Purple Living Room Ideas That Feel Enticing and Graceful

PURPLE LIVING ROOM IDEAS – While purple is not the most favorite color among people, the list of purple living room styles will hopefully show you how purple can bring in an elegant, stylish and useful spot for the whole family members.

Purple accommodates for certain living room style for the fans of the solid color. At the same time, there are modest ways to inject purplish mode into the living room for those who fairly like the color.

For further details, below contain our room arrangement that best describes the two options.

Super Simple Living Room Organization

Super Simple Living Room Organization

The first of the overall living room ideas suit those of you who live in a small studio apartment. Sometimes only a tiny nook that leaves you with slim chances for living room decoration. Worry not, though.

Simply paint the walls of the living room with purple. Add a small purple tone with a small sofa pillow. One super comfortable couch, a rug, and a desk lamp are sufficient for a favorable spot. The window makes the living room relieves you.

Have no budget for a desk? A heap of books will do that.

Soft Purple Living Room

Soft Purple Living Room. Source: Pinterest

The second way involves your mixture of bold and soft purple as your living room’s backdrop. As the image suggests, soft purple colors the living room’s wall with bold purple chair and couch pillow.

Add to that is soft purple carpet but with gray touch. The living room actually presents a lot of colors but thanks to their pastel tone, the living room doesn’t look crowded or too much.

This proves purple can still work with other colors provided they are mostly soft ones.

Sleek Purple Living Room

Sleek Purple Living Room. Source: YouTube.com

Have a total purplish living room look with a purple-painted door and standing lamp next to the long grey sofa with some purple pillows. On top of all, purple-painted living room’s walls. The limited number of furniture makes the room looking minimalist.

The polished door and flooring bring sleek, clean-cut tone for the spot. At a glance, the living rooms seem modern and firm. As such, you can use the spot for the formal reception area at minimum effort.

Purple Living Room with Hanged Decoration

Purple Living Room with Hanged Decoration. Source: Pinteresr

Purple-painted walls or ceiling can go further with hanging decorations with the same color. Small, cute kinds of stuff like purple frames or purple drawings make the purple living room looking stylish and attractive.

The fourth choice shows that you have an artistic taste that can go well with the color. But now you can prove that’s can’t be true all along. Purple hanging decorations can bring in a purple living room model although you don’t paint the room with the color.

With that said, the room remains purplish and fresh with other colors to join the army.

Floral Purple Living Room

Floral Purple Living Room. Source: Yidaho.com

If plain purple-painted living room walls seem too boring, play with purple wallpaper. Make the living room looking bold in a statement. Which this literally translates into having a sub theme in a grand theme.

In this regard, floral wallpaper, for instance, can further boast purple living room ideas. The wallpaper selection specifies how purple can bend into something more specific.

With the purple-painted living room walls, you show that you can further dig deeper with the floral wallpaper. Elegant, beautiful and bright wraps up the final model as seen from the picture.

Living Room with Purple Storage

Living Room with Purple Storage. Source: Pinterest

Have recycled purple storage ideas to make the sixth of the overall purple living room ideas becoming affordable. This proves that you don’t have to necessarily spend a lot of money on your living room remodeling.

You can simply paint the storage that you have with the color. If possible, have large storage to be painted with purple for a major purple provider. Else, paint some smaller storage with purple.

Purple Velvet Living Room

Purple Velvet Living Room. Source: Pinterest

Similar but not exactly the same color. Velvet and purple as two best sisters. So, why don’t pair them together? Velvet’s extra soft tone will surely make the living room very comfortable and grand given to the color’s trait.

Selecting a velvet couch or chair set and if possible, the purple bench desk is a simple way to realize the living room concept. But bear in mind that the seating choice may cost a little bit higher than ordinary couch set.

Better for you to focus on velvet seating set as the main bringer for the theme than say, purchase purple storage or curtains.

Living Room with Purple Ceiling

Living Room with Purple Ceiling. Source: Pinterest

As it’s quite uncommon to paint the floor with purple, do that instead for the ceiling of your living room. Prior to that, choose a white concrete ceiling or white wooden ceiling. This makes it easier for you coloring it with purple.

The purple ceiling reinforces the color tone of the living room. Elegance and classic are two attributes that quickly cross one’s mind whenever they look at the ceiling. This suffices a purple living room tone.

If you want to totally create a purple living room, you can also paint the living room’s walls with purple.

Creative Purple Living Room

Creative Purple Living Room. Source: meqasa.com

As the image shows, you can tell that purple can turn into this creative family spot. Purple is applied in various places and doses in a combination with other colors, such as blue as seen from the wallpaper and shaggy brown carpet. Brown, gray and white elements each play a proper role here.

Although the spot seems not too large, the living room feels comfortable and chic at the same time, The floral wallpaper and the gray standing lamp become significant decorations. Purple curtains and wall painting successfully become the living room’s basic aspects.

Purple Living Room with Other Colors

purple living room with other colors. Source: Pinterest

One of the nicest things about purple is that it goes very well with various colors. You can combine purple with grey, white, brown, blue and even black. Take black, for instance. Purple and black are ideal for creating a futuristic, minimalist living room.

As seen from the picture, light purple colors the living room walls with bold purple long cabinet, bench desk, and floating storage. Black hanging lamps, black sofa, and flooring give a bold statement for black sense.

To lessen firm tone, wooden storage and another wooden long cabinet with shaggy large carpet are selected.

Beautiful Purple Living Room Ideas

Beautiful Purple Living Room Ideas
Source: idealhome.co.uk

Soft or light purple is a beautiful color by itself. This shade of purple colors wall of the living room. A bold shade of purple pops up in sheer curtains of this living space with dominant white. The curtains and the glass doors serve as the natural entrance.

The floral cushions and the fresh flowers in the living space increases pretty ambiance here. Add to that is the teal tone that turns out to be the chic partner for purple. The colorful carpet and the painting on the back provide lovely extras.

We admire beautiful jars as displays that match the space’s colors.

Snug Purple Living Room

Snug Purple Living Room
Source: idealhome.co.uk

You can identify two shades of purple for this non-formal living room. Dark shade of purple colors wall of the living room and pops up in the curtains covering the large windows.

A slightly lighter shade of purple wraps the arm couch. The two shades of purple bring in the snug or warm ambiance. Even so, the living space feels comfortable with wooden materials through the furniture.

Red flowers freshen up space hence in overall this feels so homey and relieved.

Graceful Purple Living Room

Graceful Purple Living Room
Source: idealhome.co.uk

You can apply large, purple carpet as seen in this living space as a major provider for purplish hue. If possible, pick up a bold shade of purple for a stronger and dominant purplish ambiance. Bring along a purple desk lamp as an extra purplish bringer.

That’s actually enough for a fair purple tone. Mix the color with brown for toning down brightness that comes from the purple tone. We call this an elegant one thanks to the brown, cheer curtains covering the large window on the back of the cushy couch.

The chandelier pendant lamp and the desk lamp look graceful, too.

Modern Purple Living Room

Modern Purple Living Room
Source: meqasa.com

A modern living room, in general, identifies itself with sharp-lined furnishing and simple decoration. The interior design hopes to bring in wide feeling in mostly limited space in a modern house or a modern apartment.

What that is your case, simply paint purple for walls of your living space like this. You can either choose a light or dark shade of purple. The purple shade looks lovely in the walls of the living room.

Add more purplish hue through the jars on the floating storage. This room looks nice and functional spot as the relaxed site.

Minimalist Purple Living Room

Minimalist Purple Living Room
Source: viendoraglass.com

You may wonder what sets this fifth idea apart from the previous one. The minimalist purple living room looks much simpler than the fourth. A white, minimalist couch becomes the center of attraction.

Contrast the neutral hue with the bold shade of purple that colors this living room’s walls. Add the purplish ambiance with the carpet and the single jar on top of the glossy table. By that alone, this site looks gleaming as two contrary colors work together.

Very limited small displays seen here. This room sample shows you can feel wide despite the striking color pairing.

Restful Purple Living Room

Restful Purple Living Room
Source: tierraeste.com

A common shade of purple now picks up white as a tandem color. The two fairly divides job to create a restful living space for whole family members. Wide windows of the living room bring wide feeling as you can look at the scenery outside.

Purple colors the room’s wall, the cushions, and the shaggy carpet beneath the wooden table. While white comes from the sectional sofa set, the brick part of the living space and the vases. The room doesn’t take up much plenty of displays.

Some fresh flowers suffice for freshening the simple living space.

Total Purple Living Room Style

Total Purple Living Room Style
Source: viendoraglass.com

This is our top purple living room style for you. We call this so because of the major purplish hue that wraps the living space. From the ceiling to the carpet, purple takes the center of attention. A bolder shade of purple can be seen in the ceiling and the sectional sofa set.

While the lighter shade of purple colors the wall and the large shelf on the back of the sectional sofa. The total purple sub theme looks beautiful and elegant. The two best traits of purple get support from the ceiling that looks grand.

The pendant lamp and the frame bring a glam tone.

Simple Purple Living Room

Simple Purple Living Room
Source: impressiveinteriordesign.com

Bold shade of purple contrasts with neutral colors in this living room. Bold purple colors one part of the living room’s wall while white covers the remaining walls. The same purple shade is seen on the arm couch.

With those two ways, you already have a strong purple living room. Decorate the living room with a soft rug. Have bookcase, the television and the furnace for mediums by which you and other family members can do in this living space.

Casual Purple Living Room

Casual Purple Living Room
Source: ikaittsttt.org

A bold shade of purple and red prove themselves to be a cool partner as an alternative for casual look living room. You can select the pairing when getting bored with neutral colors.

The purple sectional sofa completes itself with pink, orange and purple throw pillows. Red seems bright in the shaggy carpet. The two come together in the large, floral painting with pink and black. The painting steals one’s eyes due to its size.

The large window on the back and the carpet are two clear aspects that make the spot feel casual and relaxed.

Dazzling Purple Living Room

Dazzling Purple Living Room
Source: hopebeckmandesign.com

A lighter shade of purple can lead to this living room that dazzles us for two reasons. The particular shade of purple looks bright and cheerful. We also admire the living space that uses minimalist yet stylish furniture.

The art painting and fresh flowers provide refreshments. The glass door gives a wide feeling in the limited space. This once again proves purple is a versatile color.

So, those are our purple living room ideas that prove you purple can drive you creating diverse looks for the most favorite family house part.