Fixer Upper Living Room Ideas for Upgrading the Areas

FIXER UPPER LIVING ROOM IDEAS – In-home interior, fixer upper living room means refurbishing or improving the area for sale purposes. Fixer upper work can require you spending a lot of money on remodeling the area.

Or, you can purchase small items one by one in a long period depending on your budget. From wall painting color changing to redesigning the living room, fixer upper works encompass various activities. Below are our recommendations.

New Wall Color Painting as Fixer Upper Idea

New Wall Color Painting as Fixer Upper Idea

Get a lively vibe for your mini living room in a studio apartment. Offer your potential buyers through this fresh living room which actually takes up minor fixer upper strategy. You can paint the area’s walls with red or other bold colors.

The new color selection reinforces your personality as a brave and positive person. Complete the living room with bright furniture, such as the yellow and blue cushions, to add the white couch.

With that modest retouch, your once plain looking spot now becomes lovely and elegant.

Furniture Replacement as Fixer Upper Idea

Furniture Replacement as Fixer Upper Idea

The second tip still revolves around the fixer upper idea for those of you who wish to sell a studio apartment or small house to others. Change furniture in the area with the soft couch and the fur covering cloth. Next to it is the unique chair with the same color, blue.

The two-set sofa looks very lovely that suits very well with the tiny space for the area. The furniture refreshment provides modern and lovely touches. With this small change, the spot gets upgraded.

Consider setting extra time and money to seek for innovative couch such as this one.

Living Room with Furniture and Decor Under the Same Theme

Living Room with Furniture and Decor Under the Same Theme

The third idea will work best when you already find a buyer who especially requests certain themes. As such, you only need to comply with their request then include the fixer upper work into the apartment or house’s new price element.

The image gives the proper sample for the buyer who seeks a white-and-blue living room. Propose your idea for the new and relieved living room with a nice pairing of the two colors.

From the room’s blue-painted walls to the minimalist armchair, the spot brings in the fresh and relieved ambiance for the new house owner.

Wall Paneling Fixer Upper Work

Wall Paneling Fixer Upper Work. Source: Pinterest

The fourth of our 10 fixer upper living room ideas requires you consulting with professional house builders. Changing walls of your existing living room take up the serious effort and a lot of money depending on the desired outcome.

There are many wall paneling themes that you can apply. This image shows a popular wall paneling style that divides the walls into some squares. The modeling makes the area looking intricate and compact.

Consider creating wall paneling to affirm the area’s elegance ambiance.

Wallpaper and Carpet Fixer Upper Changing

Wallpaper and Carpet Fixer Upper Changing

Not the kind of simple and plain wallpaper and carpet. But patterned wallpaper that matches with carpet, as seen from the photo. Despite carrying different bold colors, the wallpaper and the carpet resembles one another.

The two contain sophisticated and pretty theme which reinforces vintage mode for the overall living room. Since the area already looks polished, you only need to seek for the carpet and the wallpaper. Take careful selection for the two so as they properly fit in.

This idea fairly upgrades the area for putting it on a sale.

Re-Function the Living Room

Re-Function the Living Room

Upgrade your existing living room to further increasing its sale price through this idea. Re-functioning the area with furniture replacement and spatial redesigning. You can practice as the image suggests, a living room and a small pantry.

You don’t have to sell or buy a new couch set. You can leave one large armchair such as this one then moves other chairs into other rooms. Purchase one kitchen desk where which you can place cooking tools or mini cafe utensils.

Make a cup of coffee or tea, roast pieces of bread for breakfast while sitting on the couch.

Exposed Beam Ceiling as Fixer Upper Job

Exposed Beam Ceiling as Fixer Upper Job

Another fixer upper job can include ceiling reparation. Select which ceiling style and material that adjust your overall plan for the existing living room. One of the models that you can put into practice is seen from the image.

Take polished wooden boards as the ceiling materials. Add to that are some beams that are exposed and neatly organized. Warm and comfortable, the new ceiling model brings in the natural element for the area.

The living room now looks soothing, a plus point to lure potential buyers.

Artistic Decor in the Living Room

Artistic Decor in the Living Room. Source:

Minor but meaningful. Placing artistic decor isn’t that simple as we may think. Not all people have good art taste. This brings us to realize there are some who are willing to pay a high price for unique and artsy ornaments.

Take this insight into your planned fixer upper. Purchase creative displays, statues, coffee tables, for instance, under certain living room decoration theme. This image provides a good sample of the idea.

The area’s industrial look matches with futuristic decor that comes from the statues, the coffee tables, and the pendant ornaments.

Railing Addition as Fixer Upper Work

Railing Addition as Fixer Upper Work

If your living room has a high ceiling, complicate the area with a simple railing as seen from the image. This addition makes the room looks “wealthy” as you can utilize the upper part of the area.

This hopefully attracts potential buyers since the living room seems modern.

Total Fixer Upper Effort

Total Fixer Upper Effort. Source:

The last of our fixer upper living room ideas eventually ask for your total effort for a whole room change. This fixer upper attempt will worth so much given potential buyers hopefully love the new look.

In this regard, think of what new design you wish to create. You can try the one seen from the image that presents a luxurious and classic ambiance for the living room.

Applying bold green for the area’s wall, bring in wooden wardrobe as storage and of course, the iconic classic seating set is strong indicators for the vintage look.

Our extra suggestion requires you to carefully research what potential buyers seek for fixer upper work. If necessary, consult with property experts on types of fixer upper work and price range of the improved house or studio apartment in the market.