Green Living Room Ideas That Look Fresh and Appealing

GREEN LIVING ROOM IDEAS – Whenever we talk about green living room inspirations, our minds quickly relate to taking inspirations from nature. Garden, forest, and plants represent the natural element when applying green living room ideas.

The color green itself freshen up one’s eyes which later soothes the hearts. Bold or light, green is an enduring choice for those who seek for alternative paint color other than neutral ones are mostly known for.

Yet creating a green living room isn’t all about green paint color. We thus select other elements for turning the living room into as one.

Living Room with Green Walls

Living Room with Green Walls. Source:

The easiest way to creating a green living room is by painting the room’s walls with green. Light and bold green each brings different mode for one’s eyes. Light green freshens up the living room.

The paint choice makes the room looking novel and modern. Bold green, on the other hand, makes the living room look elegant. The spot feels comfortable and warm. You can extend the green mode with green furniture and displays.

But you can place furniture with different colors to create it livelier.

Green Living Room with Plants

Green Living Room with Plants

Other green living room ideas require you placing some plants around your living room. It is better that you choose fresh plants, not artificial ones. Definitely, fresh plants bring natural elements in the room. For nice curves, pick up different plants and pots.

For instance, small cactus to be put in vases on top of a coffee table or desk. Fill up the room’s corners with larger plants. If necessary, change the plants once in a while, water and nurture it. The plants are indeed such a real green tone bringer.

Green Living Room with Small Displays

Green Living Room with Small Displays

Green living room ideas don’t necessarily ask for a big budget. Small displays can be your choice when the money runs out. Simply purchase ornaments to fill up open or floating storage as viewed from the picture.

Green couch pillows, green jars, green bottles, green candles, green glasses, and green blanket are lovely selections for this living room. And you don’t have to buy a dozen of green glass. Pick up some decorative green glasses to sweeten the storage.

You don’t have to buy them all at once. Whenever you have the money, buy the desired green display.

Living Room with Green Couch

Living Room with Green Couch. Source: Pinterest

A green couch set or large green couch plays a vital role for the green living room look, as usual, this seating occupies a large portion of the spot. A couch set remains widely-used people want to complete a living room. This furniture is the simplest way of making one.

Putting a sofa set and television set are enough to fill up a living room. As green is a popular color, it shouldn’t hard for you to find this sofa type. Select which gradated green that suits your preference and of course the budget.

In addition, you have various color choices to mix with green.

Living Room with Green Carpet

Living Room with Green Carpet. Source:

Since it’s quite uncommon to find green materials for flooring, take green carpet instead. And it’s better for you to take a large or long green carpet so that this brings a significant green element for your living room.

If you take a small green carpet, the fifth of the overall green living room ideas won’t be fully realized. The green carpet tip resembles the couch set in a way that select which gradated green carpet that meets your need after adjusting it with the allocated budget.

In addition, consider which green carpet materials that best suit family members’ needs.

Living Room with Floral Green Wallpaper

Living Room with Green Wallpaper. Source:

If you think plain green for your living room walls is too common, try patterned green wallpaper. Leaf-inspired green wallpaper seems lovely for your living room. This makes the living room looking stylish and chic.

Of course, you can seek other patterned green wallpaper depending on your likeness. What you need to remember is that wallpaper requires regular cleaning to make its color and texture remain bright and solid.

Green Ceiling Living Room

Green Ceiling Living Room. Source: Pinterest

Again, since the green ceiling seems unpopular try a small tip like this. Paint the ceiling of your living room, wood or concrete, with green. To make this idea looking less awkward, combine the green painted ceiling part with wooden or other ceiling paints.

With this, your green living room idea can be realized with a small budget. Seek specific green paint for coloring the ceiling whenever necessary depending on the ceiling’s materials.

Living Room with Green Table

Living Room with Green Table. Source:

You can bring up a green element for your green living room with several tables or desks scattered around the area. Small but plenty. The idea invites you to create the room look under a small budget. You can purchase a lot of green tables and desks at once.

Or, you can buy them in several occasions depending on the money that you have. Pick stylish green desks or tables or choose conventional ones. Both should meet your taste and money.

Living Room with Green-Painted Window

Living Room with Green-Painted Window. Source:

Like the green ceiling, this tip is affordable. You can simply paint the windows of the living room with green. You can either paint the window’s wooden part with green or the window’s overall, except the glass if you pick up windowpane.

If the windows are large, this brings up the green tone. If the windows are small ones, better to paint the ceiling of the room with green for extra green tone.

Living Room with Mint Green Storage

Living Room with Mint Green Storage. Source:

Quite unusual but you can intentionally order mint green storage as seen from the picture. With simple research, you can find a store that sells this storage color selection thanks to an online shopping platform that accommodates small or large sellers.

Not only odd, but mint green storage also freshens the living room. And definitely, this storage model keeps your essentials, decorations, and displays well. Pick up storage size that suits your living room’s model.

So, those are our green living room ideas that can be put into practice with a tight budget that you possibly set aside. With that, we hope the green living room ideas can encourage you becoming more creative although you don’t allocate much money for this living room designing.