50 Brilliant Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom Ideas

Every house has a boy and a girl, of course, but not every house has a room for both. Many parents need to make boy and girl shared bedroom ideas for competing their needs.

You can get below to decorate your home. You also can use this idea in house.

Colourful Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom Ideas

1. Red and Green Bedroom Ideas

Red and Green Bedroom Ideas
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If your child likes bright colours, then you can play with colours to decorate the room. Choose bright red and light green as the main theme.

You can also use a neutral-coloured bed so that the theme is not messy. You also can put their needs in the room, it is done for making the room more brilliant.

2. Blue and White Bedroom Ideas

Blue and White Bedroom Ideas
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Bunk beds can be the right choice for decorating a shared room. This can also make your child learn more about decision making, whether they fit in the top or bottom bed.

You can also offer their favorite color to match the sheets and paint color of the walls. The theme of this decoration is the existence of a bunk bed that can make the room look wider and simpler.

3. Green and Pink Bedroom Ideas

Green and Pink Bedroom Ideas
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This room with colorful sheet colors can be your choice, because this room is designed to be like a playground.

4. Hobbies Bedroom Ideas

Hobbies Bedroom Ideas
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This room with the theme of women’s and men’s hobbies is perfect for your child. This will make your child more expressive because they can freely develop what they like.

Make sure you complete the design with the right decoration and color, which suits your children’s preferences.

5. Unique Curtains Bedroom Ideas

Unique Curtains Bedroom Ideas
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A room that has a variety of colors and is separate from the curtains is the main theme of this room. Apart from being a decoration, the curtains in this room also function to maintain their privacy.

Besides that, this pastel-themed bright color is perfect for your child who is cheerful and likes to play.

6. Doll Bedroom Ideas

Doll Bedroom Ideas
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There are some boys and girls who really like dolls. This of course can be your decoration idea to create a room that they can enjoy.

Make sure to choose the colour pink for girls, and the colour is mainly for boys. It can lure them to their identity, and it can make them happy with something they like.

7. Neutral Bedroom Ideas

Neutral Bedroom Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

This decorating theme is generated from the wall paint in neutral colours, and the rest is decorated in its contemporary colours.

You can also decorate the bed by choosing a carving that suits your child. This theme can make your child’s room nicer and more attractive. you can choose pink as a theme for girls.

8. RnB Bedroom Ideas

RnB Bedroom Ideas
Source: hearstapps.com

The decoration theme in this room lies in its layout. The layout with a separate mattress and a curtain, and in the middle, there is a carpet can be one of your references to create a shared room.

You can choose red for girls, and blue for boys. You can also add the right wall decoration for both, so that the room remains beautiful and attractive.

9. Cutie Bedroom Ideas

Cutie Bedroom Ideas
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If you have two children with a toddler and a baby, then there’s nothing wrong with making a room for the two of them.

You can make the room as simple as possible to keep them both comfortable to stay in the room. Also make sure to choose the right bed if you want to decorate this room.

You can choose a brown bed and put the cot near the curtain. The colour of the curtains can be selected and adjusted to the theme or colour that your child likes.

10. Pastel: Pink and Blue Bedroom Ideas

Pastel Pink and Blue Bedroom Ideas
Source: pinimg.com

This pink and blue room theme is often used because it is simple. If you like simple things, you can use this as a shared room decoration.

This room is only focused on the different colours between pink and blue. This colour can also differentiate the place for boys and girls.

You can also add a small carpet in the middle and a wall decoration in the form of a tree on the wall of the room.

11. Simple Homie Bedroom Ideas

Simple Homie Bedroom Ideas
Source: hgtvhome.com

Room decoration with different spots can be one of the themes you choose. If the room you are going to use has enough area, you can decorate this shared room by adjusting the spot.

So that the child’s bed can be separated and far from each other depending on the spot. You can also choose a monochrome theme to make the room look epic and charming.

You can also choose a house-themed bed with a calm colour to make the child’s room more attractive.

12. Mix Culture Bedroom Ideas

Mix Culture Bedroom Ideas
Source: ytimg.com

A room with a wardrobe divider can also be an interesting decoration. The first thing to do is to choose blue as the main theme, then mix it with black to make it various.

Make sure to organize things properly and correctly to make the room not cluttered. You can use shelves with a mixture of white, blue, and black, and wood-patterned floors to make it elegant.

In the middle it is better if you add a wall decoration with your children’s names so that they have a higher sense of ownership of their room.

13. Cute Simple Bedroom Ideas

Cute Simple Bedroom Ideas
Source: architecturaldigest.com

The next room decoration is a simple theme, because you only need to add one bed for this idea. You can put a large bed for two children and place it near the big window, so they can still see the view.

Opposite the mattress, add lined shelves to place toys, chairs, and tables that can be used to study together.

14. Festival Decoration

Festival Decoration
Source: ytimg.com

The theme for this room comes from a festival decoration idea. This is because it is equipped with a wall decoration on the top, and various bright colours that are seen on the mattress.

The neutral colours on the walls can make this theme brighter and more charming, so that the festival theme will look more fun. You can also add the initials of the name on the wall.

15. Rooftop Prince and Princess

Rooftop Prince and Princess
Source: ytimg.com

Placing the child in the top room of your home is the right part. This is because the upper walls of the room can be more freely decorated, thus making the room look more attractive and look comfortable.

The colours in this room can match your child’s preferences, so you can create an attractive, comfortable, and beautiful room for your child.

16. Teenager’s Dream

Teenagers Dream
Source: hearstapps.com

If you want to make a room for a teenager, you can use a bunk bed to complete the decoration.

Besides that, this bed can also make the room look simpler and more spacious, so you can add space for children to study and relax in their room, so they can be more comfortable.

17. Perfect Twin for Toddlers

Perfect Twin for Toddlers
Source: arinsolangeathome.com

The next room decoration is for twins. This room is perfect for toddlers because the colours are child friendly. You can also choose a house shaped bed to make them more comfortable in the room.

Add wall decorations and carpets to match the room’s theme. Decorate the walls with wallpapers that your two children like.

18. It’s My Dream Decoration

Its My Dream Decoration
Source: hgtvhome.com

This room decoration is a theme that can make children’s dreams come true. This is because the decoration is charming so that it can make children happy.

Choose soft, child-friendly colours like blue, pink, white to make the room comfortable to live in. You can also choose coloured beds to make the room sweeter.

19. Modern Decoration

Modern Decoration
Source: architecturaldigest.com

This room decoration focuses on the top decoration, because the top is decorated as modern as possible. You can apply this if you have a high room and will be used as a shared room for children.

This room also looks modern and simple against a grey background, and the bed is neatly arranged, so the child’s room can look more elegant.

Warm Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom Ideas

1. Comfortable Decoration

Comfortable Decoration
Source: dailymom.com

The decoration that can be your next choice is to display warmth in the theme. You can choose soft colours to make the decor look more comfortable and tidier. Add a rope ladder to make the room unique.

2. Grey for Everything

Grey for Everything
Source: homebnc.com

Decor in grey will make the room look simpler and warmer. You can also make the room atmosphere more modern by choosing a bed with a thin pattern.

This room is perfect for teenagers, so just add a trendy wall decoration.

3. Dorm Military

Dorm Military
Source: architecturaldigest.com

This military dormitory theme room decoration can be an inspiration, this will make your children more attractive and creative.

This decoration is usually equipped with a boxed and closed bed, accompanied by curtains and bedspreads typical army stripes.

4. Warm and Cozy

Warm and Cozy
Source: kidsroomideas.net

This room decoration has a warm and cozy theme because of the right colour selection. White as the main base works well when mixed with blue, as well as a variety of light colours.

Small sofas and bunk beds can make the room warmer, coupled with large curtains and rugs of opposite colours placed in the middle.

5. Abstract Warm

Abstract Warm
Source: dapoffice.com

Decoration with an abstract theme can still show a side of warmth, if you choose the right colour. This room is perfect for your children who like challenging things.

This is due to the unique shape of the bed and the unusual wall decoration.

6. Grey Pastel Ideas

Grey Pastel Ideas
Source: arinsolangeathome.com

Rooms with warm themes usually cannot be separated from the colour selection. Choose calm, soft colours like pastels, as well as greys in hues.

This can create a comfortable atmosphere for your child. Colour selection can also be used to use bed sheets in the room.

7. Perfect Nuances Ideas

Perfect Nuances Ideas
Source: hearstapps.com

Warmth nuances in the room can also be created from the selection of the wall theme, using wood as the main theme.

This pattern can be combined with white on the sheets and blue on the pillows. If you want to use a beach theme, you can attach a unique tool to the wall.

8. Great Wood Ideas

Great Wood Ideas
Source: hearstapps.com

The wood theme on the walls is never wrong, this can certainly be applied to your child’s room who likes warmth.

This room can be added with two mattresses that are lined up and, in the middle, there is a study table. You can also play with a comfortable colour on the bedcover.

9. Warm and Neat Ideas

Warm and Neat Ideas
Source: architecturaldigest.com

Furthermore, if you like a warm and neat looking room, you can choose pastel colours as the main theme.

This room can be furnished with grey tones, and bright colours, as well as a bed cover with elephant hues that kids will love. Also make sure to choose the right carpet colour to base it on.

10. Bunk Bed Decoration

Bunk Bed Decoration
Source: lonny.com

Children’s room with a bunk bed can be one of your choices, by storing it at the end of the room. You can decorate the bed in a costume way to make the decoration look cute and suitable for your children.

11. Other Space Ideas

Other Space Ideas
Source: homebnc.com

Bunk beds are very suitable for shared rooms because other space can be used for other things.

You can make up the bed appropriately, so that colour selection can be focused on the bedspreads and carpets in your child’s room.

12. Tosca Green Ideas

Tosca Green Ideas
Source: pinimg.com

Tosca green colour in a child’s room can make them comfortable and at home to spend time there.

This colour can be the main theme for paint, bedspread patterns, to the small cupboard to store their unique items. You can also add a rug at the end to make the room look warmer.

Unique Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom Ideas

1. Classic Bedroom

Classic Bedroom
Source: hearstapps.com

Rooms with unique themes can be chosen if you use classic decorations.

The classic decoration is characterized by many paintings and dark colours for the bed. This will give an elegant vibe to your child’s room.

2. Fresh Green Ideas

Fresh Green Ideas
Source: kidsroomideas.net

A room with a green theme on your child’s bed can make the decoration even more unique. This is because the green colour will give a fresh and charming effect if you place it correctly.

Make sure to use a bunk bed with shelves so that you can make more room space.

3. Modern and Unique Ideas

Modern and Unique Ideas
Source: futurecdn.net

Room decoration by arranging bunk beds, as well as a regular bed can make a room look unique.

This is because of the location of the stairs that you save, and the choice of colours in the theme of your room. Choose modern colours to make the child’s room more unique.

4. Great Color Ideas

Great Color Ideas
Source: wfcdn.com

The choice of colour on the bed can affect the appearance of the room.

If you want to make a room look more unique, be sure to choose a unique colour, one of which is by choosing pink as the main theme of your bed.

5. White Bunk Ideas

White Bunk Ideas
Source: wfcdn.com

White bunk bed can be your choice to make a room look unique. Your child will also love the colourful fish patterns on the sheets to make the room more cheerful.

6. Separated Ideas

Separated Ideas
Source: pinimg.com

If your child needs a room with a divider to respect his privacy, then you can use thin wood to separate the mattress. You can also decorate the walls of the rooms according to their personalities.

7. Luxurious Ideas

Luxurious Ideas
Source: architecturaldigest.com

A room with a unique theme can then be seen from the selection of the background and the bed section.

Bed styles are of course various, but if you want to make a child’s room look more luxurious, then choose a unique and yellow colour.

8. Soft Bedroom Ideas

Soft Bedroom Ideas
Source: trendir.com

Unique rooms with two themes can make your child happier, this is because this room will match their gender theme. choose a blue colour for the boy, and a soft colour for your daughter.

9. Right Hue Decoration

Right Hue Decoration
Source: meredithcorp.io

The divider in the shared room can be a theme to make the decoration unique.

You can colour the border or choose the right hue to complete the decor. Bright colours can be chosen to make the room more beautiful.

10. Tent Decoration Ideas

Tent Decoration Ideas
Source: mysleepymonkey.com

A room with a unique bed can be a major part of this decoration. To make it more unique, you can add a tent to the child’s room to become their playground.

11. Charming Bedroom

Charming Bedroom
Source: futurecdn.net

A theme with a charming feel can make a room more unique. Add a triangular bookshelf and a star carpet pattern to make the room look fuller, so it can make your child comfortable.

12. Natural Decoration

Natural Decoration
Source: trendir.com

Another unique theme can be obtained from mapping the bed you choose. You can choose a bed that is slim and attached to the wall to make the room more spacious.

This theme can also look more natural if you add a large window, with the right mapping to get a beautiful view of your child’s room.

13. Gold and Yellow Decoration

Gold and Yellow Decoration
Source: decoist.com

The child’s room, of course, must be made as unique as possible to make it more developed and to be able to make good use of this.

This can be done by choosing the right item, by choosing a bed with a unique pattern. Also make sure to choose gold or yellow to make the room even more unique.

14. Freewill Decoration

Freewill Decoration
Source: givdo.com

The next room decoration is to give a lot of color to the theme. Make sure to choose colors that clash, so that the room looks more unique.

Usually, a room with a variety of colors can make a room look comfortable and fun for children. It is also great for a child’s development by adding decoration to the walls.

15. Unique Theme

Unique Theme
Source: pinterest.com

Room decoration with a variety of colors can be a unique theme, if you can choose the right color.

Also make sure to decorate the girls’ bed with curtains so that it can make them more comfortable and feel that the bed is suitable to be a place to play.

Boys’ beds are usually simpler, so you just have to choose the right bedspread pattern to his liking.

16. Unique Pattern Ideas

Unique Pattern Ideas
Source: pinimg.com

Rooms with different beds could be one thing that might have to be considered properly. This is because if you choose the wrong choice, the room will look messy and uncomfortable to use.

You can choose a bed with a unique pattern, then choose a bed with a simpler theme for boys. The perfect colour for the walls is white to make the room warmer and unique.

17. Recommendation for Your Twins!

Recommendation for Your Twins
Source: timencuk.com

The room with the same theme on the bed and linen is perfect for your twins. This can be started by choosing a neutral color for the walls, one color that is suitable is white.

Then, you can choose the opposite color to make the room unique. One of them is black as the main theme.

18. Animal Stuff

Animal Stuff
Source: trendir.com

A room with a natural theme is a unique decoration. This is because many people feel that this theme will be difficult to complete, even though you only need to fill the room with a child’s of stuffed animal.

You must complete the wall that gives a natural feel. Also add a bunk mattress to make the child feel adventurous when climbing the stairs.

19. Perfect Placement Ideas

Perfect Placement Ideas
Source: pinimg.com

Laying the bed arbitrarily can be a unique theme, if you are smart in placement. This decoration can make a room look more unique because it seems strange with the layout.

You can also choose colors that clash to make the room more unique, for example mixing red, gray, and white to complete the decor.

Boy and girl shared bedroom ideas have lots of themes to choose from according to your needs. You have to adjust the theme, space area, and budget to make the decoration perfect.by