French Country Living Room Ideas That Are Romantic and Elegant

FRENCH COUNTRY LIVING ROOM IDEAS – French country living room designs draw inspiration from a peaceful and pleasant life in Provence, French. This interior concept contains a specific furniture style, color palette, and material elements.

A proper mixture of them all will result in a cheerful, aged and classy living room. Despite nostalgic ambiance closely ties to this modeling, you can apply it for a modern house and apartment. Steal the look of French country living room into available space you own.

Conventional French Country Living Room

Conventional French Country Living Room.

Conventional French country style is a nice starter for those of you who don’t have much budget. We call this a traditional French country living room because of the simple and minimalist overall look.

Bring together aged long bench-like seats with plenty of cotton and linen cushions. They suffice for basic French country living room style. Cover the seating site with used large carpet to signify old tone. Have reclaimed cupboard with glass to display ornaments.

Fill the walls of the living room with ceramics and large paintings. The chandeliers provide the romantic side amidst bluish hue.

Relaxed French Country Living Room

Relaxed French Country Living Room
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Many home interior enthusiasts love French country style thanks to its ability to yield relaxed and comfortable feeling. Grab those atmospheres in your living room with this couch style that allows you to stretch the legs.

Choose neutral or soft colors, like grey, white or blue, like other essential contributors. A furnace is a must in typical French country modeling. Have wooden flooring and cupboard that mostly found in the room designing.

Striped cushions and delicate fabrics cover up during winter for all family members.

Graceful French Country Living Room

Graceful French Country Living Room.

The third idea presents for you iconic furnishing design in the French country living room. Exposed beams in the ceiling of the room form beautiful formation. Similarly, the room has an open shelf that contains gentle, delicate curves in the upper part of the storage.

All chairs and tables in the area also convey soft designing that corresponds with the furnace and the desk lamp. Add to this already wonderful feeling is the elegant chandeliers and the thick patterned curtains.

The family spot unarguably looks grand and stylish.

Rustic French Country Living Room

Rustic French Country Living Room.

French country style identifies itself with a rustic element. Warm and natural, this sub theme invites all of you to respect nature and environment. Have a sleek, leather-made sofa like in this picture can kick off this look.

Complete the seating with the vintage chair along with the ottoman. Arrange them with a wooden, aged table as seen here. Like most typical French country living room models, place a fireplace with stones.

To get the perfect overall look, cover the curtains with yellow curtains that match with brown as the dominant color.

Sunny French Country Living Room

Sunny French Country Living Room.

Here is the thing that makes French country style stands out amidst various country designing, cheerful and bright. Soft yellow and green are among popular colors that will create your living room as a dreamy lavender garden.

You can copy this sample. Select delicate couch variations, one is plain white with upholstery, the other seating set consists of striped-bright colors. Complete the main seating point with iconic wooden coffee tables.

Fulfill the main table with candles and potted greens. Hang chandeliers and place more plants to support the garden-like ambiance.

Pretty French Country Living Room

Pretty French Country Living Room.

A floral theme becomes another interesting side of French country style that you can choose. The easiest thing to realize is bringing in fresh flowers, like red flowers, here. Select floral printed fabrics for the cushy sofa and the large carpet.

For a prettier look, choose a similar pattern for the upper part of the curtains. Have two ottomans in the opposite of the couch. Don’t forget to pick up a wooden table, coffee tables with accent legs.

A beautiful and elegant ambiance strongly fills up the living room.

Clear French Country Living Room

Clear French Country Living Room.

It will be incomplete to talk about French country living room ideas without this color; white. Yes, a French country style also associates itself with white because of soft and pure feelings the color brings. Get a white French country living room if you wish to.

Apply exposed beams then paint them all with white. Install vertical windows then also paint them all with white. On the backdrop of the white walls, you can select white couch sets or grey ones as seen here.

Cotton or linen cushions provide extra French country touch with chandeliers that sits on top of the floating storage.

Clever French Country Living Room

Clever French Country Living Room.

The eighth of our overall French country living room ideas encourage you to practice typical style back in the days. A traditional house has this typical French country style that also functions as a reading room.

A ceiling-to-floor bookcase can top of your mind when applying this sub-theme. Complete the area with a wooden, focal seating set. Place a furnace, ottoman and hang chandeliers.

The living room can be used for various occasions for studying, family gathering to dining.

French Country Style on A Budget

French Country Style on A Budget.

Haven’t got a big budget for a French country concept? Let’s DIY like this one. Hunt antique ornaments in a flea market, like the recycled table and the hat hanger. If you don’t have space for a “real” furnace” go get furnace-shaped storage as seen here.

A set of cushy, white sofa set with upholstery suffices for fair French country style. Bring in a white desk lamp and mild cushions and fabrics as soft extras.

Modern French Country Style for Small Space

Modern French Country Style for Small Space.

French country style can accommodate your modern space. Get a modern kind of furnace as seen here. Purchase furnishings and decorations with neutral or soft colors, like the curtains, the shaggy rug, the throw pillows, and the fabrics.

Have cushy chairs with the wooden, iconic legs opposite each other. In between, is a striped ottoman with short, distressed legs which represent accent furniture for this style.

Have small chandeliers to decorate the walls with the painting and small displays in the floating storage. Modernity and vintage pairs well here.

Which style that you would like to practice? Or you need more inspiration? If so, then you have to read these Rustic Living Room Ideas.