Living Room Ceiling Ideas You May Not Think Before

LIVING ROOM CEILING IDEAS – Thinking about ceiling is probably the least thought when we plan on a living room. People will look at furniture, wall, small displays, and ornament but ceiling? We tend to keep it plain thus.

As a matter of fact, ceiling modeling can open room for further beautification for your living room. There are some ceiling concepts that add firmness to the area. Some ceiling materials bring in a warm tone while others keep the spot more comfortable.

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High Living Room Ceiling

High Living Room Ceiling. Source:

High living room ceiling provides more space for ventilation. More air can enter a living room to make the area feeling more relieved. If you combine a high living room ceiling with large windows as seen here, the spot will be more spacious.

Add to that is the wooden high living room ceiling for the natural element. All in all, the living room gets warmer and cooler. Traditional or modern, high living room ceiling is applicable. You can let the high ceiling plain or add small patterns.

Decide that in line with the overall living room concept.

Low Living Room Ceiling

Low Living Room Ceiling

In contrast with a high ceiling model, the second tip presents a low living room ceiling. Regardless of ceiling material, this style creates a small distance between the ceiling and the room furniture. The area feels homey as viewed from this image.

Better for you to pair the low ceiling with large windows so that to create spaces for more natural light entering the area. With limited room furniture, the spot looks relieved and spacious. You don’t need to worry about air circulation with the low ceiling model.

Living Room with Plain Ceiling

Living Room with Plain Ceiling

High or low, we focus the third tip more on versatile functions plain ceiling can play in a living room. The plain ceiling itself refers to ceiling with neutral colors, typically white, with no twists or curves at all. This ceiling model remains favorite in many living rooms.

Although seems ordinary, the ceiling model can accommodate various living room overall looks. From rustic to contemporary, trust the ceiling design to bring in balance mode. And of course, this ceiling model is affordable and easy to apply.

With that, the ceiling concept is simple to maintain and clean up.

Living Room with Beam Ceiling

Living Room with Beam Ceiling

The fourth of our overall living room ceiling ideas invite you to add beams so that the area will be looking stylish. As the image suggests, even with some beams on the ceiling, the living room looks firmer and elegant.

Usually, beams for the living room are made from wood but you can try other materials. There are many beams of ceiling modeling that adjust your preference. You can select some beams that properly organized in the ceiling as seen here.

Else, you can provide a lot of smaller beams to make the spot looking more vibrant.

Living Room with Wainscoting Ceiling

Living Room with Wainscoting Ceiling. Source:

The fifth idea brings in elegance and luxury elements for your living room. We believe the extra money that you will spend on creating this ceiling model very worth it. As seen from the image, the ceiling type further reinforces the spot ambiance.

The wainscoting signifies which part of the living room that takes the center of attention. Add to that is a decorative, beautiful pendant lamp that adds importance for the main part. Usually, the ceiling type suits for a modern house with a large space for the area.

Living Room with Wooden Ceiling

Living Room with Wooden Ceiling

Wooden materials, for any part of a house, undeniably bring cool and warm ambiance. You can apply this general theory to the ceiling of your living room. And if necessary, get a total wooden ceiling for optimum chilling.

As the image shows, complete wooden walls of the area with a wooden ceiling. Polish then properly arranged the wooden logs thus creating a very tidy arrangement as seen here.

Complete the order with some large and robust logs to support the overall ceiling. Ensure that you use teak wood or other wood types that can last in a long period.

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Living Room with Drop Ceiling

Living Room with Drop Ceiling

Consult with professionals to create this ceiling type. Wooden or not, you can make a living room ceiling drop to add lighting, chandelier or even projector as seen from the image. If you use a wooden ceiling, take some large logs as the dropped ceiling.

From there, hang which room essentials that you wish. The dropped ceiling provides the alternative to hang necessary items and beautify the living room. This ceiling model makes the living room looking grand and lovely.

Better for you to picture what items to be hanged before deciding which material for the dropped ceiling.

Painted Living Room Ceiling

Painted Living Room Ceiling. Source: Pinterest

One of our living room ceiling ideas here encourages you to get bold. In this regard, paint the ceiling of your living room with a certain color that matches the overall look such as this one. Bold purple to pair well with the purple seating set with white living room walls.

You can try painting other colors for the ceiling. As the sample suggests, don’t hesitate for bold and striking colors, such as red or green. Surely a living room will be much totally in that color mode.

Living Room with White Wooden Board Ceiling

Living Room with White Wooden Board Ceiling

The next idea is quite unusual but results in this soft and comfortable living room atmosphere. Choose white wooden board ceiling that goes along with the area’s white overall look.

With windowpane and glass door, the area gets even relieved and spacious. Such a nice place to get relaxed and take some rest.

Living Room Molding Ceiling

Living Room Molding Ceiling

The last idea is among the popular ceiling model in today’s houses. Clean-cut and neat, living room molding ceiling, particularly white as in here, accommodates for various living room styles.

From a country to a modern living room, molding suits them all. Don’t confuse this style with the plain ceiling. The molding ceiling lies more on solid ceiling installation that usually uses concrete. On the other hand, the plain ceiling opens for other materials.

The molding model closes our list of living room ceiling ideas for you. Hopefully, you get more options on what and how to apply ceiling style for your living room.