24 Attractive Types of Doors to Revamp Your House

Doors are an important element in every house since it makes a building accessible. It has different types classified based on some aspects, such as material, construction method, and design. If you plan to revamp your house, be sure to know the following types of doors.

Types of Doors based on Material

1. Glass Doors

Glass Doors
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Glass doors are among the most popular door types used for paneling. It provides unobstructed outdoor view which makes it ideal for balcony or the backside of the building.

This kind of door uses glass as its main material that is combined with wood, aluminum, or fiberglass frame. The frame serves to make the door more durable, attractive, and easy to install.

There are several types of glass doors, but the most common is cut glass panel. It often comes with wooden frame that can be used for different purposes, including for the entry doors.

Be sure to consider your privacy before installing glass doors as a front door. You can choose either using frosted glass or installing door curtain to block the view.

2. Wood Doors

Wood Doors
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This is one of the most widely used door types used by homeowners around the globe. It offers a lot of advantages for it is durable, easy to get, and highly customizable.

Timber doors come in large varieties of designs that make it suitable for different home styles. Because of its durability, this door type is ideal for all locations both interior and exterior.

Wood doors are quite easy to make. With a little woodworking skill and the right tools, you can make your own door that matches your liking.

Compared to other door types, wood is quite easy to get. With a variety of wood available in the market, you can opt for timber door with different hardness, durability, patterns, and colors.

However, wood doors are considered expensive. A large selection of doors come in different prices so you can opt for one that meets your budgets.

3. Steel Doors

Steel Doors
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Doors constructed from steel is considered sturdy and long lasting. This door type has been used for years and it never loses its charm to revamp your living space.

Metal doors come in an extensive range of designs and styles. For home use, doors with metal frame is the best option as it offers aesthetic look and sturdiness.

A wide variety of frame designs can make a new statement in your house, such as angles, tees, or channels. Metal frame can be combined with wood, glass, or aluminum shutter for the best result.

Installing steel doors in your house brings a bunch of advantages. This material is less expensive compared to wood, and yet it can last for years.

Besides, metal is available in various tones that can be matched with other elements in the house. It also comes with different grain texturing that makes it look more attractive.

4. Aluminum Doors

Aluminum Doors
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If you are looking for a door that is versatile, less costly, and lightweight, aluminum can be a great option. Using this door brings a lot of benefits to your house.

Aluminum is quite easy to construct. It makes no surprise that it has been widely used in various products like windows, wall partitions, and doors.

This material is abundant in the market, which means you can easily find this door type without extra effort. When it comes to price, aluminum is cheaper than other materials such as steel or timber.

Aluminum doors require less maintenance. Regular cleaning is more than acceptable to make it look good as new. Besides, it resists extreme weather as well as mold and termite-resistant.

The durable material allows you to use the door for interior or exterior. For aesthetic reason, you can pair aluminum frame with frosted glass shutter or build a fully aluminum door.

5. Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass Doors
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Fiberglass has been widely known as a hardy and versatile material. A wide range of products can be made from it, including doors and windows.

Since it is a fibrous form of glass, it is quite durable to protect anything behind the door. It is also non-inflammable so installing this kind of door is a brilliant idea to make your house a safe place.

You can benefit from fiberglass doors in many ways. The solid material is quite durable so it is ideal for exterior and interior installation. The product does not twist because it is very stable.

Additionally, this door type is pretty easy to maintain. A regular cleaning schedule to remove dust and debris is all you need to keep its shine.

Find your favorite design to take your house to the next level. Plenty of design ideas are available out there, allowing you to pick one that suits your preferences.

6. PVC Door

PVC Door
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Poly Vinyl Chloride or commonly known as PVC has been around for a while. This material is often used to make a variety of products like pipes, fittings, and even doors.

PVC doors are considered a great alternative for homeowners who are looking for a good door without spending pretty pennies. Thanks to affordable price range that comes with this product.

You can take some benefits from this door type. Not only is it affordable, but it is also available in a wide range of colors and styles. Homeowners can pick one that matches other elements in the house.

This door is also quite simple to maintain. Cleaning the surface regularly is more than enough to keep it in its best condition. Besides, PVC door is easy to install.

But if you are looking for a sturdy door, PVC might not be a good choice. It is too lightweight and cannot resist extreme weather. This door is only suitable for interior, especially bathroom.

7. FRP Doors

FRP Doors
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FRP stands for Fiber Reinforced Plastic, a fibrous material obtained by combining glass and plastics. It is a hardy material that is commonly used to manufacture doors and many other products.

Despite it contains plastic element, FRP has better tensile strength than PVC. When compared with PVC doors, FRP is more flexible in placement as it works well for interior and exterior.

This kind of door can be easily found on the market. It comes in various colors, finishes and thicknesses, providing you with convenience to spruce up the house.

FRP doors are basically like flush door type which has a hollow core. The hollow is filled with P.U foam which is later covered with a sandwich panel made of fiberglass.

Wooden supports are also required to improve its durability, especially for locks, stoppers, and handles.

8. Bamboo Composite Doors

Bamboo Composite Doors
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If you are looking for a unique door type that accentuates a traditional look, bamboo doors could be it. Using bamboo as its main material, this door is suitable to evoke exotic ambiance in your house.

Such door uses bamboo jute composite mixed with phenolic resins to create boards. These boards are later cut and designed into various products, including doors.

As it uses natural material, bamboo doors are environment-friendly and biodegradable. It is also water resistant, termite resistant, and rust-resistant, thanks to resin compound.

Additionally, this door highlights affordability. Whether you cannot afford timber doors or simply need to give a new look to your house, bamboo sound nice.

This door will not drain much of your effort in maintenance. Simply clean the surface regularly and that’s all you need to enjoy the door.

More and more homeowners use bamboo doors to spruce up their house. With a different look, this door type redefines your living space.

Door Types Based on Method of Construction

1. Paneled Doors

Paneled Doors
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Paneled doors are the simplest, most basic, and most used door type worldwide. It can be easily distinguished from others as it pairs distinct frame and shutter panels.

Wood is a common material for constructing this door type, combined with plywood or timber for the shutter. For decorative purpose, the panel can be made in a unique design.

This kind of door looks sturdy and strong, so it makes no surprise that it is often used for the front door. But it also works well to complement your interior design.

Some homeowners make few modifications to improve its basic appearance. Wood material can be replaced with glass or steel, of course a few changes are needed for the best result.

Paneled doors are suitable for different home styles. Whether you adopt classic, vintage, or even modern style, this kind of door can be a perfect piece to complement your house interior.

2. Flush Doors

Flush Doors
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Flush doors refer to a kind of door that is made simple with joint-less surface. It is commonly constructed from plywood combined with a timber frame and has a hollow core which is filled with cardboard.

Since it is not as durable as fiberglass, wood, or steel, flush doors are suitable for interior only. However, some homeowners install this door type for exterior after making a few changes.

Lightweight is the highlight feature that makes it popular. Besides, affordable price can be a strong reason to install flush doors in your house.

Less expensive price range does not make this door type poor in quality. It is pretty durable and aesthetics so it can complement your interior.

To improve its durability, you can incorporate steel or wood frame that can hold more weight. This modification allows you to install the door in all locations, including your bathroom.

However, covering the door with aluminum sheet is needed to protect the shutter from mold and rust. The sheet also enables you to clean the door easily.

3. Louvered Doors

Louvered Doors
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Louvered doors have been around for centuries and it becomes one of the oldest door type. The panel is uniquely constructed with slats are designed in such a way that lets air to pass through it.

This kind of door can be installed if you desire privacy, at the same time, you want to keep the room well-ventilated and lighted.

You would be surprised how louvered doors can be so versatile. It is suitable for all locations, including bathroom, utility room, and even laundry room. It is also ideal for any room with small space issues.

Not only are louvered doors versatile, but it is also beautiful. With a distinctive design, this door can make a new statement in your interior.

There are several materials that can be used to make this door, but the most common are timber, glass, or plywood.

4. Wire Gauzed Doors

Wire Gauzed Doors
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Also known as wire mesh doors, this type is less common to be used as an entry door in private houses.

However, some homeowners use it for the front door due to safety reason and it works great to give a good impression. A few changes here and there can make it not only functional but also aesthetic.

The main function of wire mesh doors is to prevent insects or mosquitoes to enter the house. It utilizes wire mesh with different density that can be adjusted to your desire.

Wire gauzed doors come in a wide range of designs which can be fitted to your taste. It is commonly constructed with a wood frame and wire mesh panel.

Door Types Based on Design

1. Folding Doors

Folding Doors
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This is an attractive type of door that opens by folding back the panel. It commonly has two or more panels, so it is also known as bi-fold doors.

Folding doors are often used as room dividers which allows you to divide a single room into two rooms for different purposes. It can also be used to replace the function of wall.

This door type is commonly installed in room opening to patios or gardens, but it is also often found in office buildings.

Most folding doors consist of frames and panels. The frames are often made from wood, UPVC, or aluminum while the panels are often made from glass or wood.

2. Swinging Doors

Swinging Doors
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Swinging doors are another common door type that lets you push open from either side. The panels are designed to swing shut when they are released.

This kind of door is hinged on the frame and the shutter is attached to the frame, allowing the panel to open in both directions. In other words, it can move outward and inward.

Swinging doors are identical with Western style and it is commonly used in cafe, bar, and sometimes offices. But it also works well to install in your house.

Wood is the most common material used for constructing swinging doors. It has a frame with slats that are arranged much like louvered doors.

3. Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors
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Sliding doors are quite common in houses, workshops, offices, and garage. It consists of a shutter which can be made from wood, steel, or glass, and a steel roller.

This door type is ideal for any rooms with small space issue. It does not require extra clearance to open the shutter as it slides to the other side.

You can benefit from sliding doors in many ways. It is not only suitable for small space, but it also gives large openings for easier access to the room.

Besides, this kind of door looks modern and elegant, especially if you combine steel frame and glass shutter.

4. Pocket Doors

Pocket Doors
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Pretty much like sliding doors, pocket doors slide to open and close. The difference is that you have to create a pocket on the wall, allowing the shutter to slide into it when fully opened.

It has been around for decades and it remains an interesting door type to adopt. Not only is it aesthetic, but it is also convenient.

More importantly, pocket doors are suitable for small houses. It does not require extra space to open and close the shutter.

5. Revolving Doors

Revolving Doors
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Revolving doors are less common in private house but it is often found in public places, such as shopping malls, offices or hospitals.

This door has a central pivot that allows the shutter to revolve about one side. It commonly has four shutters that close automatically.

The shutters are made of glass that are set into steel frames. Some revolving doors are designed with handles to help user move the shutter.

There are some benefits of installing revolving doors. Besides regulating visitor’s entry, it can reduce outdoor noise and avoid heat losses. It can also exclude draught from the outside.

6. Barn Doors

Barn Doors
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If you need a country vibe in your living space, barn doors can be the perfect piece to install. This door combines vintage and farmhouse look, making it a great addition for any rooms.

Barn doors consist of a wooden shutter and a rail installed at the top. Pretty much like sliding door, this door slides when open and close, providing you with wide openings.

As it uses upper rail, your floor will be free from obstruction. To accentuate country style, this door type can be combined with battened and ledged shutters.

7. Rolling Shutter Doors

Rolling Shutter Doors
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Rolling doors have been widely used in garage and workshops as it offers many benefits. It provides wide opening and it does not require extra space.

This type of door has a steel curtain or roller shutter that is strong and durable. It also has a guide rail, a shutter box, and a lock to secure the curtain.

How does it work? This door can be raised to open and lowered to close. Some buildings use motorized rolling doors that help you do this action.

8. Pivot Doors

Pivot Doors
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Pivot doors accentuate a modern look to your living space. It has a pivot hinge at the top and bottom of the panel that gives you a wide opening.

The door is uniquely made to upgrade the value of the house. Commonly installed for the entry doors, it gives a nice impression to your guests.

Different materials can be used to make pivot doors, such as wood, glass, and steel. You can opt for the right material that represents the concept of your house.

9. Collapsible Doors

Collapsible Doors
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Collapsible doors are a unique door type that is commonly used for the entrance of shops, workshops, and much more. It is made from mild steel flats that can be pushed to open and pulled to close.

The steel flats can fold and stretch as you open and close this door. It offers wide openings for easier access to the building.

Collapsible doors are durable and easy to maintain. It can give extra protection from vandalism or robbery.

Door Types Based on Components Arrangement

1. Battened and Ledged Doors

Battened and Ledged Doors
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Battened and ledged doors have been around since ages. It is characterized by battens that are arranged vertically and three ledges placed at the top, middle, and bottom.

Commonly made from wood, this door is often found in the bathroom, pantry, or storage room. It is also often used in houses in suburban area.

However, some urban houses also use this type of door to evoke traditional or country nuance. It can be combined with classic or shabby chic style.

2. Battened, Ledged and Framed Doors

Battened, Ledged and Framed Doors
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It looks similar to battened and ledged doors but it comes with frames as an additional feature. The frame helps secure the batten and ledge and make them connected.

This door type accentuates a traditional look as it is often constructed from wood or timber. It is commonly found in houses that adopt country style or houses in rural area.

Since the door is lack of durability, it is not suitable for the entry door. Instead, you can install it for the bathroom or pantry.

3. Battened, Ledges and Braced Doors

Battened Ledges and Braced Doors
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Battened and ledged doors can be braced to provide a better appearance as well as rigidity. The braces connect the ledges to strengthen batten arrangements.

A few centuries ago, this kind of door is used as an entry door but it seems unlikely to adopt the same concept today.

As with the other two, this door is commonly installed for the bathroom, toilet, or storage room. Also, it is often found in houses that adopt country style.

Now that you know different types of doors, it is much easier to pick one for your house. No matter concept you want to adopt, there is always the right door to install.