Open Living Room Ideas When You Want To Feel Relieved, Free

OPEN LIVING ROOM IDEAS – We believe to feel relaxed and relieved tops living room goals. After long hours at work, we just want to step into a comfortable area that soothes our mind. When weekend comes, we wish to invite relatives or friends.

An open living room can suit the necessities. There are various open living room designs that require you spending a big budget and not. You can select which designs that we will discuss that corresponds with available space for the living room.

Open Living Room with Windowpane

Open Living Room with Windowpane

If you have a fair size of living room, installing windowpane to cover some wall parts is reasonable to do. You can clearly see what occurs outside through the windowpane. Consider putting the windowpane as seen from the image.

Here, the windowpane covers some of the living room’s curves. Have a mild sectional sofa that goes in line with the shape of the windowpane. Put a large grey carpet and extra chairs with minimal furniture.

This layout allows for medium gathering with small kids. Have a nice conversation while your eyes enjoy the tall trees outside.

Open Country Living Room

Open Country Living Room

Aside from windowpane, you can install glass doors as entrance for your living room. You can pick up from many glass door styles, one of which can be seen from this image. With the four large windows, the living room is right after the porch.

As such, you can view the scenery in your front garden. You can also see who come to your house. Suppose you love country interior designing, have armchairs and cushions with vintage striped patterns.

Paint the area with white and fill up the walls with ceiling-to-floor open storage.

View-Concentric Open Living Room Ideas

View-Concentric Open Living Room Ideas.

Undeniably, one of the open living room purposes is allowing you to absorb natural beauty at any time of the day. Such as the landscape seen through the windowpane of the area. Get total relief from the green view through proper furniture arrangement.

Select two pieces of large, sofa that face different directions. One faces the scenery while the other lies across the television. In between them, there opens a shaggy, comfortable rug for small children to play around.

The large rug holds the key for enjoying the landscape at the fullest.

Open Living Room Ideas for Apartment in the City

Open Living Room Ideas for Apartment in the City.

You don’t have to live in rural areas or large houses to install windowpane so that you can enjoy a nice natural view outside. Living in an apartment in big cities makes you have more reasons to practice an open living room concept.

Quite similar to the previous open living room ideas, the fourth tip revolves around windowpane. This time around, however, have tall windowpane from ceiling to floor much like what you see in industrial living room style.

The image shows the best sample. Sip a cup of coffee while looking at the sky every morning from here.

Optimum Open Living Room with Windowpane and Glass Doors

Optimum Open Living Room with Windowpane and Glass Doors

We can say that the living room here is the picture-perfect of the open area style. This concept suits those of you who have a living room that probably sits on top of the hill or only a few meters from the sea. This is the ideal family retreat during a holiday.

The key lies on the windowpane and the glass doors. The two allow for direct sightseeing right in the area. Natural light and air can easily enter the living room once you open windowpane and the glass doors.

The use of wooden flooring, exposed beams in the ceiling gives a soothing feeling.

Typical Open Living Room Ideas in Neighborhood

Typical Open Living Room Ideas in Neighborhood

Living in dense neighborhood shouldn’t discourage you to apply open living room style. The essence still relies on a window but this time around, you can choose this window design, not always windowpane.

Install large windows that occupy most of the living room’s walls. Specifically, select the window style that you can open and close it off. This allows for more fresh air and light into the area.

This helps all family members inhale natural air, save electricity and keep the room in well-ventilated mode.

Open Living Room in Forest Cabin

Open Living Room in Forest Cabin

Open living room ideas make those of you who have cottages to fully mingle with forest. As this picture shows, large windows support glass rooftop. The cabin wholly uses wood for ceiling, floor, door, and wall.

The combination of the wood and glass materials for the windows and the rooftop best represent what natural cabin looks like. This style enables you to totally absorb what the forest has in store. Cool temperature and minimalist feeling bring in extra points.

This cottage is a top escape for nature lovers.

Natural Open Living Room

Natural Open Living Room

Open living room ideas pair very well with natural materials, as best seen from this image. Wooden ceiling, stony wall and natural stone for flooring are among natural elements that you can practice.

Large windows cover almost all parts of the living room’s walls. You can even place glass windows above the glass doors. With limited long space for the room, keep the area minimalist.

Cozy, red seating set that contrasts with the room’s overall color successfully brings in cheerful mode.

Open Living Room Style for Modern Apartment

Open Living Room Style for Modern Apartment

Almost similar to previous open living room ideas, we provide another alternative for a modern apartment. Basically, applying windowpane for most of the living room’s walls. Quite different from some of the ideas, hang sheer curtains to cover the windowpanes.

If you have a large apartment space, apply windowpane for other rooms that seamlessly sit next to the living room. Keep the living room minimalist so that the area even roomier.

Open Living Room as the Front Part

Open Living Room as the Front Part.
Source: Pinterest

Welcome guests with open space feeling through this classy open living room style. The house as seen in the picture has no veranda. Thus, creating a relieved semi-formal living room becomes a good option.

Apply glass doors and windowpane for the living room for a fresh feeling with the green fence. Again, choose a set of dark purple seating that contrasts with the white windowpane and the walls. The purple ceiling further makes the area vibrant and lively.