Brown Living Room Ideas for Any Given Space

BROWN LIVING ROOM IDEAS – Soft, warm, earth-tone. Those are attributes we often attach to this color. Brown becomes a “safe” color when you have no more options left. Despite the fact, brown doesn’t necessarily mean plain, boring and stiff.

With some touches, big or small, brown living room strategies can shift your living room to become the most favorite spot. Another good news is that you can recycle, adjust with the budget or go total with extravagant furnishings.

A shade of Brown Living Room

Gradated Brown Living Room

Suppose you really love brown that you wish to create a brown living room with a slight difference. Consider placing gradated brown for the living room. Combine light brown, dark brown and even beige.

White desk lamps as seen from the image brings a nice ornament. Brown-and-beige patterned rug retains brown tone without making the room looking too plain. Simple positive words put in frames at the wall sweeten the brown theme here.

Brown Living Room with Antique Decorations

Brown Living Room with Antique Decorations

Thanks to brown’s flexibility, you can apply it as the most basic element for a classic living room, for instance. After you paint the living room with soft brown, consider placing ornaments to make the room looking lovely.

What about the decorative lamp that sticks with the ceiling? You can place an antique coffee desk, ancient telephone, wooden small cabinet and classic mirror on the walls. The medium-sized standing lamp makes the room nostalgic as well as romantic.

Living-Dining Brown Room

Living-Dining Brown Room

The third from the overall brown living room ideas suit those of you who don’t have enough space for one separated living room. Utilize whatever space you have to combine a living and dining room. You can use brown as a basic color for the two.

In addition to the paint of the wall, select a wooden dining chair set and a brown sofa set for the living room. As a little variation, put double-layered curtains with different colors. Place decorations on the walls and fresh plants that separate the two.

With that simple arrangement, the two rooms carry a brown theme in seamlessly lovely modeling.

Brown Living Room with Wood

Brown Living Room with Wood

You don’t always rely on brown-painted concrete walls as a source for the brown living room theme. You can select wood or logs as other alternatives. Wood, of course, is brown. The wood-themed living room provides natural brown for the room.

Aside from that, wood can refresh your living room thanks to the naturally cool temperature that it produces. As the image shows you, a tiny corner in your cottage or studio apartment can turn into this super warm brown living room.

Add a wooden long desk, rocking chair and brown rounded chair to make the room looking ancient as well.

Brown Living Room with Luxurious Furnishings

Brown Living Room with Luxurious Furnishings

Have you got sufficient space for the living room and want to change it into majestic one? Brown, again, can support the idea. Select wooden ceiling, flooring, and walling for a very robust brown tone. After that, pick up grand room furnishings and fixtures.

Sleek, brown armchairs, large pendant, beautiful lamp and fixated large cupboard provide a luxury element in the room. The black, velvet rug slightly adds the lavish brown living room model here. Glass ornaments, such as jars, ceramics, are nice options, too.

Paneled Wall in Brown Living Room

Paneled Wall in Brown Living Room

Brown living room theme can turn into a very creative and fresh mini spot thanks to the paneled wall as seen from the image. With the paneled wall, you can hang small decorations, use the curves in the wall as storage and many more.

Brown can be applied as curtain color, flooring and sofa choice. Wooden short desk and wooden windows provide a more brownish atmosphere here. Although the living room looks crowded you can still feel comfortable thanks to artsy ornaments.

Minimalist furniture and the windows make the room looking airy and bright.

Brown Living Room with Bold Sofa Set

Brown Living Room with Bold Sofa Set

The seventh tip differs from most brown living room ideas. This point instead takes a bold brown sofa set as the center stage of attention. The bold brown as also found in the short wooden table reinforces brownish look at seen from the flooring and walling.

What makes the design looks peculiar is the sofa pillows that remain true to brown. Some of the pillows are plain brown while others contain floral patterns. Yet all of them are brown.

The sofa selection shows that brown opens the creativity room for small items.

Brownish Curtains in the Living Room

Brownish Curtains in the Living Room

Brownish curtains can help to amplify the brown living room with a chic touch. You can pick which curtains modeling that can suit the living room size. Thick or sheer can go well with the room size.

You can place long, sheer brownish curtains from top to down as seen in the image. Or you can prefer thick, short curtains that cover half of the windows. Whichever curtains style that you choose, make sure the color of the curtains matches with brown.

In this regard, you can consider selecting gradated brown for the curtains.

Dark Brown Tone Living Room

Dark Brown Tone Living Room. Source:

Dark brown living room, for some, make them feel homey and cozy. The strong brown side brings dense earth-tone and elegance. The dark brown living room can easily comfort you after long hours at office desks.

You can purchase a dark brown sofa set that faces a dark brown wall part as seen in the image. Add to that, dark wooden stylish desks, tables, and long closed-cabinet as storage. Light wooden flooring curves a little bit of the overall dark brown mode.

Place thick purple curtains or dark brown, too, for making the overall living room looking firm.

Brown Living Room Storage

Brown Living Room Storage. Source:

The last from the whole brown living ideas lies in living room storage. You can either place small brown cabinets or cupboards scattered in the living room or go for this large from to down.

You can even order fixated cupboard where which there lies space for the television set. Look for the storage that offers various models. There is part of the storage that is covered with glass. Another part is open space while the other offers you with drawers.

The room storage makes the living room looking very brownish while definitely containing various room items and decorations.