Living Room Window Ideas for The Inseparable Room Element

LIVING ROOM WINDOW IDEAS – Window is an integral part of a living room. It lets in a fresh air and natural light for the area that benefits human beings in it. Small or large, living room window needs to be on top list of your planned living room.

A well-ventilated living room helps house owners feeling healthy because their lungs can absorb natural air. A modern home interior now provides us various window ideas that upgrade window’s class into the next level. A window now can beautify a living room.

Bi-Fold Living Room Window

Bi-Fold Living Room Window. Source:

A bi-fold living room window is one of the commonest window styles that we often find in households. This window type is easy to install and maintain. There is plenty of subs various bi-fold window styles.

You can try placing the bi-fold window style with end-vent as seen from the image. By dividing the bi-fold window into squares in the photo, the overall window looks beautiful. Typically, a bi-fold window is covered with curtains from to bottom.

Casement Living Room Window

Casement Living Room Window

With glass only, casement seems natural and simple. As the image suggests, casement remains as it is during day and night time. As such, the window type mainly functions to bring in natural light and allow you seeing outside view.

Ensure the size of the casement pairs well with your overall living room. A large-sized casement as seen here fits very well with the white living room tone. The casement window proves to help family members feeling calm during studying or getting relaxed.

Living Room with Window Factory Style

Living Room with Window Factory Style. Source:

If you have wide space for a living room, consider installing window factory-style as seen from the photo. This especially suits the living room with a high ceiling. The window factory model goes from almost the room’s ceiling to the bottom.

Select square shapes for the window style with no curtains or blinds. Optimum light can get inside the area with a wide view entertains your eyes. What you take into consideration lies in how to clean it given the large size.

Push-and-Pull Living Room Window

Push-and-Pull Living Room Window. Source:

Push-and-pull window model suits for various living room overall look. Modern or vintage, this window style brings in fresh touch for the area. Pull the window when you wish to open it then push it for closes it.

What you need to consider is that this window model can’t sometimes be wide-opened. This depends on the puller. As a result, not much fresh air can go inside the spot but natural light remains abundant.

Some prefer not to cover the window model with curtains.

Living Room with Hardwood Bay Window Shutters

Living Room with Hardwood Bay Window. Source:

The fifth of the overall living room window ideas invites you to consider using hardwood instead of metal. The window is designed in line with the walls of the living room as seen here which looks curvy. This what makes the window carries bay design.

The hardwood brings in the natural element for the living room. The window style allows fresh air and light in and out of the room. You have options to what degree the air and light get inside the area. Bright or dim, adjust the window according to the necessity.

Window as Also Door of the Living Room

Window as Also Door of the Living Room

In many modern or contemporary houses, a window can also act as the door of a living room. Or you can also call the door as glass door as seen from the image. This style adds transparency elements for the area in addition to windows installed in walls.

As a result, the area looks more relieved especially when it also puts some end-vent windows as seen here. The sixth window design helps house owners knowing who knocks at the door without them knowing.

Fresh air can also enter through this window style.

Living Room Vertical Windows

Living Room Vertical Windows

Color some living room walls with some vertical windows as seen from the image. This is an alternative to windowpane which we will discuss later on. This window style looks beautiful with sheer curtains flowing down from ceiling to bottom of the area.

With four vertical-shaped windows, fresh air finds many ways to get inside the living room. This supports whole family members breath natural air and wind with no air-conditioner switches all the time.

As natural light can inside the room through the windows, you can save the electricity bills at the same time.

Living Room with Windowpane

Living Room with Windowpane

The eighth from the 10 living room window ideas present you another way to secure fresh air, light and now, beautiful view from the inside living room. Windowpane actually acts as a wall for an area. This window style allows you to enjoy the panorama.

The photo here best describes the additional role of the windowpane. From inside the room, you can easily experience a calm feeling while looking at the blue sea and green island beyond it.

Complete the windowpane with thick curtains that will function best during the daytime.

Living Room with Big Windows

Living Room with Big Windows

Typically, big windows fit the best big area. With large windows, natural air and light can optimally get inside and leave a living room. As seen from the image, the living room looks very airy. The design brings in relieved feeling for everyone inside of it.

You can either cover the large windows or not with curtains. If not, the large windows allow you to freely look at what goes on outside the room day and night. With curtains, you can protect privacy from passers-by.

Window with Wooden Blinds in Living Room

Window with Wooden Blinds in Living Room

While previous living room window ideas involve curtains, this time around we suggest wooden blinds. The window covers can be applied in houses or apartments besides its typical usage in offices or buildings.

The bi-fold window and one long, vertical-shaped window are among popular models with wooden blinds. This window model and the blinds strongly tie to modern and minimalist living room total look.

Those are our living room window ideas that you can pick one of them in line with your room size, budget and decoration preference. Consult with professionals especially for window model that requires large space, such as windowpane and window with factory style. This is due to their careful and intricate installations compared to other styles.