Living Room Wall Decor Ideas For Your Considerations

LIVING ROOM WALL DECOR IDEAS – Furnishing living room walls become a fun activity to do. Simple items, assorted displays, and collectibles can be a source of inspiration on types of wall decor.

With or without floating storage, wall decor ideas stir our creative side. Some will place their favorite items because they believe a living room is a personal space. Others will curate which items to color the walls because they think of what guests will say.

And last, you can come up with various kinds of stuff because you only want to make the walls looking nice.

Decorative Mirror as Living Room Wall Decor

Decorative Mirror as Living Room Wall Decor

A decorative mirror has been among people’ wall decor favorites for many years. Easy to find and multi-functional, a decorative mirror as seen from the image brings in bright mode for walls of the living room.

Pick up which mirror style that best suits your preference. Also, consider the size of the decorative mirror that will properly match with the size of the overall walls. Aside from the wall decor, the decorative mirror can help you mirroring any time of the day.

Floating Storage as Wall Decor

Floating Storage as Wall Decor

Obviously, the second of the 10 living room wall decor ideas don’t only suggest empty floating storage. That wouldn’t help to beautify the walls. Instead, fill up the floating storage with room displays, books, flowers, and others.

As the image shows, you can intentionally leave some parts of the walls as a floating storage area. Else, you can attach a smaller floating storage type after the walls are completed. This storage can take up a lot of kinds of stuff depending on your necessity.

Painting as Living Room Wall Decor

Painting as Living Room Wall Decor

This third idea must be very common for you. Yes, the painting has been used for so long in many households. Simply select which painting style that you love. You can hang abstract painting as shown in the picture.

Plenty of paintings are available in the art market. Choose which painting that also adjusts with your budget. Some don’t hesitate to spend much money on painting because they love art very much.

The medium-sized painting properly fills up one of the corners of the living room. Or, you can hang a large painting to be put in the center of the spot.

Living Room with Family Portraits

Compact Shabby Chic Living Room. Source:

Most of us already apply this tip. Family portraits always the best idea to complete the walls of the living room. This idea is in line with the living room’s slogan as the most favorite spot for whole family members.

Hanging family portraits put in small frames as seen from the image shows how homey the area is. In addition, the wall decor will always remind all family members on happy old days that hopefully bring them back together here, again.

Ceramic Plates as Wall Decor

Ceramic Plates as Wall Decor. Source:

Hang your ceramic plates like those in the image on the walls of the living room. They significantly sweeten the walls without requiring you spending extra money. You can either purchase new ceramics or showcase ceramics that you collect thus far.

Hang viable ceramic plates on white or neutral color wall paint to make the walls looking fairly lively. If you paint the walls with bright colors, we recommend that you don’t hang them on the walls because the room will be looking too crowded.

Living Room with Ceiling-to-Floor Bookcase

Living Room with Ceiling-to-Floor Bookcase

A bookcase is a timeless wall decor idea that remains favorite by avid readers. This sets apart bookcase as wall decor with bookcase as storage that is not attached to living room walls.

In this regard, we take a fixated bookcase on the walls as seen from the image. Completely fill-up the walls with the large and long bookcase in case you wish to function a living room as a family reading spot.

Applying this wall decor may take extra budget but surely will signify what the living room looks like in the eyes of guests.

Old Clock with Plants as Wall Decor

Old Clock with Plants as Wall Decor. Source:

Hanging a clock in the middle of the living room walls is very usual. Now let us make some cute additions with fresh plants put in recycled pots as seen from the photo. The plants pair very well with the antique clock that further brings in classic tone.

Of course, you are up to bring in various clock models for the living room. Select one that supports for planned living room then complete it with suitable ornaments. This seventh idea encourages you to mix and match the clock with other items.

Basket and Ladder as Wall Decor

Basket and Ladder as Wall Decor

Modern home accessories provide chances for you to get creative. One of which is by decorating walls of the living room with certain small items that support the overall living room concept.

As the image shows, hang a basket and a ladder, both of them made from wood. They play a nice role to create the overall living room that looks earth-tone with wooden and brown element occupies the area. The ladder shouldn’t be left bare.

Hang on the ladder a brown, soft cloth to cover your body during winter.

Christmas Wall Decor

Christmas Wall Decor

Surround some walls of the living room or windowpane with chic Christmas ornaments as seen from the image. You can place circled-Christmas decoration as well. After Christmas, you can replace the ornaments with New Year decorations.

The essence of the tip requires you placing seasonal wall decorations according to a festival or religious holidays. This makes the walls of the living room get changed once in a while, resulting in the living room that never bores all family members.

Living Room with Patterned Curtains

Living Room with Patterned Curtains

The last tip particularly suits those of you who choose windowpane or sliding glass door as another part of the living room walls. Decorate the windowpane or the sliding glass door with patterned curtains as seen from the image.

Floral curtains can boost beautiful wall decor. Or you can pick up patterned curtains with color that matches the overall living room model or major living room look, such as brown, here. Choose the curtains that fall from the ceiling to bottom.

Prefer thick material for the curtains to sheer one. You can layer the thick one with thin curtains or not.

So, those are our living room wall decor ideas that surely show how small tips can make a big contribution.