Vintage Living Room Ideas for Creating Enduring Attraction

VINTAGE LIVING ROOM IDEAS – Vintage theme seems timeless inspiration we can draw from. This time around, we would like to invite you to apply a vintage concept for your living room.

Elegant, classic, soft and comfortable are among feel-good traits when we are inside vintage living rooms. Yet, what elements or types of room essentials that make a living room is a vintage one?

For further information, make sure you won’t miss any single points in this article.

Warm, Natural Vintage Living Room

Warm, Natural Vintage Living Room

Providing natural materials as your vintage living room’s basic element is one of the major ways of creating this theme. Raw stone or wood are among popular materials. This point shows how logs and wooden furniture signifies a nostalgic ambiance.

Another room modeling that best says on vintage living room ideas is less ornament. This image shows this properly as only a polished seating set, cushions, desks that face a furnace.

Some rugs, a small lamp, and basket storage are modest decorations with simple tasks to convey. The first of our ten vintage living room ideas is about staying simple and natural.

Artsy Vintage Living Room

Artsy Vintage Living Room

Certain furniture material and style are signers in vintage living room ideas. Choose this tip when you seem to have no much money to purchase logs and all wooden materials for the dream living room.

Wood carving furniture is among popular vintage furniture. You can intentionally purchase some furniture shown in the picture or ask for some from your seniors.

The wardrobe-like storage that fills the room’s corner pairs well with the beautifully-crafted tall desk not very far from it. With just the two, the room already feels antique.

Vintage Living Room with Antique Displays

Vintage Living Room with Antique Displays

Have you got antique displays or ornaments? Use them to fill up your planned vintage living room. Those will be valuable to make the planned living room a totally vintage look. The antique displays can take in many forms and materials.

As the image shows you, the sampled displays are the tray, the black storage with legs and the mini cup. They show old touch that may trace back to dozens of years ago. In addition, place the desk with legs as the picture shows.

Place a decorative lamp to make the living room looking more nostalgic.

Vintage Living Room with Old Furniture

Vintage Living Room with Old Furniture

We hope you have elderly relatives who are willing to hand over some unused old furniture for your planned vintage living room. This doesn’t mean you have no money but to ensure the living room contains furniture aged decades old.

But if you can’t find any furniture from them, try seeking furniture as seen in the image in a flea market. Wooden wardrobe storage, the wooden study desk with sideboards and wooden cabinet with drawers are good samples for old furniture that you look for.

Wide and Formal Vintage Living Room

Wide and Formal Vintage Living Room

Wooden chair set that includes old armchairs facing wooden desk with legs as seen from the picture becomes an integral part of vintage living room ideas. This image puts this element into practice very well. In addition, the living room doesn’t include many decorations. The post looks minimalist and formal enough for receiving guests.

The living room’s overall message brings in general intention from vintage living room styles that minimize kinds of stuff and keep the spot clean-cut. This modeling suits those of you who have available wide space for the living room.

Modern Vintage Living Room

modern vintage living room. Source:

While the previous tips mostly talk about furniture and vintage living room basics from the past, now we shift to a modern living room style. Because vintage style can pair very well with a modern concept. The mixture of the two results in soft and creative mode.

As the image shows you, the vintage look comes from the wooden desk table with sideboard in them as storage. The suitcase-like storage brings another vintage model thanks to its wooden material.

Modern touches come from minimalist couch set unique vases for the plants.

Elegant Vintage Living Room

Elegant Vintage living Room. Source:

Mix natural material furniture with pastel colors for an elegant vintage living room. The two provide essential elements for a vintage living room. For bold elegant statement, paint walls of the living room and with bold yet soft blue as the image shows you.

Furthermore, paint the furnace with the same color. In addition to the briefcase-inspired desk, there stands a classic bookcase that also functions as a desk. Complete the bookish tone with the painting of the bookcase next to the desk.

To sweeten the look, put fresh flowers on top of the briefcase-inspired desk.

Sleek Vintage Living Room

Sleek Vintage Living Room. Source:

Sleek vintage living room basically revolves around antique furniture and room essentials that get retouched and polished hence they look renewed and elegant. If you are fortunate enough, go get them from your relatives who have old but gold furniture.

If not, get ready to spend a lot of budget for hunting antique furniture as seen from the picture. The classic chairs, the wooden table with drawers and the coffee desk with sideboards show basic vintage look.

Decorate the windows of the room with patterned curtains beautifully arranged.

Gleaming Vintage Living Room

Gleaming Vintage Living Room. Source:

The key to realizing the gleaming vintage living room lies in a number of chandeliers. A chandelier is one of the vintage decorations that strongly relate to this theme. Not only this looks beautiful, but chandelier also supports the vintage look.

Of course, don’t rely only on chandeliers. Wooden flooring, basket as storage and large wooden desk with drawers and sideboards give strong vintage starters. You can add a wooden wardrobe and a large square wooden table become key vintage touches here.

Glamour Vintage Living Room

Glamour Vintage Living Room. Source:

Get a set of classy chairs set to firstly create the sub living room look. The antique chair set with the legs as seen in the picture pairs well with the wooden table in the middle of the set. Complete the seating set with a grey, soft rug beneath it.

The glamour sitting point takes center attention with wooden flooring and polished wooden wardrobe as storage. Thick, light green curtains beautifully arranged to match with bold green as the living room’s paint color.

We hope the vintage living room ideas in this article refresh a list of the model inspirations already fill up your minds. For more inspiration, also read these Rustic Living Room Ideas.