50 Coffee Bar Ideas to Help You Create Your Dream Little Corner

Is a morning cup of coffee part of your daily routine? If the answer is a yes, then why not make your coffee bar or station a little corner that you enjoy spending time in? If you don’t know how yours should look like, here we have a list of 50 coffee bar to inspire you.

Rustic Coffee Bar Ideas

Let’s start the list with coffee bars that add some warmth to the house.

1. Full Rustic

Full Rustic
Source: diegobianki.com

If you want to go all-out with your coffee bar, then one of the best coffee bar ideas is to make it separate from other parts of the house. This one here exhibits that very well.

Notice how the reused pallets here are used to frame the coffee bar. The coffee bar looks distinct from other parts, creating a special to prepare the morning coffee.

2. In-between

Source: decoist.com

What if there is no usable corner for your coffee bar? Nothing to worry about. You can create a simple coffee bar in-between spaces like this.

This one here has a simple rustic décor that looks warm and inviting. The colors of the coffee bar bring a contrast to the surrounding, making it difficult to ignore.

3. Warm Corner

Warm Corner
Source: pinimg.com

One of the most noticeable characteristics of the rustic décor is its warmth and inviting looks. You can see both in this coffee bar here.

The vintage white drawer is contrasted with the darker floating shelves, giving off warmth and creating an inviting look. The dim lighting completes the warm corner.

4. Old but Gold

Old but Gold
Source: pinimg.com

Into old-looking coffee bar ideas? This one is for you. Just look how old-looking this coffee bar is. The focal point here is the distressed drawer, which is not only functional but also brings attention.

The wall decorations are a nice touch as well. The coffee bar looks old, but it is definitely gold.

5. Let It Slide

Let It Slide
Source: pinimg.com

Just because it is rustic, doesn’t mean you have to go with a regular drawer. You can have a unique one, too. For example, a drawer with sliding mini barn doors like this.

The sliding barn doors make things easily accessible while at the same time adding interesting visual cues to the coffee bar.

6. Old and New

Old and New
Source: decoholic.org

You can be as creative as you want with your coffee bar. Yes, that includes combining an old-looking rustic coffee bar with a modern coffee machine.

You can see here how the contrast between the old and the new creates a unique and interesting visual cue. Going for rustic-looking items is a good idea but that doesn’t mean modern items will look bad.

7. Simply Rustic

Simply Rustic
Source: homebnc.com

Of all the rustic coffee bar ideas on the list, this one is among the simplest ones. Don’t mistake simple for boring, however.

Simple décor can look interesting, too. This one here is an example of that. Notice how the wooden drawer creates an excellent background for the cups and other items to stand out.

8. Gorgeous Blue

Gorgeous Blue
Source: decoist.com

Here you can see how subway tiles can be a good background for a coffee bar. That’s not the only good thing about this coffee bar, of course.

If you like to make a statement in your rustic bar, adding something like this gorgeous blue drawer is a good idea. It stands out and steals the focus in the corner. It is a focal point that no one can ignore.

9. Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple
Source: pinimg.com

This one takes the place of the simplest rustic coffee bar ideas here. The coffee bar consists of only a small wooden table with two shelves in it. That’s all. Simple? Yes. But effective and stylish nonetheless.

If you don’t have much space to spare, just keep it simple. A simple coffee bar like this one here is nice to have, too.

10. Watch the Surrounding

Watch the Surrounding
Source: pinimg.com

When creating your dream little corner for coffee, you should consider the surrounding, too. You have two options: either to blend the coffee bar with the surrounding or make it stands out.

If you like to keep things in harmony, watch the surroundings, and create a coffee bar with a similar color to the backgrounds.

11. Add a Chalkboard

Add a Chalkboard
Source: unhappyhisters.com

Want to make it more creative and personal? Add a black chalkboard then. A black chalkboard not only makes a great background for your rustic bar, but it also allows you to, well, be creative with it.

For example, you can write your favorite coffee recipe. Or, if you feel like it, decorate it with your beautiful writing and/or drawing.

12. Coffee and Wine

Coffee and Wine
Source: pinimg.com

You love both coffee and wine. What can you do about it? Here’s an idea: create a single spot for your favorite beverages. A coffee bar with wine bottles and storage does look very unique and interesting.

Of course, you still want to keep things organized. A good way to do it is to separate the storage. For example, the lower storage is for wine and the upper is for coffee.

13. Feels Like Home

Feels Like Home
Source: pinimg.com

If you are making coffee for your family and/or friends, then you want a coffee bar that looks familiar to them. That is, one that makes them feel at home just like this coffee bar here.

And what better idea than incorporating warm colors? A black and white tablecloth can help, too.

14. Portable Rustic Coffee Bar

Portable Rustic Coffee Bar
Source: pinimg.com

This one is very different from most coffee bar ideas on the list. Why? Because this coffee bar is portable. That means you can create your favorite coffee wherever you want. No need to be bound to a single spot.

If your house already has a rustic décor, a simple portable coffee bar with natural wood color like this will be great. It stands out but at the same time, complements the overall décor of the house.

15. GoBlack

Go Black
Source: pinimg.com

If you like both black and rustic, you can incorporate both for your coffee bar. Yes, it is not an either-or situation. You can use both.

In fact, a black coffee bar blends well with rustic décor. This coffee bar is an excellent example of that. The coffee bar may not stand out and become the focal point but it allows the rustic décor to shine.

16.  Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse
Source: diegobianki.com

A modern farmhouse coffee station brings familiarity and sophistication to the room.

The brown wood brings warmth while the foolproof navy and white combination creates an interesting visual cue. At the same time, the metal, lines, and rectangular shapes introduce modernity.

17.  It’s Vintage

It’s Vintage
Source: decoholic.org

This coffee bar shows how some things do age really well. In this case, the distressed drawer makes the coffee bar looks and feels vintage, which is juxtaposed with the modern coffee making machine.

Minimalist Coffee Station Ideas

Some people like things simple and clean. Yes, including for their coffee bar. If you are that kind of person, these ideas may inspire you.

18.  Less Is More

Less Is More
Source: googleapis.com

Creating a coffee station doesn’t always use up plenty of space. That’s especially so if you are a minimalist who wants to create a minimalist coffee station.

Sometimes, all you need is a wooden board on which you can place all your necessary equipment. A very simple one but still a coffee station nonetheless.

19.  Simple and Clean

Simple and Clean
Source: pinimg.com

The best thing about a minimalist décor is that you can keep things simple and clean. Of course, that applies to coffee stations, too. Here you can see one of the simplest coffee station ideas.

Notice how the coffee station doesn’t even have a drawer, unlike regular coffee stations. That said, it does all that is needed for a coffee station.

20.  Minimalist and Portable

Minimalist and Portable
Source: hearstapps.com

The focus of minimalism is functionality. And this coffee station here is without a doubt excellent in terms of functionalities. How could it not? Not only it can be used to prepare coffee but it is also portable.

With such a coffee station, you can make your daily cup of coffee wherever you want. No need to go to the kitchen.

21.  In the Corner

In the Corner
Source: diegobianki.com

Of all the spaces inside a house, the corners are the most difficult to make use of. Not surprisingly, many homeowners left their corners unused.

A clever way to make use of a corner is to turn it into a coffee station. This example here occupies space that is otherwise left unused. A tabletop and three floating shelves make this minimalist coffee station.

22. Hiding in the Plain Sight

Hiding in the Plain Sight
Source: ksicabinetry.com

A coffee station needs not to stand out. Sometimes, it is nice to have a “hidden” coffee station. It keeps things clean and looks tidy. This is great because the kitchen can get messy real quick.

If you have empty space above your kitchen cabinet, you can turn it into a simple coffee station like this. Like any other minimalist coffee station, it doesn’t take much but it gets the job done.

23.  Simply Portable

Simply Portable
Source: definebottle.com

Portability is always welcome. Especially so if you love to move around. This coffee station combines simplicity and portability. If your coffee needs don’t require delicate equipment, then this one is for you.

Notice how this portable coffee station only carries essential equipment. There is no clutter and the space is optimized. It is as minimalist as a coffee station can get.

24. Spacing Out

Spacing Out
Source: ablissfulnest.com

Looking clutter-free is not the only attractive thing about a minimalist coffee station. There is also a feeling of spaciousness. And what better gives off a spaciousness vibe than spaced-out items?

The minimalist coffee station here has the items spaced-out with considerable distance from one another. As a result, it looks clean, tidy, and doesn’t look cramped, even if it only occupies such a small space.

25. The Station Is Around the Corner

The Station Is Around the Corner
Source: storage.googleapis.com

You should never leave your corners unused. If you want to make a coffee station and seem to not have the space for it, do look around the corners.

An unused corner can make a visually-appealing coffee station. This is especially so if you incorporate bold colors that contrast with the surroundings. Spacing things out help to emphasize that further.

26.  Multipurpose Portable Coffee Station

Multipurpose Portable Coffee Station
Source: coolmompicks.com

A coffee station should not just be a coffee station. With a bit of creativity, you can turn it into something with various purposes. For example, portable book storage and decoration.

This portable coffee station looks striking. Not only that, it has enough space for not just equipment to make coffee and mugs but also books and small decorations. A multipurpose coffee station indeed.

27.  A Bit Rustic

A Bit Rustic
Source: mydomaine.com

You like minimalist and rustic décor. What can you do about it? Well, why not incorporate the elements of both styles for your coffee station? It will look awesome, provided you incorporate them properly.

This coffee station shows the natural color of the wood and includes warm colors, showing its rustic touches. At the same time, it keeps things simple, tidy and organized like a minimalist station should be.

28.  All White Coffee Station

All White Coffee Station
Source: decoist.com

An all-white suits a minimalist coffee station really well. This is especially so if you are looking for a clean, neat look. Just look at how clean this coffee station is. It is spotless, clutter-free, and above all, functional.

29. Compact Station

Compact Station
Source: decoist.com

This coffee station here is not only minimalist but is also compact. It doesn’t eat up too much space and if not used, can be hidden from sight. Suffice to say, it is both practical and aesthetical.

DIY Coffee Station Ideas

The best thing about DIY things is that you can customize them to your taste. Perhaps you are more of a DIY person yourself? In that case, you will love these DIY ideas.

30. From an Old Drawer

From an Old Drawer
Source: happywifehealthylife.com

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create your own coffee station. If you have an old drawer, you are halfway into having your station. The next things you need are your coffee-making equipment.

To make it more appealing, you can add a finish to the drawer or if you want to make it aged, give it a distressed look.

31. Made Out of Bookshelves

Made Out of Bookshelves
Source: pinimg.com

Perhaps there are bookshelves lying around your house that you don’t use anymore? Why not turn them into shelves for your coffee-related items?

This coffee station here shows how a bit of creativity can turn a corner and bookshelves into an eye-catching coffee station.

32. Armoire Coffee Station

Armoire Coffee Station
Source: tipsilo.com

The next on our coffee station ideas is a coffee station made from an armoire. An armoire has lots of storage, which is why it is an ideal choice for a coffee station.

Not only that, but it also has a tabletop where you can place your mugs and coffee-making machines. Add some colors to it and there you have it. A DIY coffee station that looks not too shabby.

33. Bar Cart Coffee Station

Bar Cart Coffee Station
Source: diyprojects.com

A bar cart can be turned into a portable coffee station. A little bit of polishing and you will have a good looking portable coffee station.

34. Multi-leveled Coffee Station

Multi-leveled Coffee Station
Source: diyprojects.com

If you have some steel pipes and wooden boards lying around, you can create a coffee station with an industrial look. This one here is made of those items and look at how it looks. Beautiful, isn’t it?

35. A Coffee Station with Reclaimed Wood

A Coffee Station with Reclaimed Wood
Source: homebnc.com

When it comes to DIY coffee station ideas, there are just so many materials you can work with. Among them is reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood has a unique look perfect for creating a rustic coffee station.

Colorful Coffee Station Ideas

But what if you just want to make your coffee station colorful? The coffee station ideas below show you how beautiful colorful coffee stations can be.

36.  Bright and Colorful

Bright and Colorful
Source: imagesvc.com

Want to go colorful? Go for it, then. Colorful coffee stations look amazing, too. This coffee station incorporates various bright colors. With a white background, the coffee station surely stands out.

The beauty of this coffee station is that, while it has so many bright colors, it doesn’t look overwhelming.

37.  Pale yet Colorful

Pale yet Colorful
Source: pinimg.com

Perhaps bright colors are not your taste? In that case, you can still go colorful with paler colors.

This coffee station shows how beautiful a coffee station with pale colors. Although the colors don’t stand out too much, they add interesting visual cues to the station.

38. WarmColors

Warm Colors
Source: homebnc.com

A warm-colored coffee station is perfect if you like to enjoy coffee with your beloved ones. You can go colorful with that as well.

Notice the colors in the station. They make the space more interesting, warm, and of course, inviting.

39. Show Off

Show Off
Source: static.onecms.io

There are different ways you can make your coffee station colorful. One of them is to show off your collections of mugs, bottles, and other items.

Notice how the coffee station puts various colorful items on display. This adds beauty and personal touch to the station.

40. Colored Rustic

Colored Rustic
Source: hearstapps.com

Having a rustic coffee station doesn’t mean you are limited to a few colors. In fact, a coffee station can be colorful while still being rustic.

This coffee station is a good example of that. It still gives off a rustic vibe while having different bright colors.

Themed Coffee Bar Ideas

Already have a coffee bar but want it to correspond with the season or holiday? Check out these ideas.

41. Warm Christmas

Warm Christmas
Source: pinimg.com

Christmas is all about joy. And what better way to celebrate it than with a warm coffee station?

This coffee station fills everyone’s needs while at the same time serve as a warm reminder of the joyful holiday. Notice how the small Christmas trees make it lively.

42. Red and White

Red and White
Source: pinimg.com

If you are looking for colorful Christmas coffee station ideas, this one will suit you well. Look how colorful the coffee station is.

It has the colors associated with Christmas: red, white, and green. Definitely a great way to welcome and enjoy the holiday with friends and family.

43. Colorful Christmas

Colorful Christmas
Source: everydaypartymag.com

Speaking of colors, they are not limited to red, white, and green. Other colors can be incorporated, too.

Just take a look at how wonderful this Christmas-themed coffee station is. Besides red, white, and green, it also has pink, fresh, natural wood color, yellow, and even black.

44. Simple but Heartwarming

Simple but Heartwarming
Source: pinimg.com

Christmas is celebrated with family and friends. That doesn’t mean you should go overboard about it. Sometimes, less can be more.

Although this coffee station is not as celebrative as others, it still heartwarming. It is playful, too. Just look at the Christmas tree with mini coffee cups.

45. Inviting and Welcoming

Inviting and Welcoming
Source: pinimg.com

A good coffee bar is one that is inviting and welcoming. This applies especially so during Christmas as you celebrate the holiday with members of your family and closest friends.

This rustic coffee bar gives off an inviting and welcoming vibe. At the same, showing what holiday is being celebrated.

46. Farmhouse and Fall

Farmhouse and Fall
Source: pinimg.com

This coffee bar welcomes the fall season with the farmhouse style. It is the perfect style for the season because it has warm, earthly colors.

In a way, the colors of the coffee bar remind you of the withering leaves in fall.

47. Feel the Warmth

Feel the Warmth
Source: pinimg.com

This is one of the coffee bar ideas that make you feel the warmth just by looking at it, thanks to its colors.

The earth tone colors don’t make the coffee bar stands out like a sore thumb. Yet, it attracts you to come to it and feel the warmth.

48. Spirit of the Season

Spirit of the Season
Source: tasteofhome.com

There are various ways to display the spirit of the season. For fall, for example, one can add withering leaves-like decorations.

This coffee bar exhibits the spirit of the season quite well. Especially so with that pumpkin drawing hanging out.

49. Minimalist yet Warm

Minimalist yet Warm
Source: tasteofhome.com

Just because you want to welcome the season doesn’t mean you have to go all-out with the decorations. Simple decorations can do wonders, too.

This minimalist coffee bar has a few fall-themed decorations, but you can feel how it welcomes the season. It is minimalist yet warm.

50. Simply Welcoming

Simply Welcoming
Source: pinimg.com

Earth tone colors are ideal options if you want to make the space warm. That said, other colors can be incorporated, too.

This kitchen coffee bar still gives off a welcoming vibe despite having a fresh, green-colored wreath instead of a withering-colored one. And thanks to the black and white tablecloth, it feels homey as well.

Find some coffee bar ideas that you like? When it comes to creating a coffee bar, your option is limitless. There are many ways to make it. And of course, adding a personal touch is always a good idea.