Cheap Living Room Ideas That Still Look Dashing

CHEAP LIVING ROOM IDEAS – A stylish living room on a budget. Is this possible? The answer is yes. Now, you may this our statement is an ambitious one but we have reasons to support that.

Today’s fast-growing home interior designing makes it possible for every homeowner to create a beautiful living room that retains the main function as the most favorite spot for all family members.

What and how to create and remodel that dreamy living room? Ensure to read the lists until the end.

Cheap Living Room with Plain Color

Cheap Living Room with Plain Color

White, grey, brown or beige are among top wall paint colors that never get old. They accommodate various types of living room modeling. Of course, they can be very easy to find. All you have to do is picking up which wall paint color quality.

That strategy aligns with your budget. Of course, the more expensive, the longer it sticks well to the living room’s walls. The thing is the colors offer various gradation and price that can meet your pocket.

As the image shows, you can even let some parts of the walls untouched with any colors whatsoever.

Cheap Living Room with Less Furniture

Cheap Living Room with Less Furniture

Some people say less is more. For a living room, placing less furniture doesn’t only cost you smaller but also help to provide more space. This especially goes for those of you who have limited or tiny space for the spot.

Sometimes, a nice chair or sofa with a table as seen from the picture is sufficient. Fill the living room with fresh plants or flowers so as the area seems renewed. Give lamps or pendant lighting for proper lighting.

Cheap Living Room with Plants

Cheap Living Room with Plants

Another idea for creating a cheap living room is by picking up plants in your garden or fresh flowers as a room decoration. Water them so as they can freshen the spot throughout the day.

This costs less amount of money compared to purchasing artificial flowers or bouquet. They look more pretty but require certain treatment, which may cost extra budget. On the other hand, natural plants take regular watering and fertilizing whenever necessary.

The natural plants prove to become affordable room decorations that can replace expensive artworks.

Recycled Furniture in Cheap Living Room

Recycled Furniture In Cheap Living Room. Source:

The fourth of the 10 cheap living room ideas encourage you to not be ashamed of reusing aged or neglected materials as furniture. From now on, try hunting reclaimed wooden materials then utilize them for your planned living room.

As seen from the image, a pile of thin logs can be used as legs for the white mattress. They can replace a classic sofa with a leg as we often see in a vintage living room model. You can also take the aged table then re-function it as a renewed one.

Clean the recycled materials and paint them with a new color whenever necessary.

One or Two-Seat Couch in Living Room

One or Two-Seat Sofa in Living Room

Select one or two-seat sofa instead of large or sectional sofa set that cover most part of the living room. The selection allows you to spend less amount of money compared to a sofa or couch set.

You can either buy the simple sofa style along with a desk or buy a separate desk if you think the desk is expensive. In addition, pay attention to the material of the sofa. Set aside extra time to seek information on which sofa material costs cheaper.

Cheap Living Room with No Wall Decorations

Cheap Living Room with No Wall Decorations

Sometimes, realizing a lovely living room on a budget requires you to “sacrifice”. In this regard, you can leave the walls of the living room plain at all. This means no need a lot of money to beautify the walls.

Instead, select a colorful sofa as seen from the image. Complete the area with cute coffee tables and geometrical carpet. Small jars and potted plants are very pretty for the small spot.

And they don’t necessarily expensive. Browse on the internet to find out which store sells them at affordable prices.

Handmade Wall Decoration in Living Room

Handmade Wall Decoration in Living Room

Create your own art works then hang them on the walls of your living room. The seventh of the overall cheap living room ideas particularly target those who wish to have a vibrant living room but their budget is limited.

As purchasing art pieces will be too pricey, why don’t make your own? The simplest sample can be seen from the image. Write positive words in white paper to jazz up any days then place them in the walls.

Or you can create a nice slogan from cartoons to color the walls further.

Collectibles As Wall Decorations in Living Room

Collectibles as Wall Decorations in Living Room. Source:

Have you got beautiful ceramic displays as seen from the image? Make use of the collectibles for coloring your living room walls. This saves your money because you don’t have to spend for buying new wall decoration.

Else, you can select thin wood then use it as floating storage where which you can display other collectibles, such as mini jars, toys or flowers. Decorate the area with items that you already have. Make the spot looking very personal.

Cheap Living Room with Storage Selection

Cheap Living Room with Storage Selection

A living room typically needs storage. You can place room displays, collectibles and even private documents in storage. Some will choose large, fixated cupboard into the area. The storage can be made from teak wood which takes up so much money.

We recommend that you prefer simple but creative storage types that you can search in an online store such as one in the photo. The two storage convey open display style layers, suitable for showcasing ornaments and small items in it.

No Entertainment Set in Living Room

No Entertainment Set in Living Room

Create a cheap living room with no entertainment set at all because you can now enjoy entertainment through your smartphone, right? Make use of the budget for buying a television to painting the living room walls with some pastel colors.

The result is very scenic and soothing. Complete the area with minimalist armchairs and wooden tables. Use your own large glass to be filled with fresh leaves. This also helps you saving money to purchase flowers or cactus.

Add with blue-painted cabinet and unique mirror as wall decoration. Clean-cut and relieved. Isn’t that we are looking for in a living room, after all?