15 Types of Ceilings For Every Ceiling Heights

The ceiling is an important part of a house. Yet, it is often overlooked. After all, what does it matter?

The thing is, well, it does matter. It completes the look of the house. Looking for the ideal ceiling for your house? Check out our list of types of ceilings below.

1. Conventional Ceiling

Conventional Ceiling
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Let’s start the list with what we are most familiar with the conventional ceiling. Just because it has “conventional” in its name, doesn’t mean it has to be ordinary or plain.

On the contrary, a conventional ceiling can look extraordinary. Just take a look at this conventional ceiling here. Notice how it accentuates the white, sleek-looking kitchen here.

The lighting makes an interesting focal point. What is great about a conventional ceiling is that it is easy to decorate with molding and lighting styles. Best of all, a conventional ceiling is relatively inexpensive.

It is not a surprise if the conventional ceiling is among the best types of ceilings if you are on a budget. You do, however, need to add some lighting style and/or molding to make it more attractive.

2. Drop Ceiling

Drop Ceiling
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Next, the drop ceiling. Also known as a suspended ceiling, this type of ceiling hides things like hardware, piping, wiring, ductwork, damage, and anything that the homeowner doesn’t want to see when looking up.

The drop ceiling is a bit different from the conventional ceiling. It is an extra layer of ceiling covering an existing one. This type of ceiling can often be seen in offices, although it does look great in a house, too.

If you are into industrial décor, then a drop ceiling is without a doubt one of the types of ceilings you want to check out. Just look at how industrial-looking the ceiling above.

3. Tray Ceiling

Tray Ceiling
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The third one on our types of ceilings list is the tray or recessed ceiling. In a way, the tray ceiling is the opposite of the drop ceiling. While drop ceiling “moves” down, tray ceiling “moves” up.

It got its name because it looks like an upside-down tray, as you can see here. What makes the tray ceiling amazing is how it introduces texture in the room. The ceiling also opens up the space.

If you have a small space, a tray ceiling is definitely a solid option. It opens up the space, making it feels less cramped. Not to mention it can be made even more dramatic by adding decorative moldings on it.

4. Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling
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Looking for types of ceilings that add depth and drama to the space? If so, then look no further than the coffered ceiling. Yes, those ceilings that remind you of a waffle.

This ceiling consists of a grid of sunken panels, hence the waffle-like pattern. This type of ceiling is often found in high-end and luxury homes as well as public buildings.

The dramatic look of a coffered ceiling can be enhanced further by lighting, like the one you see above.

5. Vaulted Ceiling

Vaulted Ceiling
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Vaulted ceilings are technically an umbrella term for elevated ceilings like the cathedral, groin, and barrel vault ceilings. When we say a vaulted ceiling, we refer to the basic type of elevated ceiling.

This one here is a good example of a basic elevated ceiling. Because of its steady and gradual elevation, it clears up the space, making it appear bigger and less cramped.

At the same time, it brings a character to the space. The best thing about a vaulted ceiling is that it gives you the opportunity to add some dynamic styles to it.

If you have a small space, one of the best types of ceilings you can choose is a vaulted ceiling.

6. Cove Ceiling

Cove Ceiling
Source: happyhautehome.com

Cove ceilings are among the types of ceilings that can be applied differently. There are just so many applications of the style. Still, the main idea is the same: the ceiling gradually elevates to the center.

How the design and the elevation is can vary from one ceiling to another. In some ceilings, the elevation is steep. In some others, it is more gradual.

This one here is a cove ceiling with gradual elevation to the center. It only has a step upward but notice how the moldings are moving to the center in a gradual manner.

7. Cathedral Ceiling

Cathedral Ceiling
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A cathedral ceiling consists of two equally sloping sides with the two meetings in the middle of a room. Lookswise, the cathedral ceiling looks like an inverted V.

The cathedral ceiling is among the types of ceilings that make the space looks spacious and airy. If you are looking for such a ceiling, the cathedral ceiling certainly a solid option.

As you can see, this ceiling looks classy and just fabulous. The thing is, it is not the best option if you want a second floor as this type of ceiling does eat up space.

8. Shed Ceiling

Shed Ceiling
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This one is one of the simplest types of ceilings on the list. Don’t be mistaken, however. Simplicity doesn’t mean it looks plain or boring. Far from that, actually.

Shed ceilings are ceilings that move upward from a lower point. Shed ceilings only have one leg. Shed ceilings are commonly applied for the attics, although they can also be applied in living spaces, too.

You can see here the upward movement is slow and gradual. The ceiling looks simple but fantastic, especially with windows placed directly underneath it.

9. Beam Ceiling

Beam Ceiling
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For some people, exposing the beams on the ceiling is a no-no. For some others, it is a solid décor style option. That is why beamed ceilings are quite popular.

If you are into adding a rustic vibe to your home, a beamed ceiling is certainly one of the best types of ceilings for you to choose from.

Notice how the rustic beamed ceiling here contrasts with the walls. This creates an interesting focal point that captures attention. It makes the whole kitchen look a lot more stylish.

10. Tall Ceiling

Tall Ceiling
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The ceiling in the picture above is a good example of how a tall ceiling looks. How do you feel about it?

The average height of ceilings is 8 feet high. Tall ceilings are higher than that. The question is, what makes tall ceilings so appealing?

The answer lies in the comfort and positive feeling that tall ceilings give.

When you see a tall ceiling, you can feel its openness and spaciousness. If you see the picture above and feel positive feelings, now you know why.

11. Exposed Ceiling

Exposed Ceiling
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Having an exposed ceiling surely is not everyone. But if you are looking for types of ceilings that look industrial, it certainly is a solid option for you.

An exposed ceiling, like this one here, is the complete opposite of a dropped ceiling. A dropped ceiling conceals things whereas an exposed ceiling, well, exposes them.

Notice how the insides of a ceiling are exposed here. You can see the fixtures, the airways, and even the metal structures. It is as industrial as it can be.

12. Dome Ceiling

Dome Ceiling
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If types of ceilings that look dramatic are what you want, consider dome ceilings. Originally, dome ceilings are mostly used for solariums and gazebos, nowadays they can be found in any area in the house.

Dome ceilings are ceilings with a half-sphere shape. Some dome ceilings occupy the entire room, some others only occupy a part of a room. Either way, a dome ceiling looks amazing.

The best thing about dome ceilings is that they can be further decorated with decorative paint, diffused lighting, and a chandelier. A dome ceiling looks dramatic in itself and these things will highlight it further.

13. Tin Ceiling

Tin Ceiling
Source: advancedbuildingmaterials.com

There aren’t many types of ceilings that can bring a touch of nostalgia than tin ceilings. If you don’t believe it, just take a look at the ceiling above. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Tin ceilings originated in the 19th century. They were used to prevent black spots and damages from open-flame cooking and candles. Nowadays, tin ceilings are mostly used for decorating purposes.

Notice how the tin ceiling completes the vintage look of the room. The gorgeous brown color makes a clear statement. You can’t help but feel its vintage-ness.

14.  Barrel Vault Ceiling

Barrel Vault Ceiling
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Don’t like types of ceilings with edges on them? In that case, look no further than barrel vault ceilings. Originating in Ancient Rome, these ceilings introduce elegance without looking like a sore thumb.

Look how beautiful this barrel ceiling here. The best thing about the barrel ceiling is that it is versatile. In the picture, it accentuates the modern and minimalist décor of the room.

That’s not the only décor style this ceiling is compatible with, of course. It also works with other styles, including contemporary and even rustic.

15.  Groin Vault Ceiling

Groin Vault Ceiling
Source: hzcdn.com

The last type of ceiling on our list is the groin vault ceiling. Put it simply, this ceiling blends the elements of traditional vault ceilings and barrel vault ceilings.

This groin vault ceiling adds beautiful textures and styles into the space. Notice how stylish the space becomes because of it.

If you are looking forward to making a focal point from your ceiling, the groin vault ceiling is worth considering.

When it comes to types of ceilings, there are just so many to choose from with each one of them has its own uniqueness. What do you think? Which one of the above pique your interest the most?