Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas As Your Dream Spots

SHABBY CHIC LIVING ROOM IDEAS – Shabby chic living room is irresistible home interior design. Natural, romantic, classic and pretty. The four attributes are among the popular traits attached to shabby chic living room styles.

This living room concept closely relates to girls thanks to soft and pastel colors that are favored by many girls. If you wish to realize this living room concept, you are challenged to mix and match bright colors for furniture and room essentials.

Lovely Spacious Shabby Chic Living Room

1. Lovely Spacious Shabby Chic Living Room. Source:

If you have no certain sub shabby chic living room theme, simply remember the signature furniture style for this room model. Classic storage with sideboard and colorful, soft cushions are among room decorations that signify the living room theme.

Wooden flooring, white-painted living room walls and sheer white curtains enhance the fair vintage atmosphere in the spot. With floral large carpet to cover the main seating set, the living room looks pretty.

Another plus point is that this living room sets aside free space for vast viewing.

Green Shabby Chic Living Room

Green Shabby Chic Living Room. Source:

A green shabby chic living room provides room for those of you who love gardening and vintage style. Combine the two elements in this living room. Select reclaimed wood materials for the classic chair, desk, and table as the show shows.

Hang decorative large lamp for beautifying the living room with wooden ceiling warms the spot. Large white-painted windows with circled Christmas decorations provide pretty touches.

And of course, fresh plants are must-placed room essentials for this sub theme room. White and green result in the traditional and fresh ambiance here.

Shabby Chic Living Room with Blue Touches

Shabby Chic Living Room with Blue Touches. Source:

Let us put blue into the third of the ten shabby chic living room ideas. This color brings up a very nice twist into the shabby chic living room that mostly wraps in white. Prefer to select soft blue to best mix with white for pastel look often associated with the tone.

Don’t forget to place worn-out or ancient furniture for a shabby chic element. Tall, classic cabinet brings a more classic tone for the living room. Apply soft or light blue for the living room’s wall and a chair or sofa set.

Overall, the living room seems calm and vivid.

Veranda-Inspired Shabby Chic Living Room

veranda-inspired shabby chic living room. Source:

Remember the old days when a sofa or couch set isn’t available? The idea can start your shabby chic living room. Bring in veranda look in the past with recycled wooden long bench with a bleached table stands in front of it.

Select the wooden window with peel-off white painting and corroded small desk painted in white. White-painted wooden flooring reinforces the shabby chic tone. Also, apply white for the living room’s walls.

Place flowers as a beautifier of the living room hence it won’t be looking too worn-out.

Rustic Shabby Chic Living Room

Rustic Shabby Chic Living Room. Source:

The fifth idea combines rustic elements with shabby chic. Basically, the blend of the two elements brings in traditional and earth-tone interior modeling. With a small budget, you can realize this sub-theme.

Select wooden flooring, wooden desks, and piles of wood logs to place the long, super comfortable seating set. For shabby chic mode, leave the living room’s wall exposed then paint them white.

Fresh plants on top of the smaller desk and hanged plants refreshes the spot that can provide a good alternative for your studio apartment.

Real Shabby Chic Living Room

Real Shabby Chic Living Room. Source: Pinterest

It doesn’t actually take a high budget to realize a real shabby chic living room. The image shows one of the examples of the real shabby chic ones. What we mean by this real shabby chic is that first and foremost the room is all in white.

Worn-out wooden walls and doors definitely bring up shabby chic elements. Even the windows are half-corroded, signifying how the living room looks old. Despite the disheveled look, one large, super cozy couch as seen here invites everyone to sit.

It does really simple for a shabby chic spot.

Compact Shabby Chic Living Room

Compact Shabby Chic Living Room. Source:

Make this seventh tip works it best with plenty of details and room ornaments. As long as you can arrange them well and clean them up, the compact shabby chic will be looking nice and useful.

As previous ideas already explain, get shabby chic elements through a bleached wooden desk as seen from the image. White large couch and white-painted walls become basic for the living room model.

After that, feel free to fill up the room. Hang family portraits in the room’s walls, place a tray of cute cups, flowers on the desk. Books, magazines, old phones are cool extras.

Floral Shabby Chic Living Room

Floral Shabby Chic Living Room. Source: Pinterest

A floral pattern is one of the shabby chic defining elements. With this sub-theme, you can create a shabby chic living room with feminine touch thus this especially goes well for girls out there for tea time of chit-chat with fellow girls.

Combine white and pink for realizing this room style. Pink floral sofa set becomes significant furniture for the style with fresh, pink flowers to scent the spot. Don’t forget the shabby chic aspect that comes from the white worn-out table and open shelf.

Countryside Shabby Chic Living Room

Countryside Shabby Chic Living Room. Source:

Change a small portion of your living room into this nostalgic and comfortable countryside shabby chic spot. Get in worn-out white-painted doors as a wall decoration to hang sock-based green vase as seen from the photo.

You can paint the room’s walls with brown to replace white. As an alternative, white element comes from the room’s ceiling and upholstery that wraps the couch and desk in front of it.

A couch with upholstery is one of the shabby chic touches that make the room looking classic.

Shabby Chic Living Room On A Budget

Shabby Chic Living Room On A Budget. Source:

The last from the overall shabby chic living room ideas invite you hunting for recycled furniture and decoration. Some of the samples are corroded hat hanger, storage trunk, and bleached desk as the image shows you.

Get more shabby chic with a white couch set with upholstery for a vintage touch and white cushions to complete it. Paint the living room walls with white for reinforcing the shabby chic overall basic touch.

So, which shabby chic living room idea that meets your budget?