White Living Room Ideas That Stand Against Time

WHITE LIVING ROOM IDEAS – White represents purity, freshness, and cleanliness. White is one of the classic colors that you can always choose whether or not you run out ideas on what to color the walls of the room. White opens for collaboration with other colors.

Light or broken, white applies well for the walls and the room furniture. Major or slight, white adds nice touches to overall interior designing. Modern or vintage style, white suits them all. See the following white living room inspirations for the details.

Minimalist White Living Room

Minimalist White Living Room

Have you got a small space for a living room in your apartment? Plenty of ideas are still up for grabs. One of them is this minimalist white living room. Whitish-grayish color for the walls of the living room brings a cleanliness tone for the spot.

Add to the room is a well-worn white long sofa with colorful pillows as a sweetener. Double-layered curtains provide a slight elegance touch while the white-glass table strengthens minimalist tone. Thick white-gray rug and wooden flooring tones down brightness level into the softer mode.

Farmhouse White Living Room

Farmhouse White Living Room

Go nostalgic with this farmhouse white living room style. As most houses in rural sides have, place natural materials as the living room’s basic needs. For instance, wooden flooring, wooden tall opened cupboards as storage.

Place white-painted wooden furnace along with chairs partially made from wood. Sheer gray curtains cover up large windows that surround the living room. Fresh air, beautiful view from outside directly entertain eyes as morning comes.

White ceiling, sofa, and chairs wrap the room into a classic, beautiful one.

Sugary Living Room

Sugary Living Room

White can accommodate your creative ideas. One of them is by turning your living room into a sugary one with colorful furniture and decorative items. You can even combine white, soft purple and gray to paint the walls of the living room.

Blue closed cabinet, gray armchair, yellow armchair, light blue box as storage and green leaves in glass jar beautify the spot. Wooden desk and wooden leg of the chairs and the cupboard makes it warmer.

Luminous White Living Room

Luminous White Living Room

The fourth tip becomes the most basic idea when it comes to applying white. Bright and clear quickly entertain our eyes when entering this living room modeling. The clean side of the living room comes from all the white-painted walls of the room.

Sheer white curtains shed sufficient light during daylight hence you can save electricity bills. The artistic white chair opened a white shelf as storage, and white well-worn sofa gives extra splendor. Add wooden flooring and a wooden table for a warm touch.

White and Brown Living Room

White And Brown Living Room

White and brown is another beautiful color pair that you can apply for your living room. You can take the styling in the image as your source. White pendant lamp, despite its fair size, provides sufficient white nudge here.

Other than that, it is the partially white-painted wall of the room. For the other half, apply super light brown that goes in line with sofas and thick, soft rug. Wooden desk and flooring complete the good mixture with a tall window shed light on the room during the daytime.

White and Blue Living Room

White And Blue Living Room

After brown, blue is white’s best sister color. Both bring in clearness, delicateness and comfort for living rooms, the perfect choice for those who wish to relish stress after long days at work.

In this example, mix white and blue with a simple add-on from brown and gray. The result is so adorable. White walling and flooring become essential elements as the sub-theme requires. Blue tone shows up in the armchair, fabrics, and pillows.

Hang pictures on blue-colored drawings to beautify the walls.

Innovative White Living Room

Innovative White Living Room

White enables you to create diverse living room styles. This model proofs that white ceiling and white walling can accommodate for an innovative and state-of-the-art living room design. The attractive part is on the dangling lamp to brighten the center of the room.

A comfortable sofa set faces across furnace and lengthy closed cabinet as storage. Above it is a projector that can help to enjoy entertainment shows. Wooden flooring warms the living room.

Pure White Living Room

Pure White Living Room

White works best in this tip. It applies to ceil, door, flooring, and armchair. They showcase white as a color that brings in purity and cleanliness. White also touches stony furnace under which plenty candles dimly burn.

Wooden basket and brown carpet have an earthly tone for the living room. Brown pillows in the chair slightly give the warmth nudge. Friendly and comfortable nuances wrap the mini living room.

Well-Ventilated White Living Room

Well-Ventilated White Living Room

Turn one of the white living room ideas for providing fresh air every morning. The sliding glass doors and the windowpane allows for air going in and out. This serves as a good step for healthy respiration for whole family members.

The transparent fixtures offer a full view from the outside that also becomes nice sightseeing. White ceiling and white opened cabinet strengthen brightness nudge already given by the ventilation.

It is better that you keep the living room simply by placing a large sofa, the cabinet and a large television for watching entertainment shows.

Old and Traditional White Living Room

Old And White Traditional Living Room

Channel your hobby of hunting antique items then gather them all as essential elements for planned old and traditional white living room. As white presents a classic vibe into a living room, mix the color with the antique products.

Firstly, paint the wooden ceiling in the living room with white. The same goes for the walling. With those completed, move to decorate the stage. Moroccan carpet, ancient armchair, gray unique ceramic are some examples.

Following them with a traditional motif long chair with a vintage desk lamp next to it. Hang old pictures on the wall as extra decoration. You can, of course, other collections, like old cabinet or statues.

We thus conclude our white living room ideas that hopefully can show you that white is very flexible for many creative concepts. If possible, you can DIY or recycle some items so that the remodeling process won’t cost you so much. Just make sure you set aside extra time for doing those things.