60 Beautiful Types of Chairs for Your Dream Home

The ideal house is a house that is equipped with furniture, which can function properly. One of the important furniture for a dwelling is a chair. Currently there are so many types of chairs that can be chosen according to your needs. Various choices of chairs for homes can certainly make your home more stylish.

60 Beautiful Types of Chairs

1. Side Chair

Side Chair
Source: fabelio.com

This is a single chair without armrests, which is perfect for casual needs. The chair that can be moved easily is very suitable to be placed in various rooms. For example, work space, family room and bedroom.

This chair is highly recommended for those of you who have a minimalist home. Especially, for millennial generation homeowners.

2. Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs
Source: fabelio.com

The dining chair is one of the most important chairs for a house. Usually, this chair has a longer back shape so that it makes this chair very comfortable for eating. This is a chair that you must have for your house.

Usually dining chairs is equipped with a dining table. You can choose a dining chair that fits the theme of your home.

3. Glamours Red Sofa

Glamours Red Sofa
Source: pinterest.com

Who doesn’t know sofa? A sofa is a soft chair that is very commonly placed in the living room and family room. This chair is very comfortable to sit on, especially when relaxing with family.

Even sofas are also widely placed in waiting rooms in public places. For example, campus, hospital, playground and so on.

4. Bohemian Footstool

Bohemian Footstool
Source: pinterest.ca

This chair, which is also known as the pouffe or ottoman, is also one of the chairs you need to have. The shape of this chair is so short that it is used as a footrest.

It is not uncommon for the band players to use this chair to step on the stage. But not a few also use footstool as the main chair in the house.

5. Unique Lounge Chair

Unique Lounge Chair
Source: pinterest.ca

The lounge chair is very nice to be placed on the terrace of the house to sit on. This chair is very comfortable to sit on and can help you relax even more.

Lounge chair is also designed to have a low seat so it is very comfortable to lie down. Naturally, many fall asleep in this chair.

6. Arm Chair

Arm Chair
Source: alicdn.com

Exactly the name, this chair has very comfortable armrests. The design of arm chair is also very simple, so it is suitable to be placed in the living room, work room or bedroom.

Even now, there are many offices that place arm chair in front of the work table. Arm chair is no less comfortable than work chair.

7. Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounge
Source: pinterest.com

The uniqueness of the appearance makes the chaise lounge interesting to have. The appearance is very comfortable to sit on, even lean back. Perfectly placed in the family room.

Many people have this chair at home. Apart from being comfortable as a place to sit, this chair can also give a different feel to the house.

8. Office Chair

Office Chair
Source: officeanything.com

To complete your dream workspace, try having an office chair. This type of chair is specifically indicated for the comfort or workers. This chair is designed in such a way so you don’t feel tired while working.

Especially when you have to keep your focus on the computer screen. Of course this chair can reduce your fatigue.

9. Slipper Chair

Slipper Chair
Source: wayfair.com

Get a slipper chair for the dressing room of your dreams. The short legs make it possible to hide this chair under a dresser. When sitting in this chair, you don’t have to look down again when wearing stockings.

Imagine when you have to bend over while wearing stockings. Of course this is quite tiring and also takes a lot of time. Therefore, this chair is highly recommended for women who like to celebrate themselves.

10. Wing Chairs

Wing Chairs
Source: howelfurniture.com

This is a classic type of chair, that is usually placed near the fireplace. For connoisserurs of classics nuances, you can immediately have this chair.

In addition, you can also put this chair in the family room. You and your little family can relax by sitting in this chair.

11. Loveseat

Source: dunkanbright.com

Loveseat is a type of sofa that is designed for two people only. It’s usually a nice red or pink color to sit on. You can place it in an open space or in the house.

You and your partner can enjoy a beuatiful afternoon together with these chairs at home. Especially, while drinking coffee or warm tea.

12. Sectional Sofa

Sectional Sofa
Source: pinterest.com

Sectional sofa is a type of combination sofa, that is shown for large families. The best sofa for living room is also able to give a luxurious impression to the house.

What’s more, the colors of this sofa are also amazing. In addition. Sectional sofa also hass two shape variations, namely L-Shape and U-Shape. Which one do you want to choose?

13. Classic Round Arm Sofa

Classic Round Arm Sofa
Source: wayfair.com

This is a classics sofa model with large round arms. This sofa is also known as ‘Grandma’s Couch’. This is because besides being comfortable as a seat, this sofa is also very durable.

This sofa can last for years. Classic round arm sofa is very good to plaace in a old house. You can also try it.

14. Lawson Style Sofa

Lawson Style Sofa
Source: arfastores.com

The types of chairs are so diverse.  One of them is lawson style sofa. This chair is designed for comfort and has a firm, plump and sturdy shape. Usually this chair will also be equipped with a pillow.

You can imagine how comfortable this chair is, right? Try to have this chair for your living room or family room. Make your family event more comfortable with lawson style sofa.

15. Bed Sofa

Bed Sofa
Source: floaf.com

This type of sofa is a combination of a seat and a bed. Therefore, the size is quite large compared to sofas in general. The characteristic of this sofa is that it is very solid in shape and has small stitches.

When you are tired and want to sleep, you can immediately pull this sofa up to form a comfortable bed. This sofa is also equipped with super soft pillow cushions.

16. Tuxedo Sofa

Tuxedo Sofa
Source: amazon.com

This Billy Baldwin plaid sofa idea is very beuatiful and impressive. The model is relatively simple but still gives a luxurious impression.

This cool sofa has arms that are almost always level with the back and legs upholstered or exposed. If you are still confused about choosing the best chair for a luxurious home look, then you can place this sofa.

17. Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield Sofa
Source: pinterest.com

Chesterfield sofa has long and thick shape, with deep buttons on the back and is often made of leather. You certainly have the impression of luxury, right?

This sofa also has rolled up arms and is the same height as the back. Usually chesterfield sofa is often found in luxury libraries, especially libraries that are abroad.

18. Camel Back Sofa

Camel Back Sofa
Source: feyefordesign.com

Camel back sofa has a slender shape with a towering arch at the center of the backrest. The curve of this sofa is as distinctive as a camel’s hump. Therefore this sofa is called camel back sofa.

This sofa is equipped with arm height back with square ends and exposed legs and also has no back cushions. For connoisseurs of traditional style, camel back sofa can be the best choice.

19. Executive Chair

Executive chair
Source: fdzynfurniture.com

This is a type of office chair for a luxurious look. Generally, this chair is used by the director or head of the company.

Executive chair has a wider seat area so that is can make you relax. It is just that this chair has a relatively more expensive price. No wonder this chair is referred to as ‘The Boss Chair’.

20. Swivel Chair

Swivel Chair
Source: pinterest.com

You are certainly no stranger to this type of chair. This chair is often found in offices, especially customer services offices.

This chair can be very easily rotated to interact with other employees. Swivel chair will not make users sore easily when sitting too long. The price is also affordable.

21. Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Chair
Source: ffree3.com

This chair is highly recommended for those of you, who often sit all day at work either at the office or at home.

The back of the chair is equipped with back cushions that make you less sore even after sitting for a long time. You can sit in a natural position when using this chair, which reduces stiff shoulders and back pain.

22. Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair
Source: pinterest.com

This chair is designed for gaming on the computer. So, besides being able to keep playing game, you also don’t get tired easily.

Gaming chair is highly recommended for those who have problems with posture and stiff shoulders. This chair can also be used for work.

23. Park Bench

Park Bench
Source: anchort.com

Park bench are intended to be placed in the park. Generally, this chair retains it is original shape, including in terms of coloring.

This chair is used to relax while enjoying the fresh air in the park. It is not uncommon for those who place this chair in front of the house. Do you also want to place it in front of your house?

24. Folding Chair Table

Folding Chair Table
Source: aliexpress.com

There are so many types of chairs that you can find. One that is quite unique is the folding chair table. You can place this chair made of wood inside and outside the house.

Not a few people also put this chair in the park. The simple model is very easy to store. Interestingly, you can also bring this chair for various vacation purpose with your family.

25. Portable Folding Chair

Portable Folding Chair
Source: officechairdepot.com

When compared to wooden folding chairs, they are more ideal for outdoor events. For example, camping events, vacation to the beach and so on. Don’t worry, this chair won’t bother you.

Portbale folding chair can usually only be occupied by one person. If you want to relax with many people, you should bring more than one portable chair.

26. Barstool

Source: wayfair.com

Barstool are designed for bars or taverns. This chair will make it easier for visitors to sip a drink. This is because the barstool is made high. So it is just right to sit on while drinking a drink.

27. Club Chair

Club Chair
Source: wayfair.ca

This is a club chair synonymous with the feel of 1850’s London. Club chair has a very comfortable arm and backrest for relaxation.

This chair is very suitable to be placed in the living room or televission viewing room. Besides being comfortable to sit on, this chair can also give a luxurious impression.

28. Fighting Chair

Fighting Chair
Source: fdoutdoor.com

There are so many types of chairs. One that is unique and different from most chairs is the fighting chair. Fighting chair can relax you by extending your legs forward very comfortably.

This chair can also be placed near the pool as a sun lounger when you are done swimming. It is really how nice to enjoy the sunshine while drinking ice inthis chair. Do you want to try?

29. Cogswell Chair

Cogswell Chair
Source: pinterest.com

If you like classics types of chairs, then there is nothing wrong with placing these chairs in your home. Many people make cogswell chair as the main seat in home.

Usually this chair has a choice of dark and neutral colors. For example, gray, black, dark blue, salted egg green and others.

30. Easy Chair

Easy Chair
Source: metmuseum.org

Many Europeans place this chair by the fireplace. This large and very comfortable chair is also synonymous with vintage style.

You can also place this chair in the living room of the house. Surely this chair will mak your home look even more charming. Curious? Please place it now!

31. Farthingale Chair

Farthingale Chair
Source: fictore.com

Farthingale chair is so popular with the term ‘16th century women’s chair’. This armless chair is specifically designed for women because it makes it very easy for various activities.

Especially, when women wear skirts. Thus women can be more comfortable crossing their legs. You can try to have just one at your home.

32. Fiddleback Chair

Fiddleback Chair
Source: mariatesei.co.uk

This is the type of chair, that was identical in the 1800s era. This chair, which is also typical of the French kingdom, can also be one of the recommendations for beautiful chairs for your home.

Even though it seems simple, this chair can give a classy feel. You can have this chair to put in your living room or bedroom.

33. Arm chair with monochrome color

Arm chair with monochrome color
Source: pinterest.com

Unique chairs would be amazing to placed in your room with simple color and shapes. You will need to have an amazing chair with modern style that is having monochrome color.

If you want to choose simple color with this monochrome style, try to use white and gray color which would be simple and elegant. However, there is several sizes you can choose for this design.

34. Vanity chair

Vanity Chair
Source: home-designing.com

Sometimes, we have to choose new look and design in our room to increase different vibration. Thus, we have to modify a place for you to apply make-up ever day before you do an activity.

There is a lot of vanity design you can apply and find references on internet, with amazing shapes and styles. Most of vanity chairs has simple looks, which different with pictures above that is unique.

35. The unusual chair

The Unusual Chair
Source: ffoter.com

What is unique from picture above is the use of materials for the chair, even you can do DIY based on your desire. This is the unusual chair which people would not know or realize If it is real.

One of the main materials only use woods and net that should be easy to apply with specific technique. You can try to combine several ideas or modify the shape based on your style.

36. Colorful chair

Colorful chiar
Source: carousell.sg

Sometimes you have to apply different pattern, design, and ideas for having an amazing result on your chair. Picture above shows you something that is unusual and not everyone would have.

The new style in your living room and dining room would be great with this chair design. Increase the vibration of new modern era with incredible size that is easy to allocate.

37. Mancave chair

Mancave Chair
Source: manstratope.com

Most people do not know if simple color tone would help them to increase elegancy in your room. The new style of this mancave chair would be suitable in your office room that is amazing.

Black color is one of the simplest colors with this style that is comfortable and unique. People often use this type of chair and you can have a lot of preferable size and applied on your area.

38. Bamboo chair

Bamboo Chair
Source: ikea.com

Back to nature theme would be suitable to applied in outdoor area that is unique and comfy. Thus, you would need the chair style above and placed it in your garden or poolside area.

You do not need to find another color as natural wooden or bamboo color would help you to rise the vibration itself. However, try to choose the suitable size that should be based on your need.

39. Classroom setting

Classroom Setting
Source: pinterest.com

Who want to have an inspirable place to learn and study? If you one of them, you can try to use this classroom chair which purposed to increase uniqueness in your place to study.

People would enjoy to learn in this kind of situation, that is comfortable and simple design. However, the simplicity itself can be found from the shape and size of the chair you are applied.

40. Wedding chair

Wedding Chair
Source: pinterest.com

Sometimes, people confuse what to choose during the wedding day that should be suitable with the adopted theme. This is one of the best outdoor weeding concept for you to applied.

You must have your dream and preferable theme during your weeding that should be great with this chairs model. Try to find something different with the allocation of the chair on your wedding.

41. Unexpected design

Unexpected design
Source: homedit.com

Become hesitate with your choice often happen to most people today, which hard to combine several designs inside their room. However, the best types of chairs would help you to find out.

Once you found something unique such as the picture above would help you to enjoy your day. People often see something different in one picture, and try to applied because it has uniqueness.

42. Mid-century British style

Mid-century British style
Source: alexanderandjamessofas.com

Adopting new design from around the world is one of the options before you choose some new furniture in your place. That is why, most people today would like to have unique design ideas.

in order to provide unique design, you have to make sure which chair that you want to apply in your house. Thus, you would need to try this incredible chair model that should be comfortable.

43. Wooden outdoor chair

Wooden outdoor chair
Source: theporch.com.au

Choosing an outdoor furniture often harder than it look like, you would need to use your imagination for an amazing result. Thus, you can try to apply the chair in picture above.

To apply this design, you can start by choosing the wooden material that is durable enough to use for long time. Thus, teak wood should be the best options for you to choose.

44. Relaxing chair

Relaxing chair
Source: forbes.com

want to have the best relaxation in your home? You can try to use this concept and applied in your lovely area. Besides, you will need this relaxing chair once you have thought day.

Most people also would love to have this in their office, as they can have comfy break time while enjoy their coffee. You can follow the same concept as picture above to apply.

45. Doctor desk chair

Doctor desk chair
Source: forbes.com

if you are wonder how the doctor work and sitting while they are work on something, this chair represent everything you need to know. Provides suitable chair to apply in your workspace.

Most of doctor would have this chair for their practice time inside their room. You can try to use this concept and apply on your office or even specific room and enjoy your time.

46. Eco friendly room

Eco friendly room
Source: thegoodtrade.com

people often adopting something unique for their chair that can be incredible to combine with their room ideas. if you are the one who love something natural, you can try to adopt this amazing style.

It is one of the eco friendly chair which made of natural materials such as wood and bamboo. This concept often adopted by the people who lived in Asia continent that should be calming.

47. Vintage dining chair

Vintage dining chair
Source: rossiniweddings.com

Looking for the best types of chairs to apply in your place? Sometimes people forgot if the vintage design and ideas often provides uniqueness rather than any other concept.

Inside of this picture you can find a lot of color combination which based on the basic color ideas. thus, vintage style would be suitable if you are using white, black, gray and brown color.

48. Unique tennis ball chair

Unique tennis ball chair
Source: pinterest.com

Nobody would expect if it is a types of chairs which can be found inside the court. In fact, it is a unique chair that you can adopt if you have the same places in your area.

Except it is representing uniqueness, it does also help you to shows if it is sport area in your place. Try to make something unique with different style combination that is incredible.

49. Simple black office chair

Simple black office chair
Source: visualhunt.com

There is no wonder why people love black color once they are staying in their office. In fact, black color would increase refreshing vibes in your area with calm sensation and incredible atmosphere.

Except to have black color chair in your office, you can also combine with the design ideas in your room. Try to make color combination that is suitable and would not ruin any vibes.

50. Balinese chair

Balinese chair
Source: thehoneycomb.com

Want to shop something from Bali? You can also try this new concept that you can adopt in your area. Balinese style often become preferable choice for most people who want to have natural vibes.

Wooden and bamboo design represent something natural in your chair, that should be amazing to adopt on the farmhouse, rustic, and mid-century style houses.

51. Net pool side chair

Net pool side chair
Source: home-designing.com

Sometimes it would be hard for you to decide the best pool side chair that should be amazing to adopt in your area. It would be places for you and your family to enjoy their time.

Thus, picture above would help you to find the best and preferable chair ideas to adopt in your poolside. In the middle, it used net materials that should be unique and amazing.

52. UK furniture style

UK furniture style
Source: pinterest.com

there is a lot of types of chairs you can find around the world based on the concept you wanted. However, UK and western style furniture often become the best options to apply.

Many people would love to have UK style inside their house which having simple concept yet elegant. You can find tidiness in this concept based on the color and tone you have chosen.

53. Unique multifunction wooden chair

Unique multifunction wooden chair
Source: pinterest.com

Everyone would love to have something that is comfortable and can be used for something different. The picture above is one of the unexpected types of chairs you can find today.

With unique concept which made of wooden or bamboo design, you can always use it for many other purposes. However, everything should be clear once you want to choose about the shapes.

54. Gaming chair with footstep

Gaming chair with footstep
Source: walmart.com

The increasing numbers of gaming activities and mobile gaming would need suitable chairs to do their activities. Thus, you would need something comfortable to support your gaming time.

Picture above shows you something different which can be find today in the gaming world. This is one of the important equipment which you can relax and enjoy your time while playing.

55. Glamours brown with western style

Glamours brown with western style
Source: westernpassions.com

Western style would always be the best preference for those who want to enjoy their time with comfortable yet glamours chair. It is one of the best concepts you can apply to your living room.

Do not hesitate to combine several styles in your living room with this unique chair. Brown color that is shining would help you to enjoy and relax your day with friends and family.

56. Ergonomic chair

Ergonomic chair 2
Source: alicdn.com

Do not try to ignore the use of ergonomic chair in your places. Sometimes, people would love to place it in their kitchen or somewhere that is not quite often to enjoy their time.

Today, you can try something different by using this style and applied to your office. If you have new customer comes to your office, try to prefer this chair and let them sit with comfort.

57. Farmhouse dining room chair

Farmhouse dining room chair
Source: veranda.com

Try to use new style in your place? You need to apply this farmhouse ideas for your chairs in the dining room. People would enjoy the view yet feel comfortable with the vibes you are applied.

Try to adopt something different with picture above that is looks ordinary. To increase new vibes and style, you can try to select different color that would help you to manage the tone.

58. Beach chair

Beach chair
Source: today.com

Having vacation with family require you to have something that can facilitate your activities. If you are the one who loves to enjoy sunbathing and beach activities the types of chairs would help you.

Make sure if you can find the best concept and materials that should be comfortable for you to enjoy your time. Adopting new concept would be amazing for your new vibes while in vacation.

59. Modern Italian style

Modern Italian style
Source: alicdn.com

Sometimes, western style would help you to enjoy your time with types of furniture in your area. Italian style is one of the preferable designs which most people would love to try to apply.

60. Teen chair

Teen chair
Source: pinimg.com

Hanging chair or modern and teen chair is one of the trend for today’s design. If you are the one who love modern style, you can try to apply this chair concept in your garden and backyard.

Without hesitation, today you can find the best types of chairs which suitable with your dream. Most of the example above can be the best preference to applied on your place.