Living Room Floor Ideas As Fine Beginners

LIVING ROOM FLOOR IDEAS – Most of us usually apply tile and ceramic as living room floor materials. All home interior or house essentials offer various types of tile and ceramic materials.

But don’t you know that there are still other living room floor types that we can use to boost our living room, overall model? This, of course, doesn’t reduce their main function to cover once soil ground into a warm and clean retouched one.

Dig deeper into the other living room floor materials and how they can make differences in the following.

Ceramic Living Room Floor

Ceramic Living Room Floor

Ceramic is one of the most popular living room floor materials. Ceramic is strong material by nature. It is long durable and is easy to clean. When you find some ceramics broken in the living room, simply change them with new ones.

In addition, ceramic offers various styles and sizes to meet your preference. As seen from the picture, you can select large square ceramic material for the large living room.

Light brown ceramic is favored by many thanks to the clean and bright ambiance it produces. Our first of the 10 living room ideas is a classic choice that never bores us.

Parquet Laminate Living Room Floor

Parquet Laminate Living Room Floor

Often mistaken as natural wooden flooring, parquet laminate actually combines sawdust with a chemical of which the latter serves as adhesive. After the mixture process, press the materials then layer with synthetic veneer.

The result is clearly seen in the living room image. The spot looks elegant, clean and warm. The floor material pairs well with the minimalist living room concept. Given the floor material, the living room feels warm and natural.

Another good news is that this material is easy to be installed.

Tile Living Room Floor

Tile Living Room Floor

It will be incomplete without talking about this living room floor material, tile. We include tile into one of the living room floor ideas because it remains widely-used by households partly thanks to its affordable price.

Installing this material for your living room makes it look vintage and traditional. It is easy to install tile compared to ceramic. Tile offers diverse models depending on your necessity.

You only need to sweep tile when you find it looks dirty. The image specifies how tile can add to cool ambiance already felt in the nook.

Wooden Living Room Floor

Wooden Living Room Floor

Wooden living room floor suits those of you who wish to realize modern or traditional living room look. This flooring material makes the living room looking natural and elegant. Wooden material also brings in cooler temperature hence makes the spot feels fresh.

There are two types of wooden floor materials in general. One is hardwood which refers to the raw wooden floor while the other one is engineered wooden material. The second one involves chemical substances, for instance, to further process the material.

Hardwood material is more costly hence consider setting aside an extra budget for this subtype.

Vinyl Living Room Floor

Vinyl Living Room Floor

If you feel wooden living room floor materials too expensive at the moment, consider vinyl material. It has many styles and colors as a wooden-like vinyl floor as the picture shows you. Vinyl material costs much cheaper and gives easy ways to clean it up.

Besides, this material lasts in long duration, resistant to water and stays robust. With various styles in store, you can select which vinyl floor model that goes well with your planned living room overall look.

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Natural Stone Living Room Floor

Natural Stone Living Room Floor

Natural stone has been a top choice for home interior for both floor and wall. Applying natural stone as the floor material for your planned living room gives polished and beautiful touches.

The natural stone floor lasts for a long duration. You can say this flooring material is a good investment as you won’t need to change it often. The natural stone material boosts the grand atmosphere for the living room.

Yet bear in mind that this material costs a lot and regularly clean it because it may get slippery when it’s wet.

Bamboo Board Living Room Floor

Bamboo Board Living Room Floor

As an alternative to wooden material, consider bamboo board living room floor idea. Intentionally order piles of the bamboo board to cover the ground of the living room. similar to wooden materials, bamboo brings in cool temperatures for the living room.

You can paint the bamboo board with white as the picture shows you to support the overall living room concept. Or you can paint in other colors. Bamboo lives longer and brings easiness for cleaning up. The natural element in the floor material is another extra value.

Carpet Living Room Floor

Carpet Living Room Floor. Source:

Carpet is quite common in modern’s houses. This flooring material reinforces certain living room concepts as the material covers large or even all parts of the living room. Thus, carpet materials offer diverse models, some with bold color and artsy style.

For a “safe” choice, pick up carpet material with neutral colors as seen from the image. The good part of the carpet material is that this brings in the soft and warm ambiance for the room. One thing that must be taken into consideration is regular clean up.

This is because carpet typically absorbs dust and dirt.

Travertine Tile Living Room Floor

travertine tile living room floor. Source: Pinterest

Travertine tile floor material looks beautiful with sandy textures and broken patterns. This flooring material is usually installed in the rustic living room model. The material brings in natural elements hence makes the living room looking fresh and unique.

You need to regularly clean up the floor material because it tends to contain porous.

Brick Living Room Floor

Brick Living Room Floor. Source: Pinterest

Usually, we know exposed brick walls but now you can practice brick floors for a living room. The last of our ten living room floor ideas completely brings us back to the old era when everything looks natural and simple.

Applying the floor material increases the chill atmosphere and goes perfect with traditional or country living room style as the image shows you. This flooring material is easy to install and clean up.

Regular and careful sweeping is the commonest method that you can do for making the bricks remain clean and strong.