50 Functional But Attractive Floating Shelf Ideas For Home

For those looking for a modern display solution for interior, here are 50 floating shelf ideas that are ready to rock the interior.

All ideas you’ll see here are going to turn a boring room to the most stunning room you will ever see.

Outstanding Floating Shelf for Your Living Room

1. Modern Wood Floating Shelf

Modern Wood Floating Shelf
Source: ssl-images-amazon.com

Wood can be an awesome material for the living room’s floating shelf. A unique shaped wooden floating shelf will be a wonderful media to display your collections or some decorations.

This wooden floating shelf will be an awesome house for aromatherapy candles, dried flowers in vase, and the other rustic themed ornaments to complement your living room.

2. Bold Floating Shelf

Bold Floating Shelf
Source: decomation.com

Don’t hesitate to play with colors. Some red touch on your modern floating shelf is going to make it eye-catching. Everyone who just enters the room will notice how beautiful your shelf is.

However, you must adjust the color of your floating shelf with the other colors that already existed in the living room. Pick color that matches the theme of your interior.

3. Rustic Floating Shelf

Rustic Floating Shelf
Source: walmartimages.com

An elegant living room can also benefit from a floating shelf. Use a floating shelf that is made of a combination between woods and irons. Pick the ones with natural color to make it match the rustic.

Brown wood and black iron will match your rustic interior when you complete the floating shelves with fresh green plants that are identical with nature and match the wooden material.

4. L Shaped Floating Shelf

L Shaped Floating Shelf
Source: abeautifulmess.com

Leverage the corner of your living room and use it to mount your L shaped floating shelf. It is going to be a nice spot to display your cactus collection or ornaments that beautify the living room.

If you want to try this idea, you need to measure the space first. Make sure that there is enough space for everyone to walk around the floating shelf without hitting the shelf.

5. Corner Floating Shelf

Corner Floating Shelf
Source: ssl-images-amazon.com

However, if the living room’s corner is just too small for an L shaped floating shelf, you’ll want the triangle shaped shelf or a quarter circle shaped floating shelf to save space while decorating the room.

Even the small quarter circle floating shelves can hold books, stationery, desk calendar, small photo frame, and fresh plant in a ceramic vase. Make sure you mount them firmly to the wall.

6. Log Floating Shelf

Log Floating Shelf
Source: pinimg.com

Floating shelf will be a great complement for the entertainment in your living room. Mount them around your television to complement it. Then you can use the shelf to keep small things or some ornaments.

Since you want everyone to focus on the television, make sure you don’t place something too eye-catching on the shelves or else everyone’s attention will leave the centerpiece of your living room.

7. Artistic Floating Shelf

Artistic Floating Shelf
Source: pinimg.com

Be creative in decorating your living room walls with floating shelves. Instead of mounting a longboard on the wall, consider mounting shelves in a unique shape like these white pentagonal shelving.

Even though you don’t use those shelves to display something, their unique shape is enough to decorate your living room. You can also opt for the other colors for a more colorful living room.

8. 3D Floating Shelf

3D Floating Shelf
Source: alicdn.com

Or you can make it look alive by mounting a 3D hexagonal floating shelf with bold color on the neutral colored living room wall. Place some décor inside the 3D shelving to make it look more alive.

This floating shelf comes in various color options. You can combine them all in your living room or pick one that the color matches your living room interior the most.

9. Classic Floating Shelf

Classic Floating Shelf
Source: ssl-images-amazon.com

Floating shelf can be a storage as well. Some floating shelves are completed with drawers that you can pull to open them. Use those drawers to hide little things from your guests.

Then use the top of floating shelving with drawers to display some decorations or collections. This way will make your guests focus on the ornaments instead of the drawers and what’s inside them.

10. Chic Gold Floating Shelf

Chic Gold Floating Shelf
Source: alicdn.com

You can use a floating shelf in all living room types. Industrial living rooms for example, can benefit from round iron floating shelves in gold. It looks elegant while providing enough space to put your ornaments.

Even without anything on the shelving, this round gold floating shelf is enough to enhance the adorable look of your living room. Place something that the color matches the gold of this floating shelf.

11. Cloud Floating Shelf

Cloud Floating Shelf
Source: media-amazon.com

Also, you are allowed to combine your modern floating shelf with another ornament. This idea is going to help you create a sky on the living room wall with white shelf and yellow moon wall ornament.

The white floating shelf will be the cloud holding everything you put on it. Blue painted wall will act as the sky where the moon and cloud are hanging. This idea is also perfect for a kids’ room.

12. Pastel Floating Shelf

Pastel Floating Shelf
Source: ssl-images-amazon.com

Neutral colors are not the only options you can apply for your floating shelf. Be brave in using other colors such as this sky-blue floating shelf made of wood.

Or pick any other color you love to color the floating shelf. But keep in your mind that the color of your floating shelf should not destroy the harmony of your living room.

13. White Floating Shelf

White Floating Shelf
Source: hgtvhome.com

But if you believe that white is the best color for your floating shelves, then decorate those shelves with bold colors. Colorful books displayed on your white floating shelves will add more beauty to the room.

Or you can display your own colorful collections like colorful toys, colorful chinaware, colorful flower paintings, or anything else that will eliminate the boring look of your white floating shelves.

Extraordinary Floating Shelf Ideas for Bedrooms

1. Hanging Wooden Shelf

Hanging Wooden Shelf
Source: shopify.com

Bedroom is another room where you can mount or hang a floating shelf. For a chic bedroom, this unique hanging shelf above the headboard can hold small beautiful ornaments.

Since it is hung on the wall, it can easily swing when you accidentally touch it. So, make sure you don’t place something made of glass or ceramic on the shelf.

2. Matching Floating Shelf

Matching Floating Shelf
Source: roomandboard.com

Or you can mount a wooden floating shelf on the wall above the bedside tables. Just make sure they look match with the bedside tables so your bedroom interior won’t look weird.

For example, if your bedside tables are made of hardwood, pick floating shelves made from the same material and that have the same color. This collaboration will enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

3. Shabby Styled Floating Shelf

Shabby Styled Floating Shelf
Source: pinimg.com

Besides, the floating shelf must also be adjusted to the theme of your bedroom. If your room has a vintage theme, use faded woods to create the floating shelves.

4. Multipurpose Floating Shelf

Multipurpose Floating Shelf
Source: pinimg.com

Make your bedroom’s floating shelf multipurpose by adding some hooks under the wooden shelf. You can leverage the hooks to hang some extra ornaments or other stuff.

Some plants can be placed on top of the floating shelf. Then some other can be hung under the floating shelf. This makes your bedroom looks more natural with lots of plants above your bed.

5. Headboard Floating Shelf

Headboard Floating Shelf
Source: pinimg.com

A floating shelf above your headboard can carry everything, including fresh green plants. Those plants will beautify the room while providing fresher air. Just make sure you keep them fresh and alive.

6. Minimalist Floating Shelf

Minimalist Floating Shelf
Source: pinimg.com

Or if you really love reading, a minimalist floating shelf above your headboard can hold your favorite books. You can get them easily every time you want to read something.

But don’t just place books on the shelving. You need to add some decorations to make the shelf look more attractive. Consider a fresh living plant or cactus to spread some color between the neutrals.

7. Creative Floating Shelf

Creative Floating Shelf
Source: pinimg.com

If you really love floating shelves, you can combine some designs together. This room is combining long grey floating shelves with brown hexagonal floating shelves and still look awesome.

8. Floating Shelf with Drawers

Floating Shelf with Drawers
Source: ssl-images-amazon.com

Floating shelf with a drawer is also a great option for a bedroom. Use the drawers to hide some stuff like your magazines in order to keep the room looking neat and organized.

This is going to leave you a clear top on your shelving. The top can be used to place ornaments or useful stuff like a table clock and calendar.

9. Floating Bedside Table

Floating Bedside Table
Source: pinimg.com

Here is an inspiration for those who have very limited space in the bedroom. A floating bedside table will be an excellent alternative. It helps hold some stuff without taking floor space.

10. Glamour Floating Shelf

Glamour Floating Shelf
Source: pinimg.com

Floating shelves will be a brilliant replacement for bedside tables. They can hold your desk lamp, ornaments, plant vase, mirror, and the other things you need in your bedroom.

Make your elegant bedroom look more luxurious by using floating shelves that have white basic color with gold ornaments. The touch of gold is enough to maximize the beauty of your master bedroom.

11. Industrial Floating Shelf

Industrial Floating Shelf
Source: media-amazon.com

For an industrial themed bedroom, a gold iron floating shelf can be a beautiful ornament. But it must not stand alone. Gold iron ornaments on the table will match the shelf beautifully.

12. Long Floating Shelf

Long Floating Shelf
Source: pinimg.com

If you have some favorite you want to display in the bedroom, pick a long floating shelf that connects two walls. Then add some hooks under the shelf where you can hang your favorite shirts.

Then use the top of your floating shelf to place accessories like your favorite scarfs or jewelry. Or you can simply place some plants in white vases on top of your floating shelving.

13. Dramatic Floating Shelf

Dramatic Floating Shelf
Source: pinimg.com

Above the headboard is the most common space to mount a floating shelf. But you can mount your shelves on both sides of your bed. Add some lighting effect to create a more dramatic look.

14. Floating Wooden Table

Floating Wooden Table
Source: pinimg.com

For a more unique bedroom, consider mounting a floating bedside table like this one. The top of this floating shelf works as a tabletop while the space under the top works as storage.

Since this floating shelf doesn’t have a door to hide what you place in it, make sure you always keep the stuff you place in the floating shelf neat and organized.

15. Floating Dressing Table

Floating Dressing Table
Source: ssl-images-amazon.com

Floating dressing table is a brilliant idea, especially for a smaller bedroom. The floating dressing table allows you to hide your makeup inside the drawers under the tabletop.

Beautiful Floating Shelf Ideas for Kitchens

1. Wooden Floating Racks

Wooden Floating Racks
Source: shopify.com

When you’re going to mount wooden floating shelves to your kitchen, pick woods that match the other element of the room. For example, this kitchen has floating shelves that match the chopping board.

You can match your floating shelf with the other element of the room. For example, you can mount a floating shelf that is made of stainless steel to match the oven and fridge in the kitchen.

2. Simple Wood Floating Shelf

Simple Wood Floating Shelf
Source: walnutwoodworks.com

Where are you going to mount the floating shelves? They can decorate your kitchen and hold your chinaware at once. Mount them on the wall around your cooking hood.

3. Grey Kitchen Shelf

Grey Kitchen Shelf
Source: decorstyles.com

They can also be mounted between your kitchen cabinets. A cabinet above the sink may bother your activity. But floating shelves won’t do the same. They hold things without bothering you.

If you’re planning to mount a floating shelf on the wall above your sink or working area, make sure that your head won’t hit the shelf. Consider the height of people who work in the kitchen all the time.

4. Long Floating Racks

Long Floating Racks
Source: biggerthanthreeofus.com

Or you can mount them along the kitchen wall. Those floating shelves can hold your herbs and decorations together. Pick shelves that match the kitchen countertop.

5. Additional Floating Shelf

Additional Floating Shelf
Source: thekitchencompany.com

If you need both kitchen cabinets and floating shelves, combine them. Mount your floating shelves under the kitchen cabinets and you’ll get extra decorative storage for the room.

Keep the heavier things inside the cabinets and place the lighter ones on the floating shelf. Cabinets are stronger than floating shelves. Besides, cabinets have doors to hold everything inside.

6. Metal Floating Shelf

Metal Floating Shelf
Source: shopify.com

When looking for a kitchen floating shelf, pick one that looks unique but matches your kitchen interior. For an industrial kitchen, this black floating shelf made of iron is the best. It goes well with white interior.

7. Narrow Floating Shelf

Narrow Floating Shelf
Source: pinimg.com

Make your floating shelf more useful than the ones in the other rooms by adding some hooks under your wooden floating shelves. Use those hooks to hang some ceramic cups.

Hang the cups on the lowest shelf so that they will not bother the other stuff you place on top of the floating shelves. You can build this floating shelving on your upcoming do it yourself project.

8. Modern Kitchen Floating Shelf

Modern Kitchen Floating Shelf
Source: thekitchencompany.com

Floating shelves go well with modern kitchens as well. As long as you pick minimalist shelves and complete them with dramatic lighting effects, they’ll complete your modern kitchen flawlessly.

9. Floating Shelf with Bar

Floating Shelf with Bar
Source: ebayimg.com

Wooden floating shelf with black iron bars is a wonderful solution for the kitchen. The bars will make sure that your chinaware is always safe, none of them will fall down and break.

The combination between the brown color of the wooden shelf and black color of the iron bars makes the floating shelf perfect for industrial and rustic themed kitchens.

10. Small Firm Floating Shelf

Small Firm Floating Shelf
Source: ssn-images-amazon.com

Floating shelf usually is used to carry small stuff. But if you want it to hold heavier stuff like a microwave, make sure the shelf is strong enough. Add strong supports so it won’t easily break.

11. Blue Floating Shelf

Blue Floating Shelf
Source: hgtvhome.com

Small kitchens usually have white everywhere. If your kitchen is also dominated by white, go get blue colored floating shelves and place some colorful chinaware on them to beautify your kitchen.

Or pick any floating shelf in your favorite color. White is a special color that goes really well with any other color you choose. So, don’t hesitate to spread any color you desire on your floating shelf.

12. Iron Floating Shelf

Iron Floating Shelf
Source: pushauction.com

When looking for a floating shelf you’re about to mount in the kitchen, consider a multipurpose floating shelf. This shelf gives you space to hang hand towels and some spatulas under the shelving.

13. Island Floating Shelf

Island Floating Shelf
Source: pinimg.com

Do you know that a floating shelf is an excellent room separator? It can separate your kitchen and dining space. Mount your shelf on the ceiling above the kitchen island between kitchen and dining area.

Since this kind of floating shelf will not lean on the wall, you must make sure that your floating shelf holds on the ceiling firmly and strongly so that it can carry lots of chinaware securely.

14. Coffee Corner Floating Shelf

Coffee Corner Floating Shelf
Source: pinimg.com

A drink corner in your kitchen is the right place to mount a floating shelf. Use the shelf to hold the cups, glasses, tea, coffee, sugar, creamer, and the others. It will be the nicest drink corner.

15. Pipes Floating Shelf

Pipes Floating Shelf
Source: pinimg.com

Here is the most unique industrial themed floating shelf for the kitchen. It uses the combination between woods and pipes. You can place some wines on the shelf and hang some wine glasses under it.

Or you can use this kind of floating shelf to show some industrial themed decorations. Be creative in decorating this special floating shelf in your kitchen.

Creative Floating Shelf Ideas for Bathrooms

1. Toilet Floating Shelf

Toilet Floating Shelf
Source: homedit.com

There are many ways to use a floating shelf in your bathroom. First one is mounting floating shelves on the wall above your toilet. Use the wall above your toilet to display towel, décor, or bathroom stuff.

Just make sure that the floating shelves are firmly mounted on the wall so that they won’t fall and hurt anyone who is using the toilet. If possible, don’t place heavy things on your floating shelves.

2. Bathtub Floating Shelf

Bathtub Floating Shelf
Source: pinimg.com

Second best place to mount your floating shelves is on the wall above your bathtub. Spending the rest of the day relaxing in the bathtub is everyone’s favorite. It will be more fun with the floating shelves.

You can use the floating shelf to place your towels, so when you’re done using the tub, you can reach the towel easily without leaving the tub. This helps keep the floor dry and clean.

The floating shelf can also hold some aromatherapy candles. The candles help you relax more while using the bathtub. Place them on the floating shelves along with some other decorations.

3. Shower Floating Shelf

Shower Floating Shelf
Source: pinterest.com

Next, mount your floating shelf on the corner of your shower area. There are lots of floating shelves in L shape, triangle shape, and a quarter circle shape you can choose to complete your shower.

Those floating shelves will ease your activity in the shower by holding your shampoo, soap, and other stuff you will need every time you take shower. Some floating shelves even have hooks.

The hook under the shelving can be leveraged to hang your towels. Now you can reach the towel quickly after shower, no need to leave the shower area and make the floor wet after shower.

4. Modern Floating Sink

Modern Floating Sink
Source: bigbathroomshop.co.uk

Want to make your bathroom looks more modern like a hotel bathroom? Then you must try the floating countertop. With a sink on top of it, your bathroom is going to look sleeker and more beautiful.

The space around the sink can hold many things like bathroom decorations. Mount some other floating shelves where you can place your toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand soap, and the other needs.

Just keep everything around the sink clean in order to maintain the beauty of this minimalist floating countertop with white sink.

5. Floating Mirror Cabinet

Floating Mirror Cabinet
Source: ikea.com

If your bathroom is not a modern themed bathroom and the floating countertop will look weird in it, use whatever sink you desire. But pick a floating cabinet with a mirror and mount it above the sink.

This floating shelf idea will help hiding many things behind the mirror doors. Pick one that the color matches your bathroom sink and the other storage in the room.

6. Floating Glass Shelves

Floating Glass Shelves
Source: pinimg.com

Glass is a beautiful material that is used to make floating shelves. These floating shelves made of glass will be perfect for modern bathrooms. Mount them on the wall above your bathroom sink.

They will hold towels, soaps, shampoos, and everything else you need when you use the bathroom. Keep the glass clean and dry so that they will last longer and will always beautify your bathroom.

7. Floating Bathroom Shelf

Floating Bathroom Shelf
Source: pinimg.com

Last idea about a floating shelf in the bathroom is mounting some floating shelves on an open wall. Unfortunately, this idea is for those who have extra space in the bathroom.

If your bathroom has an extra wall where you can place decorations, leverage the wall to mount some floating shelves that you can use to place ornaments or bathroom stuff.

Make sure you mount the floating shelves after all bathroom furniture finds the place so you won’t have to dismount the shelves just because there is a lack of space.

Which one of many floating shelf ideas match your interior? Don’t hesitate to try one or some of them at home. Or save those ideas so that you can check them out later when you need some inspiration.