred to as skirting board and floor molding, is material used for covering the joints between the walls and flooring. It is very useful and decorative.

Baseboard Materials

Baseboard comes in different materials. Each of them offers different qualities and looks. These are baseboard materials to choose.

1. Hardwood Baseboard

Hardwood Baseboard
Source: wideplankhardwood.com

Hardwood is the most popular skirting board material. Hardwood baseboard is usually made of oak wood or teak. It is durable and decorative since it has natural grain.

Another good thing about this floor molding is that it can be painted or stained to match the interior’s color. A stained hardwood baseboard will also add a touch of luxury in the house

This skirting board resists moisture well so that it can be installed in your interior and exterior. However, the hardwood baseboard is expensive.

2. Pinewood Baseboard

Pinewood Baseboard
Source: lowes.com

If you want to have more affordable wood floor molding, you can opt for pinewood baseboard. This particular molding has almost similar quality to the hardwood skirting board.

Pinewood baseboard can be painted and stained. It also resists moisture well and has attractive wood grain. However, it is softer than hardwood so that it is less durable.

3. MDF Baseboard

MDF Baseboard
Source: pinimg.com

Medium Density Fireboard (MDF) floor molding is the most affordable baseboard you can get. It is available in various baseboard styles and sizes.

MDF baseboard is perfect for interior because, but it is not good for exterior because it cannot resist moisture well. Moreover, it cannot be stained and easily dented or scratched.

4. Vinyl Baseboard

Vinyl Baseboard
Source: roppe.com

If you need a perfect baseboard for your bathroom or home exterior, you need to consider vinyl or PVC baseboard. This type of floor molding is resistant to moisture and durable.

In addition, it comes in different styles; some of them look like stained wood baseboards. However, a vinyl baseboard is not easy to install.

Types of Baseboard Trim

When you are shopping for a baseboard, you will find various molding trim types and sizes. Some of them have a simple trim, but others have more complicated trim.

The baseboard molding types below are commonly found in stores.

1. Rounded or Stepped Baseboard Trim

Rounded or Stepped Baseboard Trim
Source: diy.sndimg.com

This skirting board trim is minimalist and simple. It has a slightly rounded shape or slightly stepped shape. Therefore, it tapers off nicely to the wall.

The size of this rounded or stepped skirting board is about 3 inches tall and 7/8 inch wide or 5/8 inch wide. It looks better in modern interior and exterior due to its simple look and shorter height.

However, this baseboard will blend well with a more traditional interior. If you want to make this baseboard look more attractive, you can add a base cap molding and a base shoe.

2. Flat Baseboard Trim

Flat Baseboard Trim
Source: lowes.com

If you look for a simpler baseboard than the stepped baseboard, you can opt for the flat skirting board. The flat baseboard looks very simple, but it doesn’t mean that it is boring.

A proper application can make this floor molding look more eye-catching. For example, you can paint or stain it in contrasted color to the walls and flooring.

The flat baseboard looks great in any home styles. If you think that it is too simple for your home, you can add a base shoe or a base cap molding on it.

The size of this skirting board varies from 3.5 inches tall to 4.5 inches tall and 5/8 inch wide or thicker. Meanwhile, its price is similar to the price of a stepped or rounded baseboard.

3. Sculpted Mid-Height Baseboard Trim

Sculpted Mid Height Baseboard Trim
Source: dreamwalldecor.com

For you who need more stylish floor molding, you can choose the sculpted mid-height baseboard. This skirting board has a beautiful shape since it has a combination of steps and scallops.

Its size is 4 or 5.5 inches tall and 5/8 inch thick. This sculpted baseboard looks good in classic interior or more formal interior, such as formal dining room and living room.

If you install this baseboard, you don’t need to add a base cap molding and base shoe on it. However, it is okay to do it. The sculpted mid-height baseboard is a bit expensive.

4. Sculpted Taller Baseboard Trim

Sculpted Taller Baseboard Trim
Source: monaghanlumber.com

This particular skirting board looks similar to the sculpted mid-height baseboard. However, it is taller. Its height varies between 5.5 inches and 7 inches.

The sculpted taller baseboard is the most expensive among other baseboard trims. It looks best in a spacious interior with a high ceiling.

Baseboard Styles

Aside from considering the materials and types of baseboard trims, you also need to consider baseboard styles. These are severalstyles to choose.

1. Modern Baseboard Styles

As the name suggests, a modern baseboard is perfect for modern homes. It is very simple and intended to be more functional than decorative.

The size of this baseboard is usually shorter with similar color to the wall in order to create a clean line look of modern homes. Below are some modern skirting board ideas to pick.

Plain White Baseboard

Plain White Baseboard
Source: pinimg.com

The white color of this baseboard contrasts with the color of the walls and flooring. As a result, the skirting board looks stand out among the darker colors.

The baseboard may be a little eye-catching for a dark colored modern interior. However, its plain flat trim matches the minimalism of modern interior pretty well.

White Baseboard on White Walls

White Baseboard on White Walls
Source: pinimg.com

To create a clean line look in your modern interior, you can install this white and simple skirting board on your white walls. This baseboard idea is far from eye-catching.

However, it looks great in a modern interior. Moreover, it is also suitable for a small space since it makes the room look less cramped.

White Stepped Baseboard

White Stepped Baseboard
Source: pinimg.com

This stepped baseboard may not be totally lack of details. It also has a flat shoe that makes it have more details.

Nevertheless, this white baseboard idea is perfect for modern homes. Its color blends well with the wall color so that it creates a clean line look of a modern home.

Flat White Baseboard on Light Grey Walls

Flat White Baseboard on Light Grey Walls
Source: pinimg.com

A flat white baseboard is the one of the best baseboard styles for a modern interior. It is minimalist and does not stand out among white interior.

If you think that white baseboard on white walls is too boring for you, you can choose to add a little contrast on the baseboard by painting the walls in light grey.

Flat Pinewood Baseboard

Flat Pinewood Baseboard
Source: pinimg.com

For you who want to add more touch of natural look in your modern interior, you can pick this baseboard idea. The natural stained pinewood of this trim looks beautiful.

Moreover, it blends with the flooring very well. The simple design of this baseboard also offers a matching minimalist look for your modern and minimalist interior.

2. Colonial Baseboard styles

This baseboard has more decorative elements on it compared to the modern baseboard. It is perfect for a classic style home in which a lot of wood decoration can be found in it.

The colonial floor molding styles are mostly white or in natural wood color. If you need some ideas on decorating your home with a colonial baseboard, you need to check these out.

White Rounded Baseboard Plus a Base Cap Molding

White Rounded Baseboard Plus a Base Cap Molding
Source: pinimg.com

As you can see in this image, the baseboard idea in a colonial style home looks more intricate than the ones in modern homes.

Installing a white stepped or rounded baseboard is too minimalist for this interior. Therefore, a base cap molding is added on it.

This combination creates a more classical touch to the interior. With a matching crown molding, it will make the room more beautiful.

Colonial Baseboard on Pink Walls

Colonial Baseboard on Pink Walls
Source: images.saymedia-content.com/

This colonial baseboard idea is perfect for a less formal room, such as a bedroom. Its profile is pretty simple, but it remains attractive.

The combination of pink walls and dusty pink colonial skirting board looks unique and attractive. However, it may not look good in a smaller room since the baseboard is tall.

Natural Wood Colonial Baseboard

Natural Wood Colonial Baseboard
Source: lowes.com

This colonial skirting board looks simple. However, since the wood is left to its natural color, the floor molding looks beautiful and classical.

The type of baseboard trim used in this design idea is the rounded baseboard. No base cap molding or base shoe added on this baseboard, but it looks good in the room.

White Colonial Baseboard on White Wall

White Colonial Baseboard on White Wall
Source: showit.co

Having a white colonial baseboard on white wall can be a great idea if your interior is already full of beautiful details.

This simple baseboard complements the attractive flooring and carpeting in this interior. Therefore, you don’t need to add a base shoe or a base cap molding on it.

Sculpted Baseboard on Warm Interior

Sculpted Baseboard on Warm Interior
Source: hearstapps.com

If you are looking for a more decorative baseboard for your interior, you can pick this colonial skirting board idea.

To create this idea, you need a sculpted baseboard in different color to the color of the wall and floor. You can also add a cap molding on it to make the baseboard unique.

3. Craftsman Baseboard Styles

A craftsman style interior usually full of creative moldings. Therefore, it is no wonder that the baseboard has more carving and interesting detail.

The skirting board is usually made of hardwood and has an addition of base shoe or base cap molding. As a result, the interior will have a luxurious look.

These are some craftsman floor molding ideas you can adopt.

Unique Craftsman Baseboard Idea

Unique Craftsman Baseboard Idea
Source: Thenateshow.com

At a glance, the baseboard in this image looks like a skirting board with a scallop trim. However, on closer look, you will see that there are small tower-like details on it.

This particular detail looks unusual and attractive. Moreover, its natural wood color adds a luxurious touch to your craftsman style interior.

Beautiful and Unique Stepped Baseboard

Beautiful and Unique Stepped Baseboard
Source: pinimg.com

This stepped baseboard is different from the usual stepped baseboard. The stepped detail on this skirting board is much more pronounced.

In addition, its natural wood color and beautiful wood grain create an attractive and luxurious look. This baseboard will look great on most wall colors and flooring.

Tall Sculpted Baseboard with Base Cap Molding

Source: squarespace-cdn.com

This craftsman baseboard idea is very attractive and beautiful. The tall-sculpted floor molding may have similar color to the wall, but it doesn’t make it less interesting.

In order to create the best look of this skirting board idea, you need to add a cap molding on the baseboard. However, it is not recommended for small homes.

The tall skirting board and its base cap molding will make a small space looks more cramped. Therefore, it is best for a spacious room with high ceiling.

Sculpted Wood Baseboard in Natural Wood Color

Sculpted Wood Baseboard in Natural Wood Color
Source: nicksbuilding.com

This is one of the best craftsman baseboard styles. This gorgeous skirting board will add an elegant and luxurious look in your interior.

You can choose this beautifully sculpted baseboard to match beautiful trimming in your interior, e.g. natural colored wood crown molding and door and window frames.

This hardwood baseboard is great for most craftsman style homes. However, if you have a small home, don’t install the cap as it can create a cramped look.

Simple White Craftsman Baseboard

Simple White Craftsman Baseboard
Source: sndimg.com

If you already have an interior with rich wood trimming, you can opt for this white craftsman baseboard idea. The floor molding is simpler than the other baseboard ideas.

It is almost similar to a simple colonial rounded baseboard. However, it looks more attractive with an added base shoe and base cap molding.

In addition, the white baseboard creates a nice contrast to the dark walls and wood flooring. Therefore, it looks more attractive and elegant.

4. Farmhouse Baseboard Styles

This particular baseboard style is more suitable for non-formal rooms or traditional style interior. It tends to be simple and mostly made of wood.

You may install a vinyl or MDF baseboard to enhance the farmhouse style in your interior though. However, it is recommended for you to pick white or vibrant colored skirting boards.

To create farmhouse floor molding styles, you can pick one of these ideas.

Simple Tall Baseboard

Simple Tall Baseboard
Source: homedepot-static.com

Installing a white baseboard in your farmhouse style interior is a safe option, especially if you have white walls. The white baseboard on white wall looks simple enough for it.

Even if you opt for a tall skirting board and add a base cap a few inches taller similar to this farmhouse baseboard idea, your interior will not lose its farmhouse beauty.

However, this particular baseboard idea looks better in rooms with high ceilings. If you install it in rooms with low ceilings, they will seem shorter than they are.

Simple White Baseboard with Base Shoe

Simple White Baseboard with Base Shoe
Source: southernrevival.com

This is another white farmhouse skirting board idea that you can adopt. The baseboard trim in this image is very simple, i.e. a flat baseboard.

Moreover, the floor molding’s color is also similar to the color of the walls so that it looks almost invisible from afar.

Therefore, in order to give it a more pronounced contour, a base shoe is added on the baseboard. As a result, it looks more attractive without being too intricate.

Dark Baseboard

Dark Baseboard
Source: squarespace-cdn.com

If a white baseboard on white walls are too boring for you, this dark farmhouse skirting board idea is a great alternative.

The black baseboard has simple trim, but its color is in contrast to the wall. In consequence, it looks eye-catching and unique.

This attractive skirting board is applied in the laundry room so that you need to pick the right material for it. Hardwood and vinyl baseboards are the best choices for this room.

Elegant Farmhouse Baseboard

Elegant Farmhouse Baseboard
Source: bobvilla.com

The rounded skirting board in this baseboard idea looks pretty simple, but perfect for a farmhouse style interior. It matches the crown molding and flooring very well.

Moreover, the natural wood color of the moldings makes the interior look elegant and attractive. Since the baseboard is short, it is best for rooms with low ceiling.

Simple Grey Baseboard

Simple Grey Baseboard
Source: architecturalfigest.com

If you need a unique farmhouse floor molding idea, this simple grey baseboard idea is a great option for you. The color of the baseboard and moldings is a bit unusual.

Therefore, it creates an attractive look in your home. In order to create this baseboard idea, you only need to install a flat baseboard, a base cap, and a base shoe.

Moreover, to get the right color, it is better for you to choose wood moldings and then have them painted in grey.

If you install a grey MDF or vinyl baseboard, you may not have the right shade to match the color of the other decorations.

5. Vibrant Baseboard Styles

A white floor molding on white wall is one of the most common baseboard ideas. However, some people think that this baseboard idea is too boring, especially for more private rooms.

As a result, they choose vibrant baseboard ideas for certain rooms in their home. In order to create the vibrant baseboard, they painted the moldings in eye-catching color.

These are some of the vibrant baseboard ideas to pick.

Blue Baseboard

Blue Baseboard
Source: spokeman.com

If blue is your favorite color, you can choose to have blue baseboard and moldings. The color can make the room feel cooler so that it is great for homes in warmer weather.

Since the skirting board has eye-catching color, you need to balance it with minimalist baseboard trim. A flat baseboard or rounded baseboard will be a perfect choice.

Moreover, if you cannot have similar wallpaper to this image, you can simply paint the walls white. This combination of blue can make the room more attractive.

Burgundy Wine Baseboard Idea

Burgundy Wine Baseboard Idea
Source: washingtonpost.com

You can actually choose any paint colors to paint your baseboard and moldings. One of them is burgundy wine. This beautiful color can make the skirting board stand out.

However, if you have a burgundy baseboard, you need to be careful in choosing the room’s decors. You need to make sure that their colors match the baseboard color.

Adding a touch of similar color will make the room more beautiful. It can be in the form of burgundy throw pillows or burgundy wall decor.

Turquoise Baseboard

Turquoise Baseboard
Source: alicdn.com

Painting a floor molding in turquoise is another way to create a vibrant look in your interior. This baseboard idea is perfect for rooms with a marine theme.

The turquoise baseboard oozes a cool atmosphere in the room that you will feel more comfortable in it. Moreover, it is unique and very eye-catching.

To match this baseboard color, you can paint the wall white, light blue, beige, or even orange. This skirting board also matches well with wood or carpet flooring.

In addition, you need to furnish the room with some decorations or furniture pieces in similar color, for example a turquoise couch or turquoise throw pillows.

Black Baseboard

Santa Luzia na Campinas Decor 2015
Source: santaluziamouldings.com

Previously, you have seen some dark baseboard ideas. A black baseboard may have neutral color, but it looks great if you contrast it with white, cream, or beige walls.

Black floor molding can create an elegant look in the room. In addition, you can match it with most furniture or decoration colors easily.

Ornamented Baseboard Idea

Ornamented Baseboard Idea
Source: squarespace-cdn.com

For you who want to have unusual but attractive floor molding, you can choose this ornamented baseboard. Its golden ornament makes the skirting board look unique.

It is so unusual that you may find difficulties in adopting it. As an alternative, you can install golden decorative cap molding with flower carving above the baseboard.

This decorative piece adds a luxurious touch to your interior. In order to make the golden ornament shine brighter, you can paint the baseboard in dark color.

However, you may need to spend more time to maintain the baseboard. Moreover, you need to prepare more money to adopt this baseboard idea.

6. Rustic Baseboard Styles

Rustic baseboard ideas are unique and interesting. It has rugged natural beauty to match the rustic elements of the interior.

This baseboard is usually made of wood. However, you can choose to install a rustic baseboard made of vinyl or MDF if you want to save your budget.

You will find these two products easily in stores. There are choices of rustic finishes you can pick so that you can have one that matches the flooring, doors, and crown molding.

Below are some rustic baseboard ideas you can choose.

Flat Rustic Baseboard

Flat Rustic Baseboard
Source: pinimg.com

The flat floor molding in this rustic baseboard idea oozes natural beauty. In consequence, you don’t need to add a base cap and base shoe on it.

Some people love to match rustic flooring with a baseboard in similar tone or even rustic wood pattern. However, it is not so with this rustic skirting board idea.

The color of this baseboard is darker than the flooring. Nevertheless, it remains attractive since it matches the doors pretty well.

Rich Ambrosia Maple Wood Baseboard Idea

Rich Ambrosia Maple Wood Baseboard Idea
Source: squarespace-cdn.com

This rustic baseboard idea is very interesting. Its color is lighter than most common rustic baseboards. Therefore, it oozes a warm atmosphere into the room.

The lighter colored baseboard can make the flooring seem more spacious. In addition, the height of the baseboard is quite short so that it is perfect for rooms with low ceilings.

Another interesting aspect of this baseboard is its black ornamental trim. It looks like a metal trim, but it is actually made of wood.

To have this baseboard, you don’t need to install the ornamental trim separately. This baseboard already has this insert so that you can install the skirting board quickly.

Eye-Catching Rustic Baseboard Idea

Eye Catching Rustic Baseboard Idea
Source: sustainablelumberco.com

If you want to show your strong character through a rustic style interior, you can opt for this rustic baseboard and trimming idea.

The combination of the unique rustic flooring, barn sliding door, and baseboard make this room looks very unique and unusual.

If you have this baseboard and trimming idea, you no longer need to decorate or furnish your interior with something intricate. It will make the interior look too cramped.

Therefore, it is better for you to furnish it with simple furniture pieces and decorate it with few wall decors.

Aged Oak Baseboard in the Bathroom

Source: hzcdn.com

Some people think that having a wood baseboard in the bathroom is not a good idea. However, certain wood, such as teak and oak, can resist moisture well.

Therefore, you can install aged oak and teak baseboard in this particular room in order to match its rustic decor.

You don’t need to worry that you will get a difficulty in finding an aged wood baseboard. Various stores offer you with vinyl or MDF baseboards with this look.

For the best result, it is better for you to choose one made of vinyl since it is more resistant to moisture.

Aged Wood Baseboard in the Kitchen

Aged Wood Baseboard in the Kitchen
Source: remodelormove.com

A rustic baseboard in brown color is too usual that some people prefer a grey rustic baseboard made of aged wood. It can create a cooler atmosphere in the house.

This rustic baseboard idea is almost similar to the previous one. However, it looks unique since the kitchen’s flooring, wooden beams, and trimming are in the same color.

The combination of aging grey wood and white walls oozes elegant look that will make your kitchen look more comfortable.

Electric Baseboard Heaters

Electric Baseboard Heaters
Source: dozercompany.com

During the winter, some people use an electric baseboard heater as a secondary heat source. This electric device offers zone heating so that you can keep one area warmer than the other is.

Electric baseboard heaters may not too popular among homeowners. However, is it worth having an electric baseboard heater? To answer this question, you need to learn more about it.

1. How Does Electric Baseboard Heater Work?

This electric device has a heating element that produces heat. This element releases the heat into the area where the baseboard heater is located.

At first, it is only the lower part of the room that gets warmer. Then, the warm air will move to the upper area of the room. As a result, the whole room will have a warm temperature.

The baseboard heater is equipped with a thermostat. When it senses cold temperature, the device will work properly to warm the room to a temperature that you have set.

This particular device can be installed on a perimeter wall of a room or under the window. However, it is important to install it at least 6 inches from furniture and curtains.

Installing the device too close to the curtain and furniture can cause fire hazard since it gets hot. Therefore, you really need to make sure that it is installed at the right spot.

2. The Pros

The electric baseboard heater offers some benefits.

  • It is quiet, unlike electric heat pumps that can be very noisy.
  • It allows you to have warmer temperature in certain areas, such as the bedroom and family room.
  • This device is easy to install.
  • The electric baseboard heater is a good secondary heat source because it assists the heat pump in warming the room effectively.

3. The Cons

However, this particular device has some downsides.

  • The electric baseboard heater is expensive. In order to install this device, you need at least a $500-budget.
  • It requires lots of energy to work and you will need to spend more money to pay the electricity bill.
  • It is not safe if you install it improperly since it is hot and may cause fire hazard. Moreover, it is not recommended to have this device if you have small children.
  • This electric device generates dry heat that can cause dry eyes, dry skin, and dry throat. Therefore, you need to install a humidifier to avoid the side effects.

Tips in Choosing Baseboard Size

Tips in Choosing Baseboard Size
Source: familyhandyman.com

Aside from considering the baseboard styles, you also need to consider the size. A certain baseboard size is not good for homes with low ceilings as it can make the ceilings look shorter.

Moreover, another baseboard size is better for homes with high ceiling. Therefore, it is important for you to choose the right skirting board size.

In order to avoid picking the wrong size, you can follow these tips.

  1. If the ceiling in your home is 8 feet tall, you had better pick baseboards which height is between 3 and 5 inches tall.
  2. If the ceiling in your home is 9 feet tall, it is recommended to install skirting boards which range from 4 to 6 inches tall.
  3. If the ceiling in your home is 10 feet tall, you can go with floor moldings which height is between 5 and 7 inches tall.
  4. If the ceiling in your home is 12 feet tall, it is better to pick baseboards which height is about 6 to 8 inches tall.

Replacing Baseboards

Replacing Baseboards
Source: thespruce.com

Do you find some damage in one piece of your baseboard? In this case, you will need to replace the old one with the new one.

You can also replace the whole baseboard on your own if this trim gets old and worn out. In order to do it, you can follow these steps.

1. Pry Off the Old Baseboard

Prying off an existing skirting board can be tricky. This particular trim is usually caulked around or nailed in the edges.

Therefore, you need to break the caulk around the edges using a knife. After that, insert the back of a hammer or prying tool between the baseboard and the wall.

Pry the floor molding off the wall from one end to the other end gently. Remove the skirting board carefully and avoid denting the wall as you can.

If the baseboard is nailed to the wall, leave the nails in the floor molding. And if there are some nails left in the wall, you need to remove them before installing the new trim.

2. Install the New Baseboard

Once the skirting board is removed from the wall, you can start installing the new baseboard. Measure the floor molding material accurately so that it can fit to the wall perfectly.

In installing the skirting board, you need to read carefully the instructions of the baseboard you have bought and follow themproperly.

To nail the floor molding to the wall, you need 1.5-inch nails. In some cases, you have to predrill the nail holes in the baseboard.

It is done to avoid cracking or splitting the skirting board material. However, certain material may not need to be predrilled.

In consequence, you need to check the instructions for it. To nail the baseboard to the wall, you can use a brad nailer or a trusty ole hammer and arm power.

3. Painting Baseboard

This step is not always necessary because you can get pre painted floor molding. However, in some cases, you don’t need to replace the old baseboard to make it look more attractive.

Simply repainting this skirting board can make this trim like new. Some recommended paint for baseboards are eggshell paint and semi-gloss paint.

Before painting the baseboard, you need to remember to cover some part of the floor and wall using plastic and painters tape. Therefore, you don’t need to clean them from the paint.