50 Stair Railing Ideas for More Appealing Home Interior

Want to improve the staircase look but still haven’t got any clue? There is an abundance of stair railing ideas available that help you to get some inspiration.

Starting from wrought iron to glass railing, you will get the idea which is a perfect one for your home.

Opting for the right railing is essential not only for the stair itself but also for the whole view of the home.

Besides, the feel you want to highlight in the house can be stronger with the right choice of stair railing. Let’s dig deeper into the following great inspirations of a stairway railing.

50 Stair Railing Ideas

1. Detailed wrought iron railing

Detailed wrought iron railing
Source: pinimg.com

Highlighting the detail of the wrought iron railing can make the stair awesome.

The curvy design combined with stunningly detailed shafts joined together with embellished brackets create a remarkable focal point on any house.

Some homeowners may add protection by installing a simple wrought iron handrail in the inner walls of the stair.

2. Ornate wrought iron railing with Italian style

Ornate wrought iron railing with Italian style
Source: pinimg.com

Wrought iron railing is great to bring a western look to home such as Italian style.

This ornamental railing creates a dramatic look as opposed to the neutral walls on the surrounding area. Besides, the black color of the railing serves as a perfect pair of ebony floors that strengthen the Italian style.

3. Intricately-carved iron railing

Intricatelycarved iron railing

The iron railing carved intricately can draw everyone’s attention especially if the stair is located close to the window.

Dark curvy railings installed above the white flooring is effective to accentuate the architecture of the home. Since the design of the railing itself is artsy, you don’t require any embellishment to make it appealing.

4. Grand iron railing with elegant design

Grand iron railing with elegant design
Source: pinimg

Elegantly designed posts on iron railing serve a sophisticated look as well as with its slight curves at the starting step. This stylish iron railing offers a counterbalance to the wood material used for stair treads.

Grand iron railing becomes one of the great stair railing ideas for any homeowners who want to create a comfortable ambiance at home and looking for a good complement for elegant furniture.

5. Wrought iron railing with a touch of Mexican style

Wrought iron railing with a touch of Mexican style
Source: pinterest.com

Providing a warm atmosphere in the house can be done by combining a wrought iron stair railing with wooden treads. Add the colors to space by choosing Mexican-styled tiles for the risers of a staircase.

Installing terracotta tiles for floor area below the stair look welcoming not only for homeowners but also for a guest who comes into the house.

6. Decorative iron railing with gold accents

Decorative iron railing with gold accents
Source: pinimg.com

If you want to create a luxurious look inside your home, installing a decorative wrought iron railing will never fail. Add gold accents on the handrails and railing carvings to bring it to the next level.

This kind of railing will make your home or foyer look grand and lavish at the same time especially if you paired it with a magnificent chandelier.

7. Classic iron railing in Spanish style

Classic iron railing in Spanish style
Source: hzcdn.com

Don’t want too many decorations on the stair railing? Just go trying classic iron railing with contemporary Spanish patterns to provide a clean and fresh look.

This railing design is not only a good pairing for wooden stair steps but also a simple lantern pendant hanging from the ceiling.

8. Custom-design iron railing in elegant entrance

Custom-design iron railing in elegant entrance
Source: demiandashton.org

Do you want to provide a dramatic appeal on the second-floor entrance?

Ordering custom-designed iron railing works the best to match the wooden stairs and their surrounding furnishings. The exceptional pattern of the railing both looks sophisticated and welcoming for anyone who passes the stair.

9. Curvy black iron railing

Curvy black iron railing
Source: beleezaacaibar.com

If you have a curvy stairway at home, you can try a stair railing that pairs the dark-polished wooden handrail and black iron posts that decorated with simple details.

Dark color applied on the stair railing and steps offer both crisp and contemporary appearance. Meanwhile, the simple decorations on the railing posts offer an opulence feel.

10. Frame-patterned iron railing for a foyer

Framepatterned iron railing for a foyer
Source: pinterest.com

One of the interesting stair railing ideas, when you use wrought iron material, is to go for a simple design.

Try using wrought iron railing with frames pattern combined wooden treads to the passage into the second floor. When this stair is located in any foyer, it provides an inviting look to anyone who gets through this area.

11. Simple-designed iron railing

Simple designed iron railing
Source: pinimg.com

Still stick to the simplicity, straight shafts feature simple details combined with a slim handrail that offers light traffic upstairs as well as a peaceful atmosphere.

When you have an open and spacious area at home, this stair design is getting along with the interior will instead of upset it. Although the design is slim and simple, you can still add weight to the visual by polishing the railing in a dark tone.

12. Handsome wooden-carved railing

Handsome wooden carved railing
Source: 1stdibscdn.com

Using wood as the material for the stair adds a sense of grand to the two-story passageway.

The wooden posts that are carved handsomely match well with bulky carved shafts and wide handrails. To avoid an overwhelming look in this area, you can design the other side of the stair with a wood-paneled wall.

13. Curving walnut railing

Curving walnut railing
Source: pinterest.com

A smoothly curving stair made from wooden material catches the viewpoint of any house.

Wood handrail partnered with frames-designed balusters creates a charming look, particularly if it is complemented with wooden furniture or seating under the stair. The whole wooden material used in the stair gives the house 1900’s style.

14. Salvaged doors railing

Salvaged doors railing
Source: pinterest.de

If you keen on wooden material and want to make it fantastic, try salvaged doors to replace common stair railing. To create this railing, you need to restore several panel doors and combine them with barn wood posts.

This railing exudes a masculine feel inside your home and more satisfyingly, you don’t spend much money because the materials are reusable.

15. Exceptional crafted-wood railing

Exceptional crafted wood railing
Source: pinimg.com

If you prefer a contemporary style, you can use a different design for your wooden stair railing. Brings another dimension to the room by crafting the wood into a brick-like arrangement.

You can just leave it in its natural color or paint it with your preferred colors to achieve a unique and fancy appearance.

16. Antique wooden railing

Beach style ropes railing
Source: thesweetbeastblog.com

To give an antique look to the two-story entryway, use wooden material to the whole part of the stair and leave it unpainted.

This design is one of the wooden stair railing ideas that highlight the natural grain of woods and its carvings effectively. The wood newel posts on its edge also show a rich natural stain tone.

17. Sturdy white wooden railing

Sturdy white wooden railing
Source: pinimg.com

Stairway railing with a sturdy design is great to provide great protection and minimize any potential danger at home.

Paneled railing complemented with white-polished handrail gives charming look. Handholds that are presented from the first to the end step are safe for children at home.

18. Wood railing with cottage-style

Wood railing with cottage style
Source: extremecdn.com

Wood shafts that joined into woodblock posts not only provide custom style but also make it sturdier.

The white railing suit the best with the wall on its opposite side painted in a similar color. The dark wood floor below gives a balanced look to the neutral staircase area.

19. Staircase railing with luxurious design

Staircase railing with luxurious design
Source: pinimg.com

Going lavish on staircase area using wood is possible.

Combine lightly craved balusters with a black-colored handrail to add a sense of luxury inside your house. The fluted newel post painted similarly to the railings also gives it a timeless look.

20. White railing for airy feel

White railing for airy feel
Source: alicdn.com

When it comes to stair railing ideas, choosing the one that can blend with the home interior occasionally is more important.

Slim shafts, simple handrails, and square posts painted in white colors look the best in a monochromatic home. Besides, it comes with a simple design that anyone can achieve.

21. Wood railing with trim

Wood railing with trim
Source: extremehowto.com

Upgrade the look of a regular wooden stairway by adding trim.

Trim that puts underneath the treads present a dimension on this space. Both railing and trim that are painted in white color give a fresh mid-century modern look to the house.

22. Victorian-style stair railing

Victorian style stair railing
Source: pinimg.com

Victorian-style is another option to go if you use wood to make the railing.

Use dark brown color to paint the paneled posts of the stairs and its handrail. Then, use a white color to paint the railings so that the space remains bright.

23. Traditional stairway railing design

Traditional stairway railing design
Source: pinimg.com

Wooden material represents the best of traditional design.

White simple balusters match well with dark brown wood handrail, newel post, and treads. This design is simple but the combination of crisp white and a deep stain of natural wood offers gleam in the room.

24. High-gloss painted railing

High gloss painted railing
Source: pinterest.ca

The traditional wood stairway can be transformed into a more dramatic look by painting the railing with contrast colors.

Use high-gloss black color to polish newel posts and treads. Meanwhile, go for white color to paint the shafts and risers or stairs.

25. A pop up of jet black on the railing

A pop up of jet black on the railing
Source: designs.generalfinishes.com

Using a jet black color to the posts and handrail can turn a basic railing to appear fresher.

The contrast look comes by complementing that dark color with white shafts, riser, and the natural stain of hardwood flooring. However, updating the stair railing into this look is a great option if you want modern stair railing ideas.

26. Floating wood railing

Floating wood railing
Source: hg-images.condecdn.net

Let’s for fancier wooden railing design by creating floating treads with dark paint square in the middle of each.

This serves as a good complement for crisp white vertical railings leading up the second floor. This floating wood railing gives a sense of mid-century and fresh appeal.

27. Cottage floating railing

Cottage floating railing
Source: pinimg.com

Still can’t get over to the floating design, then you can try to use a square-wooden block for the floating treads. Use a similar material for the handrail and combined it with white simple balusters.

The combination of simple design and natural material doesn’t provide a pure cottage look but exudes a little bit of modernity.

28. Natural-inspired railing design

Natural inspired railing design
Source: custom-firescreens.com

Include a natural look into the staircase by pairing wood railing with branches-shaped shafts. That combination revives the passage into the second floor with a soft and living look. The risers can be made in an open design to support the modern design of a home.

29. Metal railing design

Metal railing design
Source: shopify.com

The simple look of metal look is perfect to add to any staircase that wants to stick with contemporary style.

Use clean-lines stair railing to enhance the stairway visual appeal. The main balusters that arranged with horizontal smaller metal pieces increase the aesthetic of the space.

30. Black metal stair railing

Black metal stair railing
Source: glmetalfab.com

This railing is designed with horizontal lines that connect one balustrade to the other.

Both the balustrades and horizontal lines are made from black metal gives a simple and neat look to the upward space. This simple black metal riling works well with hardwood flooring.

31. Metal staircase anchors railing

Metal staircase anchors railing
Source: shopify.com

Staircase anchors railing from black metal looks eye-catching as a focal point of modern and open space in the home. The neutral color of the balusters and the natural look of the wooden handrail exudes a unity feeling in an airy space.

Even though dark colors of metal and wood are used in the staircase, they don’t look too overpowering because the white walls help to balance the look of the space.

32. Minimalist metal stair railing


Minimalist metal stair railing
Source: shopify.com

Creating a minimalist look in any home is easier with metal, not to mention when it comes to stair railing ideas.

Balustrades, horizontal lines, and handrail, all bring simple design and are made from black metal that result in a clean and minimalist look. The surrounding walls which are painted in white color give a clean impression to the space.

33. Contemporary wood and metal railing

Contemporary wood and metal railing
Source: made-in-china.com

Metal railing serves as a good counterpart for contemporary stairs made from wood.

The railing that consists of metal shafts connected with wires and round metal handrails give a sense of an industrial look. This sleek railing design looks good in any neutral space at home.

34. Modern-eclectic metal railing

Modern eclectic metal railing
Source: metalworkslondon.com

A modern metal railing provides great support for metal beams that towered to the high ceiling.

The simple design of the metal railing with only slim vertical shafts and horizontal lines creates a clean appearance. If you want to spice up the space, you can paint some walls with vivid colors.

35. Ship-style steel railing

Ship style steel railing
Source: europeancabinets.com

Get inspiration from the ship’s railing by bending the balustrade that connects one landing to another.

Horizontal lines that extend from the balustrades invite a refined dimension that gets along with the sleek concept of a stairway. Glass risers enable the natural light to reflect the surrounding space.

36. Metal baluster with cable railing

Metal baluster with cable railing
Source: trinitystairs.com

Cable railing sync with modern home with open space.

The cables that are installed between balusters provide a clean and simple look to the room. This railing can be paired with floating wooden blocks for the treads.

37. Industrial-style wire railing

Industrial style wire railing
Source: glmetalfab.com

Horizontal wire railing that connects the stair posts to improve security to space.

Besides, it keeps the open feel to any space in the house. The simple metal handrail on its top offers both industrial and contemporary touches.

38. Zig-zag wire railing for sleek look

Zig zag wire railing for sleek look
Source: yimg.com

The combination of metal posts with horizontal wires is perfect for a home that applied a modern style.

Not only make the space feel open and spacious due to less traffic, but it also gives sleek look from the clean lines of a railing. The zig-zag design of stairways provides a level of space as wells.

39. Elegant glass railing

Elegant glass railing
Source: pinimg.com

Glass is one of the favorite materials in stair railing ideas because it brings both elegant and fantastic appeal.

If you want to use just glass for the stair railing, make sure to make its edge round for security. It’s important to avoid accidents particularly with children at the home.

40. Metal and glass railing

Metal and glass railing
Source: pinimg.com

Pairing metal and glass for stairway railing will never fail in your home interior.

The metal posts and handrails offer a sturdy and bold feel. Meanwhile, the vertical glasses that connect the posts come with a clean and chic appearance.

41. Refined rustic railing

Refined rustic railing
Source: pinimg.com

The contrast between glass and wood creates a unique railing design.

Transparent plexiglass panels that secured iron hardware get a contemporary touch from the wooden handrail. Reclaimed barn wood that is used for steps adds texture to the room.

42. Minimalist glass railing

Minimalist glass railing
Source: specializedstairs.com

Stick to simplicity when you want to design a staircase for your contemporary home.

You only need two posts and install one of them at the bottom and another at the upper wall. Then, install plexiglass panels between those two posts for providing extra safety.

The posts and handrail are created from dark grey stained wood which is quite affordable. With the square shape, this railing has crisp and clean lines that become a highlight for a contemporary style.

43. Wood and clear glass railing

Wood and clear glass railing
Source: onestopstairshop.co.uk

Create a strikingly modern view at home by partnering clear glass railing with wooden posts and handrails.

The white floating steps match well with the glass railing as well as give a clean and bright look. The combination of white and black color in this space results in a monochromatic style.

Since the white color is also applied for the flooring, put a dark grey rug on the floor to add soft contrast look underneath the staircase. The glass sliding doors allow the natural light to come inside which makes the room brighter.

44. Warm and sleek glass railing

Warm and sleek glass railing
Source: pinimg.com

You can extend the use of wooden flooring to the staircase.

Use a similar wood material for the steps and handrail of the stairway for a warm ambiance. Then, add the sleek look by installing glass panels in the wooden frame railing.

45. Concrete stair with glass railing

Concrete stair with glass railing
Source: pinterest.com

The glass railing that is secured to the concrete stairs looks unique.

The wooden treads installed above the concrete stairs also strengthen the contemporary style. These are just great stair railing ideas that can make any space stands out.

46. Galvanized pipes railing

Galvanized pipes railing
Source: pinimg.com

Turn unused materials to be more useful by including them in your interior decoration. For instance, use galvanized pipes as an alternative option to create a wonderful staircase railing in your indoor living space.

Combine these horizontal galvanized pipes with wood pots to get both a warm and sturdy look to the second-floor passageway.

47. Playful copper railing

Playful copper railing
Source: futurecdn.net

Redesign the original staircase by applying walnut wood to its steps. Use the walnut to cover the walls that face the stair along the upward passage for a more inviting look.

Copper poles that install from the floor to the ceiling create a unique railing to the staircase and can be used as space partition.

The warm feel from copper and walnut work best for a room with a neutral color.

The white walls and beams not only balance the space but also create a brighter look. Add a playful touch to the staircase area by hanging some lanterns.

48. Tension wires railing

Tension wires railing
Source: pinterest.com

Going into a more exceptional design, floor-to-ceiling tension wires that are arranged from one landing to another provide extra protection to the staircase.

They also serve as a transparent wall or partition when you don’t want to use a heavy railing. Tension wires railing adds a sense of industrial look to a home space which is design in a contemporary style.

49. Beach-style ropes railing

Beach style ropes railing
Source: pinterest.com

Get inspiration from nautical decorations for your stair railing is effective to attract people’s attention.

Paint the wood steps and posts with white color and connect the posts with ropes to give fresher look for an indoor staircase. The ropes stair railing gives a sensation like you are at the port.

50. Traditional Oak stair railing

Traditional Oak stair railing
Source: pinterest.ca

A finely carved oak stair railing brings both a classic and elegant feel to any home. The oak wood that is used to a whole part of the stair creates a sturdy and warm look. Besides, it serves as a great focal point in a hallway.

Choosing the right staircase railing design can make your home interior more appealing.

Take into account the overall design of the house to find out the best railing design for your home. Otherwise, determine what can of atmosphere you want to create for the second-level entryway.

Before begin in designing the staircase railing, equip yourself with information about what kind of materials can be used to create a railing.

Not to mention, how to combine with other material and how to sync them with the interior design. A perfect stairway railing can be obtained by exploring stair railing ideas.