Long Living Room Ideas That Bring You Cool and Cozy Samples

LONG LIVING ROOM IDEAS – A long living room is commonplace in apartment and modern house. This room size can challenge its owners so that the living room won’t be looking too usual and bore all family members.

Long living room choices present before you some essential tips to decorate the spot. Depending on the exact size of the length of the room, small touches can actually change the room into a cozy and chic part of the residence.

Living Room With A Walkway

Living Room with A Walkaway

A walkway sets aside certain space for family members or guests to explore the living room. You can select the front part that divides the sofa set and television set as seen from the image. Or you can create a walkway between the living room with other rooms.

The second option typically suits in apartments. With this simple partition, the living room can look tidy and well-arranged. All in all, the long living room will be looking comfortable and pleasant. Because who doesn’t love a neat room?

Living Room with Narrow Space Divider

Living Room with Narrow Space Divider

Sometimes available living room space is a narrow one. If that is the case, you can create a walkway and divide the space into other rooms. Normally, the living room will pair well with the dining room.

Place a sofa set and hang television with a long cabinet beneath it. With this arrangement, the living room will be seeming compact but not crowded. The walkway, again, gives smooth separation.

You can choose the walkway that separates the sofa set from the television set or between the dining and living room.

Living Room with Sofa Set in The Middle

Living Room with Sofa Set in The Middle

Within a long space, you can still create a square center stage of the living room. Commonly, the third from the overall long living room ideas require you putting a sofa set or chair set in the middle. Why a sofa set?

Because an L-shaped sofa set will directly take our eyes to it. This helps drifting our eyes away from empty space in the long living room that may still exist. With that said, the living room will seem much like fair or square ones.

Place fresh plants and standing lighting next to the sofa set to further reinforce the attention.

Relieved Long Living Room

Relieved Long Living Room

Another tip to decorate a long living room is by choosing windowpane, sliding glass doors for an open space atmosphere. As seen from the picture, if you have a long living room that faces the veranda of the house, consider this tip.

With some ventilation options, the living room lets in fresh air hence all family members and guests will feel relieved. The ventilation-centered choice further gives more space despite the fact the living room is actually small or narrow.

Streamlined Long Living Room

Streamlined Long Living Room

Pick up furniture and fixtures that can play various functions. A long living room sometimes requires you putting a limited number of items because of the given space. With that said, select certain types or styles of furniture.

A long sofa set can be a good start. This furniture can take up many people to sit together while chatting or enjoying entertainment through television. Place cabinet or cupboard as storage.

On top of the storage, you can place flowers, fruits or small ornaments. Getting efficient in furniture selection makes the room looking relieved.

Living Room with Proper Furniture Arrangement

Living Room with Proper Furniture Arrangement. Source: Pinterest.com

Utilize all space that is up in store for a long living room. Fill it up with furniture and small decorations to beautify the living room. As long as you can well arrange them, the long living room will be looking nice.

A sofa set that surrounds the long living room is a traditional, fine tip that fits all living room sizes. Complete the seating set with a large lamp and a desk. Place a study or working desk in one of the corners to make the room more functional.

Long Living Room with Furniture Away from Window

Long Living Room with Furniture Away from Window. Source: YouTube.com

Arrange furniture and fixtures away from the window of your long living room. This style will make the living room looking broad, fresh and creative. No longer that one’s eyes probably fix on the long or narrow space but views from the window.

This concept further turns the living room seeming ‘full’. With fresh air or natural light enters through the window, all family members of guests will easily feel relieved. In the end, the long living room doesn’t cause the occupants feeling “tight” or “packed”.

Living Room with Rounded Furnishings

Living Room with Rounded Furnishings. Source: Modsy Blog

Bend a little bit of probably too stiff ambiance that may one get from your long living room. You can do this by purchasing rounded furnishings that surround a sofa of a chair set in the room.

Some of the small rounded or circular items include the rounded table, circular soft chair, and lamp as seen from the image. With the simple tip, one of the long living room ideas make the spot seeming lovely and innovative.

Long Living Room with Table and Carpet

Long Living Room with Table and Carpet. Source: sistemascarpecol.com

The ninth of the overall long living room ideas invite you to simply place a long patterned carpet that goes along with the sofa set. Above the carpet, place a long table, glass-made or not, that faces right across the sofa.

You can place flowers, sugars, snacks or candles in the table. The table and the carpet don’t only sweeten the living room but also make the walkway looking lovely. With some necessary furniture and ornaments, the room seems compact and useful.

Living Room with Wall Decorations

Living Room with Wall Decorations. Source: designsbyroyalcreations.com

You can “fill” walls of the long living room with pictures. Some prefer to hang a television on the walls right across a sofa or chair set. In addition, you can place a floating small desk or table where which you can put flowers, fruits or family portraits.

You can go further by selecting paneled walls which can store decorations. The paneled walls themselves are unique that can signify walling of a living room. With this modest idea, your long living room can remain artsy spot for eyes’ pleasanter.

So, those are our tips for turning the long living room as an experimental spot that can bring together family members for joint interior designing. Which layout that attracts you most, my fellas?